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Everyone likes a shortcut when it comes to having food cooked and doing other things at the same time simultaneously, but what restricts it is the availability of technology or ways to achieve it. Say, for instance, you are cooking cuisine on a grill, and also your football team is winning the championship; what you will do, you have to then either leave the food or leave the team match. So, here comes Weber’s technology, allowing you to have both activities simultaneously. Keep reading it, and you will know the usage and all about this marvelous product.

Weber, without a doubt, can be listed as one of the best producers of high tech grilling accessories in the market. I grill three thermometer is one of their finest supplies to the market. This product can be termed a wireless meat thermometer with a pair of probes. It consists of different capabilities like Bluetooth, alarm, and recipes included in the app that you can see on your smartphone screen and many other features built-in the mobile application that help you track your cooking progression. It is small in size and very cool, fascinating and eye-catchy in design which adds a point to its superiority.

Some Best Features of Weber iGrill 3 Thermometer

Bluetooth availability

This feature allows you to have a chit chat with your friends and family or watch your show on television and grill your meat at the same time while being away from the gadget under the range of 100 and 50 feet which then will awake you when you go outside of this range.


Weber had claimed up to 250-hour long-lasting battery life, but customers still can see less and more than this figure. You can have more hours by just removing the probe from it when done cooking.

Range of temperature

The thermometer tracks the completion of the meal from when it is initiated till the end and notifies you on your phone when your cuisine is ready to be served. The measurement capability is very interesting. It can measure from as low as -30 co to maximum 300co.

Reading/accuracy and response time

I grill 3 response time is very swift as 2-3 seconds, and you will be notified about the status of temperature there in grills on your phone while you can also say that the accuracy is also remarkable as there may occur some high and low but not that much it will be around 1+- F difference not more or less than this.

Moreover, it takes around a quarter of a minute for the iGrill to read the temperature.


Weber iGrill app is free on app stores to download and use on this device. Through this application, you can track your meal and see the status, and also it offers you many different options like alarm, Bluetooth, built-in recipes to be used and other.


This thing might not be the feature of this product, but its look is classy and eye-catchy with dark color combinations which compel the buyer to buy it immediately.

These are some of the features now; let’s talk about some general things.

Installation and usage method

At first, we have to eradicate the cover plate “iGrill” and then install tank scale parts along with battery pack brackets and connect the battery box to the iGrill. Secondly, you have to manage the different wires by siding them using a retention clip to align them. Finally, just download the classy application that is free on the application store, connect it with the thermometer, and you are on your way to using it.

Cleaning it

You can say that cleaning this product is not tough because of its size and fixed position. A small and soft piece of cloth can swiftly do all jobs at once.

But there is a problem when cleaning is the topic it is related to probes cleaning. Unfortunately, the probes are not waterproof, so moisture should not enter into probes wiring. Else, it can be damaged. Preserving your probe from this problem, you should always fold it when it is done using.


These kinds of gadgets are bought by considering their warranty, so here you go. This thermometer comes with a three-year warranty, which is quite pleasant to be bought.


This product iGrill 3 can only be compared with its like featured product, which consists of a much compatible function so only weber genesis two and spirit two gas grill can be compared other not in line.

  • It is easy to be set up and placed
  • Not that much tough to be cleaned
  • Easy to use
  • Long-lasting battery life up to 250 hours
  • Bluetooth
  • iGrill application
  • Classy design with eye-catchy color combination
  • Gives accurate notifications and readings
  • No display LED screen on the device
  • Probes not waterproof
  • No other color options
  • It can only be used on one grill


In conclusion, I will say the weber iGrill3 is a very good and cool designed product to be used which helps you to do multi-tasking as you can do other stuff and can monitor your meal through your phone thanks to Bluetooth feature in this thermometer which enables you to this all at your wish. Moreover, in our review and information writing above, we have talked about what it is and how to use it, its features from accuracy to temperature, a full chart has been inserted to help you understand the review better, and pros and cons and all.

However, being unchallenged yet needs some advancement, like a display screen on the device, probes security from moisture and others.

Hope this content helped you find what you were seeking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are the probes heat resistant?

Yes, they are heatproof at a certain level.

You can turn the tests when they are in various food cuts and use them while the barbecue top is shut. The two meat tests are heat-safe up to 716 ̊F to endure eruptions and blazes while barbecuing. 

Are there any other color offerings in this product?

No, as mentioned above, it only comes with a single style and color, which may somehow be disliked by many of the potential customers.

Can we be offered with recipe list in the application?

Yes, there are many other cool features in the mobile application apart from monitoring the thermometer as like you can have different recipes there available for cooking on grills and alarms, and yes, they will also guide you on how to prepare those recipes by written text there.

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