Essential Parts for the Weber Spirit Series | Detailed Guide

If you possess the Weber Spirit grill and don’t know about the parts of it for replacement, then this article is best for you. We will be discussing different accessories which can be replaced and bought. So without any further ado, let’s start with the content.

Weber Spirit E/S 310, 320, 330 Accessories (Burner Control Front-Mounted)


This section will discuss three models of Weber Spirit in the 300 series, which are the 310 model, 320 model, and 330 models, which started being manufactured in 2013 till 2017.

Weber Spirit 310: grill with three burners

Weber Spirit 320: grill with three burners and a side table

Weber Spirit 330: grill with three burners, a side table, and a sear station



With them come two versions of e and s. Where version e represent enameled steel used for the body and version s represents stainless steel used for the body.

The replacement components for the essential parts on these barbecues are precisely the same.

The flavorizer written beneath is generally similar in size and will fit in any Spirit 310, 320, or 330 with front-mounted control handles. The flavorizers which are made by Weber are porcelain made with enameled steel which normally lasts for 2-3 years.


Grilling Grates

For the Spirit 300 series, there are three kinds of grilling grates available: porcelain enameled cast iron, porcelain-enameled steel, and stainless steel. Stainless steel grates are, for me, the very best among these three types. Stainless steel kind gives good marks and easier cleaning.

The meshes come in two segments and measure around 17.5 x 11.9 inches. All mesh choices beneath will fit in any Spirit 310, 320, or 330 barbecues with front mounted burner controls.




Grease Framework 

The grease framework for these barbecues comprises a greased plate, catch pan unit, and aluminum trickle plate. Ensure you likewise get a degreasing splash to get the barbecue truly perfect.



Burners And Ignitors 

At this point, there are contrasts in the parts between the Spirit 310, 320, and 330 barbecues.

The start unit for the 310 has a single lead that fires up the essential burners. The starter pack for the 320 and 330 have dual leads, one for the essential burners and the second for the side burner. You ought to have the option to see the distinction in the photos underneath.

The burner tube units for the 310 and 320 are indistinguishable with three essential burners. The burner tube unit for the 330 is different as it has the three essential burners and a sear station burner. You ought to have the option to see the distinction in the photos underneath.



Weber Spirit E/S 310, 320 Accessories (Burner Controls Side-Mounted)

These versions were made between 2007-12

Model 310 was a primary grill with three burners, while on the other hand, model 320 was a three burner grill with a side table, which is an additional advantage.

The accessories between these two grills are very similar.



Flavorizer Bars 

Two variants were made by Weber of the flavorizer bars for this barbecue. Unit number Weber 7536 are flavorizer bars produced using porcelain plated steel, while unit number 7537 are flavorizer bars produced using stainless steel. The porcelain bars will live for 2-3 years, while the stainless-steel bars will most probably last five years.



Grilling Grates

Spirit 300 series consists of three kinds

  1. Weber unit number 7525 is a porcelain-plated steel grind.
  2. Weber unit number 7538 is porcelain plated cast iron mesh.
  3. Weber unit number 7639 is a stainless steel pole grind.

Of these three available choices, the hardened steel (stainless-steel) grind is my number one. Grates that are stainless steel give better barbecue checks and are more straightforward to clean. The meshes come in two areas and measure around 17.5 x 11.9 inches. All of the mesh choices beneath will fit in any Spirit 310 or 320 barbecues with side mounted burner controls.

Porcelain enameled;



Kit For Ignition And Burner Tubes

Weber unit number 7508 is the best choice for burner tubes.

The start units are somewhat trickier. In 2007 these barbecues accompanied a “snap style” piezo start. If your igniter button seems to be the image underneath, then you have a piezo start.

From 2007 onwards, these barbecues accompanied an electronic start. On the off chance that your igniter button seems to be the image underneath, you really want the electronic battery igniter. I have not had the option to track down a hotspot for the igniter that lit the side burner on the 320 barbecues of this time span.

Ignitor ;

Burner tubes;



Weber Spirit E 210 And 220 Accessories (Burner Control Front-Mounted)

These accessories are solely for two Weber 200 series models, which were produced from 2013-to-17. 210 model and 220 models are included in the 200 series of Weber, and the only difference between the two burners is that Spirit 220 models consist of 

A side burner.

The Weber Spirit 200 series also consists of e and s versions which are the same as like mentioned above, where e stands for enameled steel and whereas s stands for stainless steel. E and s have the same replacement accessories.

The main components that many of the people will be in need of are grilling grates ( Weber unit number 7637), flavorizer bar (unit number 7635), ignition pack (unit number 69850), and burner tube (unit number 69785)


Porcelain –enameled grates:

Burner tubes:

Weber Spirit 500 And 700 Accessories 

From 1995-to 98, these Weber models, Weber Spirit 500 and Weber Spirit 700, were manufactured. These are very profound and excellent grills to be used. Many of their basic accessories are still available, like flavorizer bars, burner tubes, and grilling grates.

One of the main components of this barbecue, a substitution hose, and controller, are presently not accessible.

With barbecues this old, if it’s not too much trouble, ensure there is no critical edge harm from erosion before you burn through a huge load of cash on new parts.

There were three variants of the Weber Spirit 500 (500, 520, 530) that were practically the same. The main distinctions between these three barbecues are restorative.


Final Words 

Now summing up, every grill component of Weber is dependent on its models, like whether it is from Genesis model or from Spirit model and as we are here to discuss Spirit models part and accessories so above are mentioned the accessories for replacement and these all are for Weber Spirit models. Moreover, you can find them on the Amazon website also. By this, we conclude this article. Hope you have gained enough knowledge about the parts for Weber Spirit. Thanks for going through the article.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the flavorizer of Weber Spirit E 210 for Weber Spirit E 220

Yes, you can. As most of the accessories are used on both and can give you benefit as if the store is out of stock of Weber Spirit 210 products, then your Weber Spirit 210 can be served by Spirit 220s parts.


Can I get these products on Amazon

Yes, you can purchase these items from Amazon; just click on the link given below the every products section, and you will be redirected to that products page on Amazon and happy shopping.


 What is the price for a grease tray

 You have to check it on Amazon. For this, we have given links above in every accessories section to buy it from Amazon. You can see the price there.


What is the meaning of E and S in different models of Weber Spirit

These are two different versions of the Spirit series. “E” represents the enameled steel, while “S” represents the stainless steel models. This is the difference between “E” and “S” used in their model’s name.


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