BEST BRANDS Kenmore PG-40405S0LA stainless steel 4 burners grill

For most people, backyard grilling is a way to relax and catch up with friends. Therefore, it’s essential to have a gas grill that you can use to make your backyard the place to be this summer. The Kenmore 4 burner gas grill has the power you need and has many of the same great features found on the most expensive grills, but it’s very affordable. This price tag makes it ideal for cooking for larger groups and for people who want to get started grilling without breaking the bank. If you’re looking for a cheap propane stainless steel grill that also performs great, look no further than the Kenmore stainless steel propane grill.

You can rely on the electrical ignition in this grill to start up without any problems since it is reliable. It also boasts stainless steel cooking grids for more straightforward maintenance and heat distribution. The side burner’s 13,000 BTUs are more than enough to flawlessly prepare sauce or any other side dish. This Kenmore outdoor grill heats up rapidly and maintains a high temperature, making it perfect for cooking at low and moderate temperatures. The food is also kept on the warming rack until it is time to serve. The beautiful stainless-steel construction offers durability and corrosion resistance. Each of the four burners of this grill comes with 10,000 BTU heating power.


Masterbuilt MB20041220 Gravity Series 1050







1050 square inches

Inner Material


Power Source


Product Dimensions

33.07 x 61.02 x 52.17 inches

Item Weight

203 pounds

Main Features

Gravityfed charcoal hopper

Digital control panel

Can control through Wi-fi and Bluetooth

Within 15 minutes temperature can reach to 700 °F

Comes with stainless steel shelves



Some Best Features of BEST BRANDS Kenmore PG-40405S0LA stainless steel 4 burners grill:

Cooking space:

This stainless steel barbecue grill has a lot of space, perfect if you’re hosting a party and need to cook for many people at once. With 459 square inches of primary grilling area and 621 square inches of total cooking surface, you can make 22 burgers simultaneously. Plus, there’s a side burner if you need to make a sauce or side dish. 

Versatility Range:

The enclosed trolley that the kenmore bbq grill is shipped with makes it simple to move and offers extra storage for all your grilling supplies. Despite being rather hefty, the rolling casters make it simple to move. This grill won’t be a problem arranging and cooking your meals.

Easy start:

If you’re looking to make your next grilling party a success, ensure you have an easy-going grill on hand. With this grill, you must press an ignition button to get started. Four burners make heat distribution more even, making each grilling session more enjoyable.

Resilient and assembly:

The grill is very resilient and will provide the same grilling and cooking experience no matter what the weather is like outside. Grilling can be challenging for beginners, but it’s not impossible. Just like many grills, some assembly is required. It may not be easy, but anyone can get the job done with enough patience.

Evenness Heating:

Even heating is essential when grilling, whether using all the burners or just preheating for 10 minutes. Using thermocouples can help you ensure even heating across the grill surface.

Burner Ignition:  

The burner activation on this model is simple, as it only takes one button to ignite each burner. The grill area is impressive, providing 621 square inches of primary cooking space at 53,000 BTUs.


This model’s built-in shelves and doors are perfect for organizing your baking tools and condiments. In addition, the rotating wheels help you move your grill around your kitchen.

Look and design:

The Kenmore PG-40405S0LA grill is a top-of-the-line gas grill that looks fabulous with its sleek stainless-steel finish design. While the stylistic design may look shiny and new, it delivers the same top quality as other Kenmore models regarding performance. This stainless steel 4-burner gas grill is constructed with high-quality stainless steel on the surface and side shelves and thus makes it a tough and durable appliance that can withstand even the harshest conditions.

  • It comes with a propane grill
  • It has a stainless steel body
  • Sides shelves
  • Temperature gauge for knowing the grill temperature
  • It is equipped with an electronic-based ignition system
  • You can convert the grill to work on natural gas
  • Can rush due to the thin stainless steel design
  • Need assembly at home
  • no rotisserie


Kenmore is one of the most trusted brands, famous for its quality and durability. No doubt, the gas grills will give you the best cooking experience. For a long time, Kenmore has been making gas grills. And they’ve been improving their products to provide you with a better experience and higher performance. Their grills are made to last for a long time. They are made for your convenience and satisfaction.

This kenmore stainless steel outdoor grill is a must-have for any grilling enthusiast. The side burner provides up to 13,000 BTUs of searing power, and the independent cooking grates make it easy to cook your favorite dishes. This barbecue has a 459 sq. in. grilling area, which is perfect for grilling and smoking. Equipped with a powerful side burner, you can use it as a standalone grill or cook alongside your main dish on the other burners. You can also smoke to perfection with the included warming rack. With the help of Kenmore, you can be sure that you will have the most delicious dishes.


Is it possible to change the cooking grates?

Indeed, it is. You can use cooking grates made of cast iron in stainless steel cooking grates, but you will need to buy them separately as this model comes with stainless steel grates only.

Is it possible to convert to natural gas?

Yes, but you will need a conversion kit to convert this grill to natural gas.

Who makes Kenmore grills?

The Kenmore grill is made by Permasteel, which is advancing in producing BBQ accessories, gas grills, patio heaters, etc.

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