Who we are

Grill Hungry is a team of product experts who work hard to test products so you don’t have to. Our mission is to help you buy the best grill & love what you already have. That means we’ll have solid recommendations for you – no matter your budget – and we’ll teach you how to unlock the hidden benefits of things you already own.

We believe that tough, objective, hands-on testing is the best way to measure product quality. Like any good scientist, we promote transparency in our process. Not everyone agrees with our recommendations, but they will always know how we got to them. And we’re always happy to share information the way we’ve learned.

What we do

Launched in 2020, Grill Hungry is an independent digital magazine focused on one thing: digging the best grill from every corner of the internet. Every week, we check thousands of updates from hundreds of web magazines, blogs, retailers, and other product resources, and then handpick the best of them for publication. Our minimalist, content-focused design and Retina-quality images provide a little distraction for what you’re really here for – stuff.

We are a group that creates detailed and technical buying guides, personalized product reviews, and informative posts on how to use your new grill.

Our buying guides show you a list of the best products with detailed and technical reviews, our personal coverage shows the best new grill in the market, and everything else leaves us with your knowledge so you can make more informed choices going forward for the right grill and how to win over life. We have an insatiable appetite for top-of-the-line products; whatever your poison, you will find it very best here.

Now onto the boring legal stuff :

All product reviews provided on this website are based on extensive research by the Grill Hungry team & relevant experts in the specialized field.
We do not have a grill company or have an affiliation with any product company; we only provide reviews and informative articles.
We hope to make a significant contribution to your product buying experience by saving your time and energy by not doing all the research yourself.
Our purpose is to make you happy. Our mission statement is to go to the resource site to help our readers choose the right product to meet their specific needs.