Best and easiest guidance for smoking brisket in a Traeger

Having smoked brisket on the weekend is like optimizing your enjoyment utility. It will optimize your enjoyment utility and fulfil your protein and iron requirement. Red meat is mainly consisting of a considerable amount of protein and iron. Both iron and protein are necessary for a healthy body. Besides its health benefits, red meat becomes tasteful when we smoke it. Many people all over the globe like the beef

 It looked tough to cook brisket in a Traeger, but in reality, its cooking procedure is very standard. Our guidance will able you to make the tastiest and most flavorful smoked brisket. Every recommended step is essential; often, people skip some steps, which will lead to tasteless and flavourless smoked brisket. Following our advice to smoke brisket, you will have a perfectly cooked brisket.

You will be guided step by step.

1st step

Trim the brisket properly and ensure all the fat parts must be removed from the brisket. Brisket is a cut of beef from the lower part of a cow. It is one of the challenging parts of a cow. Removing the fat is an essential part while trimming. The logic behind this is that when the fat component is attached to the beef while cooking, it stops the heat waves to the amount of meat it has stuck, resulting in an uncooked part of the meat. Last but not least, trim the beef cut properly. Cut in the way that all aspects of beef absorb heat equally.

2nd step

You must have a Traeger to cook brisket. Set the temperature of the Traeger to 250 F and fill the Traeger pellet hopper with hickory. At least cook the meat for 4 to 5 hours until the temperature reaches 160F

 3rd step

When the internal temperature reaches 200F before cooking, add two layers of seasoning. First, apply a pepper, salt, and garlic layer, then a second layer with BBQ rub. These steps lead to deciding how tasteful will your smoke brisket be.

4th step

Wrap the brisket in the aluminum foil. Wrap properly and then place back wrap brisket back into the Traeger. Maintain the temperature around 250 F. Insert a thermometer to read the brisket temperature. Cook the brisket until the internal meat temperature reaches 200 F. this step will take 3 to 4 hours. Some people are pretty experts that they don’t need a thermometer. They just checked the brisket’s colour and perfectly guessed the beef cooking position. But for those who experience fewer people, keeping the thermometer is necessary.

5th step

once the brisket’s internal temperature reaches 200 F, remove the brisket from the Traeger. Let the brisket cool down for 2 to 3 hours. It is necessary to do so. Because during heating of the flat, the brisket juice pours outside of the meat. When you let the brisket cool down, it reabsorbs the fluid. This is the last step, serve the cooked beef and serve it.

Follow the given steps accordingly. It will take some 8 to 9 hours in total. If any actions skip, then your beef will be partially cooked. Ensure the given temperature is implemented—slight negligence regarding the given temperature burnt your beef.

Some recommendations

  • Buy the beef from the butcher who knows you.
  • Save pieces for making carne asada.
  • Use a 14-inch knife to trim. Using a cutter smaller than 14 inches leads to rough cutting
  • slice against the grain
  • cooked the fat side on the bottom
  • the cooler the brisket, the easier it to cut
  • 203 F for prime internal temperature

Frequently asked questions

Is it necessary to cool the cooked beef?

Yes, it is necessary to cool down the cooked beef. Because during the meat’s cooking, the beef’s juice pours out due to heating. The liquid is responsible for the flavour and taste of the brisket. Hence when you let the meat cool down, it reabsorbs the juice. Ignoring the steps leads you to have a tasteless and flavourless beef.

Is it necessary to cut off the fat part?

Yes, cutting the fat part is necessary. It will dodge you while cooking. We are setting the temperature to beef, not the fat component, which will lead to undercooking the meat.

What are the problems with rough trimming?

Proper trimming is necessary. Rough trim led to the unequal size of the brisket. The unequal length of the brisket leads to unequal absorption of heat, which leads to some parts of the brisket being undercooked and some features overcooked.

How long is the cooked brisket store?

You can have the cooked brisket last for 3 to 4 days in a refrigerator. Make sure to put the brisket in the air-tight container. If you plan to store it for three months, put it in the freezer after placing it in an air-tight container.

Is beef the healthiest food?

Beef is healthy food. Beef contains both protein and iron. Protein is essential for the body’s structural maintenance, while the iron is necessary for the formation of blood. Beef also contains fat which is needed to remove before cooking.


In a nutshell, trim the fat part of the beef before putting in the Traeger. Set the temperature of the Traeger at 200F. Preheat the Traeger before putting the brisket in the Traeger. Cook the meat until the beef temperature reaches 160 F. Add pepper, salt, garlic, and BBQ rub to season the brisket. And then put back the brisket into the Traeger for 5 TO6 F. Put the meat thermometer along the brisket to check the internal temperature of the beef. When the internal temperature reaches 195 or 200 F, remove the brisket from the Traeger. The total time will take somehow 6 to 9 hours. Serve the beef with salad to your host, friend, and family.

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