All To Know About Making XXL Grilled Stuft Burritos

The moment you hear the name Taco Bell, what arises in your mind? A Crunchy mouth-watering taco, Crunch wrap, or maybe a Supreme Burrito. But what excites everyone on the taco bell food menu is the XXL grilled stuft burrito, which is one of the favorite choices of everyone. But with a heavy heart, unfortunately, taco bell had discontinued the making of this heavenly dish.

XXL grilled stuft burrito tastes like heaven when made with homemade refried beans, Spanish rice, guacamole, and Pico de Gallo; this recipe will make your family happily feed.
Moreover, grilled burritos are a fantastic dish for lunch and dinner cuisine, making your table time tasty.

Making of XXL Grilled Stuft Burrito

Ground beef, beans, rice, a three-cheese blend featuring cheddar, pepper jack, mozzarella, salsa fiesta, and sauce creamy pepper jack. These are the main components used in fundamental and original burrito making. However, we have other options too, like adding grilled chicken or steak by replacing beef.

If you have aimed to prepare this mouth-watering dish at your home for family and friends or even for yourself to enjoy, then go through our recipe; it will help in many ways.


So basically, the ingredients are divided into three different segments Spanish rice with seasoned ground beef and Pico de Gallo and cheese and spicy flavored jalapeno beans (refried).

For seasoned ground beef making

  • 2 pounds of ground beef
  • Two tablespoons of oil ( vegetable oil )
  • One tablespoon of kosher salt
  • Two tablespoons of ground pepper ( black )
  • Two tablespoons of chilly powder
  • Two tablespoons of garlic mesh powder
  • Onion powder around two tablespoons
  • 2 or 2 1/4 tablespoons of cumin powder
  • Red pepper crushed a single teaspoon
  •  a single teaspoon of dried oregano
  •  a single teaspoon of paprika
  • Half lime juiced well 


For Spanish rice

  •  1 1/2 cups of drained and rinsed long-grain white rice
  • Two cups of vegetable stock
  • Use canned tomato juice 
  • Diced, half yellow onion
  • Diced, green bell pepper half
  • A single tablespoon of vegetable oil
  • At last, a single tablespoon of kosher salt


Other than these ingredients

  • Pico de Gallo
  • 1-32 oz can spicy Rosarita jalapeno refried beans or of your favorite and unique brand
  • 5-8 large-sized burrito flour tortillas
  • 4*4 oz container holding guacamole
  • 4*4 oz of Mexican cheese, which is blended and also shredded
  • A hot sauce for tasting Tapatio
  • As needed, vegetable oil or maybe non-stick spray

Spanish Rice

  1. Heat the oil at medium intensity; remember you should use, if possible, the large flat area bottomed pan which has verticle walls
  2. Add in the rice and sauté for about 2-3 minutes. Moreover, insert your diced yellow onion into the oil and sauté for around 60-80 seconds. After that, add the green bell peppers, and saute them for around another 60-80 seconds. And in last saute for 3 minutes by adding rice in it
  3. Insert the fired diced tomatoes into the rice. You then have to season the mixture of rice with a single tablespoon of kosher salt and mix them well, then
  4. Add the stock of vegetables and bring it to a boil. Cover your pan with the help of a lid to let the rice be cooked well and nice, which on average takes around 15-20 minutes. Keep the pan aside from heat for 8 minutes after you see the rice is cooked.

Beef Seasoned

  1. When rice is being cooked, add two tablespoons of oil to the skillet; make sure it is large in size and set the intensity at medium level. Then put the ground beef into the oil and remember to break up large clumps of meat, if there exist any, while beating it well with a ladle. Mix to combine it well by seasoning it rightly and perfectly
  2. Saute the beef nicely for around 10-15 minutes till it gets cooked well. Turn down the heat and remove the beef pan from there.

Beans (Refried)

Fill the medium-sized saucepan with beans by taking them out of the can. Insert 1/4 cup of water and mix it well. Heat it at medium intensity during cooking. Stirring the beans is very important for their cuisine. If you feel that your beans are dry, add a single tablespoon of water, or you can add vegetable stock also into the saucepan. And after that, cook it for around 10 minutes.


  1. Use a flat with large area skillet at a medium intensity of heat, and on it, warm the tortillas in the pan for around half a minute for each side.
  2. Now, what you have to do is to assemble the burrito stuft. Make sure the first layer must be of the beans (refried). Take three spoons of refried beans and spread them over in the middle of the burrito in a single line leaving at least about 1 inch of the gap in between the lines for folding easiness. After that, you have to insert rice 
  3. On the tortillas, add drained ground beef in a similar way. Insert pico de gallo and guacamole with a sauce that you like the most to eat with. And at last, put cheese into the dish.
  4. After this, all we have to do is roll the burritos. One by one, roll the side of tortillas first nicely over the filling and tightly tuck it. Next, you have to consider the side flaps and roll over the burrito to the side where the tortilla is. Repeat this procedure on every burrito for assembling it.
  5. Warm your tortillas once more by heating the pan and applying vegetable oil over the pan.
  6. In the pan, you have to put two to three burritos with the flap side facing down. The bottom must be checked frequently and prepared till the time you get a browny texture of rice crust. The top layer of the burrito should be coated with oil and flip it over.
  7. Repeat this process for all the pieces of burritos, and you have your serving. Don’t forget to eat it with your favorite sauce.

Nutrition table



Total fat






Total carbohydrates




Dietary fiber


Final Words

Stuft burritos are like heavenly dishes to have in your mouth. This dish is easy to make; it just comprises certain levels of preparation. Above in the article is written every needed information which one needs to have for preparing this cuisine in a tasteful manner. I hope this piece of writing helped you to achieve knowledge about the XXL grilled stuft burritos.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in grilled stuft burritos?

Grilled stuft burritos included beans (refried), Pico de Gallo, Baja sauce, and blended cheese of three kinds along with beef which is seasoned well, steak or also chicken grilled.

How we can prepare the rice for burritos making

For grilled stuft burritos, jasmine rice white is suggested. However, if you like to make it through Mexican rice, no issue; just simply add some of the Goya sazon packets for salt. 


  • A cup of uncooked rice
  • One and a half cups of fresh water
  • Half a tablespoon of salt
  • And in last a tablespoon of oil in it


Can we use any other kind of beans except refried beans if we don’t possess them?

Yes, of course, just mash the other beans like pinto beans or red kidney beans and mix them well, put them into the saucepan, and season them and mix them well. Two tablespoons of taco seasoning are required for every 15-ounces of beans can.

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