4 Best RECTEQ Pellet Grills and Smokers for 2022

Grills are important and more interesting products for cooking. It is used for cooking food on a rack with a flame below it. The flame may be from natural gas or charcoals. The heat strikes the food’s outer part, producing a smoky, robust, distinctive flavored, and roasted taste. In grills, the food is cooked in normal heat, which gives a crusty taste.

Grilling can be performed inside as well as outside of the home. People go outside and cook food with grills to re-experience the inner troglodytes among themselves. 

Are you searching for the best recent grills in the market? It’s not your only problem, and so many products are launched daily in the market. It becomes difficult for customers where to go and what to buy. 

We have gathered important information that will guide you to know about grills and smokers recently launched by REQTEC Company. It has recently introduced some of the multi-featured grills and smokers for new customers of grills as well as seasoned customers.

Go on with the article to get information on every grill and smoker of REC TEC Company. 

About RECTEQ Company

REC-TEC, known as REC-TEC, previously started in the world of grills in 2008. For more than a decade, RECTEQ has dominated the smokers and grills market. 

It originated in Georgia. They are committed to making unique featured accessories created with high-quality raw material with innovation in their designs. The company has been proactive in providing customers with updated features of smokers, grills, and accessories. It is mainly known for its qualitative pellet grills and smokers. 

The brand is also known for using the latest and latest technology in its products. REC TEC has touched on the features from PID-Controllers to 304-grade stainless steel. The focus of the RECTEQ brand is not on cost reduction but the easiness and convenience of usage.  

The items of the company feature the signature of a bull’s horn. They want to provide delicious food by picking the bull by its horn. 

Our Top Picks

  1. Best for overall features – RECTEQ RT-700 Wood Pellet Grill/Smoker:
  2. Best for Durability – Recteq RT-590 Electric Wood Pellet Grill/Smoker
  3. Best for large quantity cooking – RECTEQ RT-2500 BFG Wi-Fi-Enabled Electric Wood Pellet Grill/Smoker
  4. Best for easy usage – RT-B380 Bullseye Wood Pellet Grill

Full Detailed Review of Top RECTEQ Pellet Grills and Smokers

1) Recteq RT-700 Wood Pellet Grill/Smoker:

RT-700 is an exceptionally great RECTEQ product with incomparable performance and a high cost. The Recteq RT-700 Wood Pellet Grill is made so that you will not find any cracks or chips on it, which is entirely made up of unpainted steel. 

The handles of the item with the design of a bull’s horn not only look attractive, but it is also easy to hold the prepared items. It becomes comfortable to raise or lower down the on the hinges of stainless steel, which last a very long time and slide comfortably. 

The item is qualitative inside the machine, along with the external construction. It comes with a huge 1054 square-inch cooking area of two shelves. One of the shelves is removable to have a space for tall food. The shelf is tall enough that even we can put a beer-sized food there. We can put multiple turkeys or around six racks of a rib of chicken which is surely a huge quantity of foodstuff.                 

It has heat latest heat controls. You may control the heat controls through your computer or laptop because of the feature of the WIF attachment. It helps to turn off the gas to lower the temperature of the chicken. It always keeps itself updated. It does give convenience to the customers to manipulate the temperature according to their needs of customers. 

The temperature of the Recteq RT-700 Wood Pellet Grill reaches almost 500 Fahrenheit for baking or other cooking and can easily be cooled down by just pushing the button. The Firepot of the item is made up of 304 stainless steel, which durable enough is allocated in the center. 

RT-700 is one of the best grills in the market. It is so vast in features, and you can cook every type of food whether it needs high or mild heat.  

  • Constructed in a way that makes it the most durable
  • Long-lasting Stainless Steel.
  • Wi-Fi-connected temperature controller
  • Versatile in features
  • Vast cooking surface
  • It is expensive
  • It takes some time to reach out to the high temperature

2) Recteq RT-590 Electric Wood Pellet Grill/Smoker

RT-700 and RT-590 are almost the same. The construction is also almost the same. The only difference between them is in scale. The stainless steel with no paint could not flake over time because of heat. That construction makes it strong and can retain heat for longer. 

The construction of REC TEC Grill RT-590 is easier to assemble than other wood pellet grills. It takes more time to make the raw materials. The design instructions are clear, making it easy to assemble the material. 

The bull’s horn is also almost the same as the larger model. It gives an attractive look and can be handled comfortability.         

It has an octagonal shape having 592 square inches of space for cooking. RT-590 can easily make food for an average family because of its large space. Another grilling shelf provides an additional 10 square feet of space, which can be easily detached when not used.       

The grates are rust-resistant and have high durability. Same as RT-340 and TR-700, it does also have WIFI enabled PID controller that helps to control the temperature during the process of cooking.     

REC TEC Grill RT-590 has a range of 200 to 500 Fahrenheit, which can be controlled by mobile or computer. Together with this, the “Hot Flash ceramic ignition” system provides a high heat intensity. 

It is also known as a portable grill but is not as lightweight. It has a weight of 123 lbs. which is not easy to carry, but still, with some additional help from the other person, which is carried easily. 

They also offer extra pellets with two nonstick grill mats, making the RECTEQ product less costly and easier to clean. 

  • The construction materials make its durability high
  • With no compromise on quality, it has an iconic look
  • Controls the heat in an exceptional way
  • High performance
  • Can be portable
  • Slightly smaller in size
  • It does not feature a hopper purge

3) Recteq RT-2500 BFG Wifi-Enabled Electric Wood Pellet Grill/Smoker

Recteq RT-2500 Grill is an oversized item in terms of everything. It features a large space of 2535 sq. inches. The pellet hopper of 53 lb. keeps cooking consistently for around 53 hours at approximately 225 degrees. 

The first impression is that it looks like the RT-700, while BFG Wifi-Enabled Electric Wood Pellet Grill has different features and looks. It comes with large caster wheels, which you can lock as well. On both sides of RT-2500, there are two chimney stacks. Obviously, with this huge pellet grill, one chimney stack is not enough to draw the issues of heat or smoke that will emerge from the cooking surface. Hydraulic lid assisters also give clues that it is a huge grill in size.

The big pellet grill comes with WIFI connectivity and PID temperature control for more convenience in controlling the heat from a smartphone or computer. Just because this REC TEC pellet grill is so huge in terms of size as well as functionalities, it needs to be turned on some time before warming up. You may turn it on, go outside the home, and come back to continue cooking your required recipe.

The grill is not just used to smoke the meat but can also be used in searing, grilling, and even baking the wood-flavored food.   

  • It has a huge cooking space of 2500 sq. inches
  • Conveniently controlled from your mobile by using the application
  • Made up of high-quality components
  • Too heavy
  • Before turning it on, it takes time to warm-up

4. RT-B380 Bullseye Wood Pellet Grill

REC TEC Grills Bullseye, also named RT-B380, is the smallest grill of the RECTEQ pellet grill. Along with the small size, it also has the lightest weight among all pellet grills. Although the Bullseye pellet grill is too small and lightweight, it is not designed as a portable grill. 

The item offers a space of 380 sq. inches, enough to make around 25 plus burgers.  RT-B380 is a small grill put on the porch and will be used to make a small amount of BBQ for a few people. 

REC TEC Grills Bullseye was different previously than the latest version. Stainless steel was not featured in the item’s body, and the control panel system was not standardized. While in the latest version of this pellet grill has improved itself by adding stainless steel feature lid/body. 

In the latest version, RECTEQ has added a PID control system. PID control is a smart grill technology that helps the grill to have a temperature of 225 to 500 degrees. It becomes hotter than the standard standardized temperature, especially in summer. 

  • The control panels are easy to use
  • Exact temperature control
  • A good temperature range
  • We can use it with opened lid
  • The grill is user friendly
  • Less expensive
  • Somehow flimsy
  • No thermostatic controls
  • The handle becomes hot

Final Thoughts

REC-TEC is doing its best and playing a hard game against the grill market leaders like Trager and Pit Boss. REC-TEC is providing the features at less price than other brands are not offering. None of the brands provides pellet grills with WIFI/PID controllers and cooking chambers made of stainless steel. 

The RT-700 is one of the highest-performing models introduced by RECTEQ. It is a bit expensive but provides value at the expense of customers. On the other hand, a big grill like BFG is also the best model in terms of performance. The small and lightweight grill like Bullseye also has its benefits according to the requirements. It is best to cook for a few people at a time.

One of the unique points is that the RECTEQ Company is the only company that provides pellet grills. No other company provides these qualities with the latest features at an acceptable price.           

It does not matter which of the above models you will purchase according to your requirements; I believe that you have selected the best grill/smoker available in today’s market.


Is electricity necessary in Pellet Grills?

Yes, electricity is necessary for pellet grills. The availability of electricity is a standardized factor that must be available in every household; if not, you will purchase a kit for it. As you plug in the grill switch, it will start its ignition rod to spark.

A rotating tool will help burn the pellet by rotating the pellet (The Auger). It will start providing the right amount for the fire pot. 

Can Wood Pellets be kept in a hopper?

You can, but putting pellets in the hopper is not recommended. It depends on the environmental conditions. For example, if there is humidity, pellets can be used for anything around two months after storing in the hopper. 

For the low humidity places, the time will be around two months to store, while if the humidity is high, you can only store for two or less than two weeks. 

When do I wash the Pellet Grill?

It depends on how you use the pellet grill, what you cook in it and how fast you cook. If you use the grill daily, it should be washed frequently to avoid any marks of ashes and other things. 

It is recommended that you must clean the grill deeply at least once a year, no matter how many times you use it. 

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