Best Weber Genesis Grill Covers in 2022

Users may already have owned their desired outdoor grills, purchased a few valuable equipment and accessories, and perhaps even studied recipes using their dinner schedule prepared for the hotter seasons. Until you begin grilling, there is one more tool that every grill master should have to safeguard their grill during the BBQ seasons.


Using grill covering is the ideal method to preserve a grill’s appearance and function, a simple and inexpensive piece of equipment that can help encourage the growth of any outdoor grill. The grill covers are required to preserve your expenditure from the factors.


Your quality grill covers help keep moisture, heat, dirt, and cold off your grill, extending their lifespan. With grill covers, you’ll spend a bit of time wiping dirt, droppings, or garbage off the grill and much more time grilling!


We gathered seven of the top Weber Genesis grills covers & then developed an evaluation and comparison of their design and characteristics. You’ll become capable of utilizing such knowledge to get the most significant insurance policy for your requirements.


Our top picks:


  1. Best overall – Weber 7107 Grill Cover for Genesis Gas Grills
  2. Best WeberWeber – Weber Premium 7135 Cover for Genesis
  3. Best for easy to clean – CHEFUN 7130 Grill Cover for Weber Genesis II 3 Burner Grill
  4. Best close-packed – SHINESTAR Heavy Duty Grill Cover for Weber Genesis I/II
  5. Best for kettle grills – Jiesuo 7106 BBQ Gas Grill Cover for Weber Spirit

Comprehensive comparison chart:






Weber 7107 Grill Cover for Genesis Gas Grills

 Polyester material
 Fabric design
 Weatherproof
 Uv resistant

152.4 x 71.09 x 112.78 cm / 2.27 Kilograms

Weber Premium 7135 Cover for Genesis

 Vinyl material
 Water-resistant
 Thick black
 Best WeberWeber

63.5 x 165.1 x 113.03 cm / 0.7 Kilograms

CHEF 7130 Grill Cover for Weber Genesis II 3 Burner Grill

 Polyester material
 Heavy duty fabric
 Fasten strap design
 Easy to clean

147.32 x 63.5 x 113.03 cm / 1.03 Kilograms

SHINESTAR Heavy Duty Grill Cover for Weber Genesis I/II

 Vinyl material
 Perfect fit
 Better protection
 heavy duty material

152.4 x 71.12 x 113.03 cm / 1.77 Kilograms

Jesus 7106 BBQ Gas Grill Cover for Weber Spirit

 polyester material
 Velcro straps and handles
 Best value for money
 Easy to clean

34.9 x 29.01 x 11.2 cm / 1.66 Kilograms

1)  Weber 7107 Grill Cover for Genesis Gas Grills



This covering is made of high-quality hard polyester material. It may appear unexpected that, at first, these grill covers were made of this kind of lighter polyester material; however, the material is highly durable and does an excellent job of preventing the grills from every moisture or direct sunlight.

Another essential quality is the closing straps, which guarantee that now the covers stay in place, perhaps in stormy, dangerous conditions. It’s indeed ventilated to enable airflow, which keeps the grills against rusting.

Its polyester fabric is waterproof and UV-protective, but it’s not so weighty that this is difficult to put on and take off. These covers are suitable for Genesis II four-burner grills.

  • Thick polyester materials
  • Weatherproof
  • Uv resistant
  • Velcro straps
  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Specific for weber models

2)  Weber Premium 7135 Cover for Genesis



These WeberWeber manufactured covers are made exclusively for the Weber Genesis series grills. It is made of vinyl and has an Ultraviolet inhibitor sewn into the material to prevent fade while protecting our grills from the sunlight.

When modifying the cover’s stretchiness, two elastic straps are used. These grill covers are compatible with the Genesis 300 and Genesis II LX 300 models. It is indeed usable for Genesis II 3 burners.

The covers fit comfortably around most of the grills’ curves, providing a sleek appearance yet preventing it from blowing out in stormy weather. These WeberWeber covers are guaranteed by a 3-year limited warranty plus lifelong client service. Several customers bought these covers to update their older Weber grill covers after quite a long-time functionality.

  • Overall best weber cover
  • Ultraviolet inhibitor
  • Vinyl thick material
  • Weatherproof
  • Water-resistant
  • Velcro straps
  • Perfect fit
  • Expensive
  • Specific for weber models

3)  CHEF 7130 Grill Cover for Weber Genesis II 3 Burner Grill



This Weber grill cover comprises 600D massive polyester material for long-lasting strength and Ultraviolet blockers. Material that resists fading—perforated and water-resistant to preserve the grills from the elements.

 Strap build, the grill cover is held in place by two big Elastic bands. The handy lateral strap may assist lock and keeping the grill lid from blowing off. These grill covers are simple to use and wash. Spray it off; thus, the dust will be gone in no time. Wipe the grill covering mainly in sunlight before reusing it.

One never has to invest heavily in a grill covering to get a high-quality product. That’s constructed of water-resistant polyester, including a PVC undercoating; it also has the nylon grips with movable closing bands you’d expect from such high-quality grill covers.

  • Polyester material
  • Easy to clean
  • Heavy duty fabric
  • Velcro strips
  • Water-resistant
  • Uv inhibitors
  • May not cover the wheel of some grill

4)  SHINESTAR Heavy Duty Grill Cover for Weber Genesis I/II



Durable Components is Because these grill covers are more potent than the classic, they will not be dazzled by rain and winds, and the corner bands will hold the bodies in place at all times.

Extra Security as Resists Ultraviolet, cold, moisture, plus dirt for long-lasting usage on your grills and keeps it looking fresh for an extended time. These 60-inch grill covers are the right combination for Weber Genesis 3 burners grills, Charbroil 4 burner grills, Brinkman 5 burner grills, and nexgrill five burner grills.

These grill covers are made of high-quality materials, making them one of the most durable grills covers available. Keeping your grills enclosed and sheltered throughout the winter season can assist prevent damage as well as corrosion.

  • Vinyl materials
  • Perfect fit
  • Uv protection
  • Weatherproof
  • Water-resistant
  • Double straps
  • Easy to clean
  • Upgraded air vents
  • Specific for only weber models

5)  Jesus 7106 BBQ Gas Grill Cover for Weber Spirit



When you own a kettle grill, you will undoubtedly want a covering that suits the design of such a distinctive grill. These covers will shield our grills from the outdoors, whether they are winds, rainfall, snowfall, or storm.

Velcro straps toward the bottom of grills make it simple either attach or remove. It is constructed of Oxford 600D polyester and provides more muscular, long-lasting durability than slightly cheaper polyester coverings.

The general coverings provide maximum permeability if we keep our grills behind a wall or other surfaces. These covers are compatible with a variety of Weber Genesis 300 versions. To achieve a precise fit, determine the size of your grills.

  • Easy to clean
  • Weatherproof
  • Durable
  • Velcro strips
  • Polyester material
  • PVC lining
  • Secure fit
  • Material not always water resistant

Buying guide for weber genesis grill covers:

Selecting a suitable grill cover is critical for extending the life of a grill. We’ve prepared a buyer’s guide that clarifies what we should seek in every one of the essential items and provides you with all the knowledge to make the best possible buying.

Dimensions, materials, extra functionality, cleaning, and UV protection are all essential considerations when looking for a Barbeque grill cover.


We should use a grill cover that fits perfectly; otherwise, we can allow bacteria & moisture to enter. We must be extremely cautious regarding the size of covers we purchase. If somehow the covers are far too little, it will not fit, but if it is too large, it’ll be too loose to prevent the element out. Makes ensure selecting the appropriate design as well. We want our grill covers to have the same form as our grill.


The materials used primarily determine the grill cover’s performance and cost. Here, as a result, we should verify that perhaps the materials used are rigid and sufficient to survive extreme weather despite preventing microbes away.

Most grill covers are composed of vinyl, canvas, or polyester. Because vinyl coverings are typically water-resistant, they are an excellent choice. Canvas coverings are also most frequent for significantly greater grill since they are incredibly dense and strong, have a sophisticated appearance, and are entirely weatherproof. Polyester is famous for its toughness, but it is not always water-resistant.

Uv resistant:

Most covers include UV-resistant coverings that help prolong the grills’ life span by reducing fracturing against solar radiation. When your grills are in an open location with no shade, consider those covered with specific UV coatings to increase the quality and longevity of your covers.


A modern grill cover can cost anything from $30 to over $100. Our selection should consider the location or even the environment of our grill and even the durability of the grill himself. When our grills are expensive, it’s also a wise option to spend on such a cover to help it last longer. When all we need might be something simple and basic to cover our grill, you may buy it at a reasonable cost.


Weber Genesis is among the most famous grill products on the market, with millions worldwide relying on it. It is not only incredibly cheap, but it is pretty of fantastic quality, which will last much longer.

A quality grill cover is a fantastic option to preserve and protect our grill. When looking for the latest grill covers on the market, consumers preferred goods manufactured of polyvinyl, nylon, PVC, and Oxford cloth that were wide enough to accommodate large and small grills.

Many of these coverings include splash and UV resistance, with some additionally being tearing and entirely water resistant.

One must dry the covers upon cleaning them to avoid exposing the grills to humidity. It should ideally be left to dry. Furthermore, never use the covers whenever the grill is still heated. Ensure the grills cool down before placing the caps atop; otherwise, the cover’s durability will suffer.

Significantly, the Weber 7107 Grill Cover provides massive endurance while still being versatile enough to equip a variety of grills.


How big should my grill cover be?

We discussed size tentatively inside the buying guide, so read it as well. Give around 2 inches much extra space on the grill covers as a general guideline. When you purchase a cover that perfectly fits the size of your grills, you might have a difficult time getting it around.

Is it necessary to cover my Weber Grill in the summer?

In the summertime, cover your grills to prevent wet stains, sunlight fading, and animals or parasites. It helps our living easier because we wouldn’t have to invest time cleaning garbage or messes.

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