Gotham Steel Smokeless Grill, Indoor Grill, Nonstick Ceramic Electric Grill

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Do you want a grill that lets you grill delicious meats and veggies, fish kabobs, and burgers inside your home with less smoke and good grill marks for your whole family? Gotham Steel Smokeless Grill allows you to experience indoor barbecue. It is an electric grill. Therefore, you need not of charcoal or gas cylinder, and that’s why it produces very less smoke. I think that a little bit of smoke appears because of the water in the meat.

You can carry it while traveling or camping in mountains where the charcoal grill is not easy to burn because the weather is not in our favor all the time. You can carry it in your van and can enjoy yourself during travel.

It is very simple to go with grilling, you have to plug the metal rod connector into the grill, maintain the heat with a temperature controller, and you are ready to go for grilling your meats.

Some Best Features of Gotham Steel Smokeless Grill

Less Smoky 

You can enjoy your grilled foods at home with a Gotham smokeless electric grill, which produces less smoke as this is not a charcoal or gas grill to produce more smoke. Besides this, this grill has a drip tray under the grill, which cools down the oil and grease dropped in the tray. This way, it prevents from generating of smoke. It makes it possible to grill all your favorite foods indoors without polluting your kitchen. Gotham Steel claims that it is a smokeless grill, but I think it should be “less smoke” instead of “smokeless.” 

Food Taste

This grill cooks the food properly and gives a good taste to your foods with nice marks on the grill. Do not let it burn if you care for your food while cooking and set the temperature properly.

Temperature Control 

The heating element is spread everywhere around the grill surface perfectly, making sure all grill areas are heated alike. 

In addition, there is an adjustable temperature dial that controls the temperature all across the grill from high heat to low heat for perfect grilling.

Some people complain that it burns their food. They might not have adjusted the temperature according to the meal they grilled. By the way, you have to be careful. 

Easy To Clean

As the drip tray is flat is very easy to wash. The upper grill plate has grilling marks; it takes time to clean. Overall, it is easy to clean but takes time.

Furthermore, you can put the grill plate into the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Nonstick Coating Surface Claim

The claim of nonstick coating surface is also not for this grill. Food sticks on the grill surface, but this issue doesn’t makeable after getting cooked properly.

Easy to Use 

Gotham’s smokeless electric grill is very easy to use. You have to plug in the metal rode connector of the temperature plug into the grill and connect the other end with the electrical outlet. Now you must be careful and set the desired temperature from the controller for your foods. Let the grill be heated completely. Now set your food on the grill plate. 


There are three parts to this grill. One is the ceramic-coated grill plate which grills your meals. The other middle part is a ceramic-coated drip pan that cools down the grease dropped. And the third part is the burn-proof base of the grill. 

There is a temperature controller with a metal rode connector.

  • Produce less smoke
  • Have a temperature dial with four settings
  • Portable grill with a 4.9-pound lightweight
  • Removable grill plate and drip tray for easy cleaning
  • Washable in dishwasher
  • Though easy to clean but takes time to clean up
  • The non-stick surfaces can wear out


Gotham smokeless grill helps you enjoy your foods, including meats, veggies, kabobs, burgers, and barbecues. It is portable so you can carry it anywhere whether for camping or barbecue party with your friends. This grill is very easy to use and clean. The claim that it is a smokeless grill does not make sense; however, they can claim it is a less smoky grill because it produces some smoke while cooing. Furthermore, people that it burns their food. It might happen, but not with all. Overall it is a good grill for those lovers of grilled food.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this grill have a fan to take in the smoke?

This grill does not have a fan to take in the smoke. However, it has a ceramic-coated drip pan that cools down the fate and oil to prevent it from generating more smoke. 


Is it easy to clean?

Yes, it is easy to clean. All the parts of the grill are detachable. That’s why cleaning is not an issue. The dishwasher is also helpful for easy cleaning the grill. However, manual washing takes time. 

Does it have a lid to cover it? 

No, it does not have a lid to cover. 

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