Can You Cook Hamburger On A Pit Boss Pellet Grill

Everybody cherishes the ideal cooked burger. A large part of the youth likes the taste and succulent patties embedded in the cheeseburger with the additional veggies put in it, expanding the taste. This burger dish is broadly ready on a pellet barbecue, and in this article, we will be directing you about how you can cook the hamburger on a pit boss pellet grill.

Meat Requirement In The Hamburger

Before initiating your process of cooking the hamburger, you must occupy yourself with a certain amount of required meat. As the meat requirement varies from size to size; if the hamburger is thin, the amount of meat may be around 1/4 lb per serving, while if the size of the burger is thicker and extensive, then you can go with 1/3 lb or 2/5 lb., so it is clear now that meat addition in the burger is directly linked with the size of the hamburger you are willing to prepare. Moreover, keep in mind if you are going for a significantly thicker and juicy burger, you can use 1/2 lb meat but also do use a nice thick and large bun for it, or else the taste of the burger can be ruined.

Cooking Procedure On Pit Boss Pellet Grill

Let’s have a short look at how the pit boss pellet grill works; it uses a mechanism that feeds the auger by itself through the set timing which the user sets. Furthermore, the pellet grill heats and smokes well, and if it is a pit boss, then there is no chance of overheating or something like that as you can yourself manage the temperature and auger the feeding process.

Moving on to preparing the hamburger on the pit boss pellet grill, you need to preheat the griddle up to 400-500 degrees Fahrenheit and afterward need to season it well according to your choice and preferable method.

Now here is the main point one must bear in mind, which is, that if you want to prevent your meat from sticking problems, then do apply the oil with the help of brushing over the surface of the meat frequently so that it should not stick to the grates. The cooking time of putting the meat on grates is around 6-9 minutes. This time will make your meat petty look and taste like heaven. In last, do flip the meat frequently over and over aging so that each side gets even heat and cooking.

Smoking Procedure Of Hamburger

Other than just cooking the hamburger, if you like to smoke if you want to infuse the taste and flavor of smoke in your burger dish, then the pit boss can help you in this regard.

Besides the fact that smoking your cheeseburger injects it with anything enhanced wood chips, you use for smoking. However, the sluggish and low methodology additionally forestalls the probability of your burger drying out.

As smoking requires much of the smoke and not the heat, So you have to make your grill preheat at a temperature around 230-270 Fahrenheit and cover your burger with your seasoning choice and put on the grates and close the lid of the griddle as then this process will infuse Smokey taste in it as the lid is closed, and the smoke inside will greatly inject its flavor in it.

Keep in mind that time of smoking the burger depends on the size of your burgers petty as the more sized and big the petty is, the more time it will consume.

Other Extra Suggestions

Above mentioned procedure and all is not just all you have

To do for a good hamburger but also apart from this, some of the suggestions we want to give which experts like to share.


The use of the instant-read thermometer is essential in knowing whether your burger is ready to serve or not. Sometimes we don’t cook the patties completely as we don’t know the internal temperature of the meat as if the internal meat is cooked well or not. So for this problem, the instant-read thermometer is perfect for helping you.

Try Not To Choose The Lean Meat

Drying out quickly means that your meat has very less fat so try to opt for a slice of meat for your burger which does possess the fat in it, as otherwise, the burger will dry out. Use the meat with no less than 20 percent of fat.    

Wood Pellets For The Taste

A good choice of wood pellets will infuse a good taste in your burger as well, and if you smoke the burger, then i think you must be careful choosing which of the wood pellets you will want to have for your burger.

Final Verdict

In last, i would say that cooking a hamburger is easy if the main and core steps are followed. And preparing your burger on the pit boss pellet grill makes the process much easier as of the quality process of auto pellet grilling and the smokiness it provides for the smoke flavor lovers. We have mentioned how you can prepare the burger using the pit boss pellet grill, how to smoke your burger and extra suggestions that experts prefer to use and act upon. Hope this article helped you get want you were searching for. Do let us know about your suggestions and feedback in the comment box.


Frequently Asked Question

Can I cook my hamburger on a pellet grill

Yeah, you can prepare your hamburger nicely and perfectly on a pellet grill. Pellet grills are a very good choice for making and cooking the burgers for your hunger. We would recommend you to use the pit boss pellet grill as it has many features to use and which makes your cooking procedure easy.

  • Put the wood choice of your choice in the auger.
  • Preheat it to around 450-500 Fahrenheit and wait till it gets there·        
  • Put the meat in it and close the lid, and let it cook

Can i smoke on a pellet grill

Yes, smoking on a pellet grill is a very good choice for infusing the Smokey flavor into your burger as it runs on a wood fire. Moreover, preheat your pit boss pellet grill or any other to 230-250 Fahrenheit temperature and put the meat into the grill and close the lid, and rest for some time so that the smoke can inject its taste into the burger when you consume it.

How long does it take to cook the hamburger on the pellet grill

It takes around 6-9 minutes of your work to cook a great Hamburger. But the time varies according to your amount of meat usage. The thicker and big the size of meat petty is, the more time it will consume. At first, you have to preheat your grill to around 450 Fahrenheit and then place your meat in it and wait for around 9 minutes.

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