BEST BRANDS Masterbuilt MB20041220 Gravity Series 1050

If you like barbecue and want to smoke food, you will need a charcoal grill smoker. The Masterbuilt MB20041220 Gravity Series 1050 is one of the modern charcoal grills with digital control. It provides you with a high degree of control and convenience simultaneously. This masterbuilt gravity series is one of the best types of smokers available to BBQ chefs. It is simple, easy to use, and gives you the best flavor. Furthermore, the gravity fed charcoal grill has 1050 sq. inches of the cooking grate, which is considerable. It means that the number of servings you will get will be high. With the masterbuilt gravity series 1050, you can smoke various meats and grill, sear, bake, and roast any cut of meat to the highest quality; thus, you can achieve the perfect smokey flavor every time.

The generous cooking space on this gravity fed smoker makes it possible to throw BBQs for your friends and family. The combination of cast iron and chrome-coated steel gave this model a durable design even when it’s exposed to moisture. The stainless-steel housing is beautifully reversible and sturdy, thanks to its cast iron interior. The metal grates are also reversible due to a clever design that allows you to change them depending on the type of meat you’re using, whether it’s poultry or red meat. Overall, it boasts 1050 square inches of cooking space and 16 pounds of pellet hopper with a temperature ranging from 700 Fahrenheit. The controller features programmable cooking settings to fit your lifestyle. The remote wireless capabilities mean you can take care of other tasks while monitoring your food, so multitasking is no issue.


Masterbuilt MB20041220 Gravity Series 1050







1050 square inches

Inner Material


Power Source


Product Dimensions

33.07 x 61.02 x 52.17 inches

Item Weight

203 pounds

Main Features

Gravityfed charcoal hopper

Digital control panel

Can control through Wi-fi and Bluetooth

Within 15 minutes temperature can reach to 700 °F

Comes with stainless steel shelves



Some Best Features of Masterbuilt MB20041220 Gravity Series 1050: 

Thermometer Probe:

The masterbuilt smoker grill comes with a touch-free digital thermostat that helps ensure your food’s internal temperature is suitable throughout the cooking process. Not only that, but the new Master Thermometer Probe allows you to check it at any convenient time during your smoking session because High-Quality Digital Temperature Display on this unit lets you know precisely what’s happening inside of the meat, and poultry, or whatever else you are trying to cook.

Digital Fan Control:

A fan is the primary function of the smoke generator. The fan forces air across a smoldering core, which heats up and recirculates into the cooking chamber, allowing oven-smoking techniques for tenderizing meats or cooking anything that needs moisture like pastry.

Reversible Grates:

This masterbuilt digital charcoal smoker comes with a reversible hopper and smoker/sear grates, allowing you to change from smoking to searing. Whether you’re looking to smoke or sear, these triangular grates can be flipped; forget the sear marks that compliment your style of food preparation and help achieve the optimal temperature for maximum flavor. These grates are made from cast iron and so take a little longer to heat up than most, but once they do, they offer fantastic levels of heat conduction, so beware.

Foldable front shelves:

This gravity charcoal smoker can be folded at the front, so it appears thinner and thus requires less space. It has been designed in such a way that no table is required for barbequing since you must unfold the shelf when wanting to work with various ingredients from within your grill.

Capacity Charcoal Hopper:

Masterbuilt’s 10-pound gravity-fed hopper will hold for up to 8 hours in temperatures at low degrees Fahrenheit with consistency and taste This is a significant amount if you’re looking for a charcoal smoker.


Masterbuilt 1050 gravity smoker deployed to the market with a weight of 203 pounds, which makes it quite heavy. If your desired placement area features steps, you won’t be able to move this grill + smoker onto the surfaces as it’s not designed to be moved via lifting. On the other hand, however, you will find wheels incorporated within its design so that you can roll an already placed grill around if needed.

Digital Fan Control:

Through the help of a digitally controllable fan, you can control the air from the hopper passing through cooking chambers to ensure food cooks at your indicated temperature. It helps prevent food from burning and can help retain moisture in meat during cooking.

Cooking Area:

Our review of the Masterbuilt Gravity Series 1050 based on the cooking area provides enough to cook for a large group or family. It offers 1050 sq. in. of ample cooking area.


Grilling a meal on a charcoal grill is like preparing a delicious meal with as little time and effort as possible. Once you’ve fired up this grill, it takes only 15 minutes to get its temperature up to 700 degrees Fahrenheit and cook your food fast.

Safety features:

When you open the hopper door or lid, the machine automatically turns off the fan to prevent potential flare-ups, and thus, the temperature is adjusted for you to 500F for your safety by default. When you close the main lid and hopper door, it will return to your preset temperature.


This charcoal gravity feed smoker comes with a one-year warranty and is for home use only. However, it has no professional warranty covering use outside the home. Once everything is set up, it won’t need much upkeep or maintenance since it’s simple to use and maintain.

  • Digital control panel to control the temperature
  • You can connect it with both Wi-fi and Bluetooth
  • The temperature can go to 700°F in 15-minutes
  • It has a cooking space of 1050 sq. in
  • The hopper has a capacity of having charcoal for up to 8 hours of usage
  • The control fan helps to take the air from the hopper and carry it to the cooking chamber
  • The shelf has stainless steel finished
  • Comes with a one-year warranty
  • Easy to use
  • It can hold four thermometer probes at once
  • It is costly
  • The app gives error codes


Masterbuilt is a well-known company offering low prices for smokers and grills of the highest quality. The Masterbuilt MB20041220 Gravity Series 1050 is one of the best smokers available to the public. The digital control makes it easy and convenient to use. It’s hard to find a smoker that meets all those standards, and with its 1050 square inches of cooking space, you can easily fit the main dish for a party. This model is a must-have if you like to smoke meat for your family and friends.

Furthermore, Masterbuilt 1050 makes the perfect addition to any backyard and is an excellent value for the money, and it is a product we recommend. We know that there are many options out there, but we believe that this model from Masterbuilt is one that you’ll be happy to own. We hope you’ve enjoyed our review and wish you all the best in your next purchase.


How can I prevent the charcoal ashes from flowing into the body of the grill? 

By placing the slides inside of the arrangement with charcoal, it should be sealed from the body. All air exchange should be stopped, and only ashes should be left; thus, the air exchange will be stopped, leaving just ashes.

How does a gravity feed smoker work?

The Gravity Smoker is a smoker that relies on gravity to deliver heat and smoke throughout the cooking chamber effectively. The charcoal pellets are loaded in through an airtight chute, which makes it easier to regulate heat levels and temperatures overall. As smoke is pushed out of the bottom of the chute, it rises evenly through an insulated cabinet that holds a solid fuel firebox. The device features a built-in fan control unit for temperature regulation based on your desired cooking temperature. It helps you cook meat exactly how you want it cooked.

Does 1050 come with a griddle?

No, it does not come with a griddle.


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