Guide To BBQ Paneer Tikka

If you like spicy and bbq food, you must have come across the famous dish of paneer tikka and if you are Indian, then there is no chance that you don’t love it.

Paneer tikka is an Indian cuisine and very famous for its taste. It is Indian cottage cheese in a cubic shape.

Paneer tikka is a very nice alternative to chicken tikka and is very tasty when you eat it. The dish is cooked with several cubes of paneer being marinated and cooked in a traditional way of preparing it in tandoor.


Why People Love This Dish

There are several reasons to say that why people tend to like paneer tikka, many are fans of this dish.

Easy Cooking

This cuisine is very easy to cook and marinate. Just marinate it and put it in a tandoor or oven to prepare not to take so much effort to be prepared.


Gluten-Free And Vegetarian 

The dish is also vegetarian, so no worry to any vegetarians out there. People also love it because it is healthy and it is gluten-free also.


Potluck Dish And Best For Bbq

Paneer tikka is very tasty when eaten as bbq food, but apart from this, many guests prefer to have paneer, and it is also a potluck cuisine that is mainly hosted by the host if you visit someone, especially in India.



If you are going to prepare this cuisine, these are the ingredients you will be in need of.

First of all, you must have bell peppers, onions, and paneer itself. Moving on, slice the bell peppers and onion and turn them into chunks of around 2 inches. Apart from these essential ingredients, tandoori masala, yogurt, minced ginger garlic paste, serrano peppers, and salt.



These all mentioned above ingredients will be used for marinating purposes. Let’s start discussing it; at first, put yogurt into the empty bowl you are carrying, then add chopped serrano peppers and ginger garlic in it, oil, and also try to include turmeric powder into the bowl as it gives a great taste and is very healthy. And in the last add crushed kasoori methi and tandoori masala in it.

Also don’t forget to add salt and black pepper to it as it gives a great taste.


How To Prepare It In The Oven 


Start to string the veggies and paneer on the other side of bamboo sticks. Before starting to string, preheat the broiler at 240 degrees celsius or 460 degrees fahrenheit for 20 minutes.

Utilize just the top warming component while preheating as well as barbecuing. Drench or flush the bamboo sticks prior to stringing.

Put them on a plate fixed with aluminum foil or material paper.

Brush it well with some amount of oil everywhere.

Put the plate on the top and barbecue in the preheated broiler for 10 minutes at 230 degrees celsius.

One time again, you have to place it on the top rack in the oven and let it cook for further few minutes till the time you notice that the corners of the paneer are turned slightly into a golden texture. Keep in mind not to grill it for too long; else, you will be left with hard paneer to eat, which will be taste-destroying.

Extra Tips 

  • If you wanna hear the expert’s suggestion for you, then it is that you should marinate your paneer for a couple of hours, say three, and put it in the fridge. If i talk about myself, then marinate your paneer overnight, as the longer, it is marinated and put in that condition, the more it becomes flavorful. The experts also give tips for marinating it overnight.
  • You can use any type of vegetable which you like so.
  • Brush your paneer and marinate the paneer with oil nicely; otherwise, they will become dry, and the taste will be ruined. The paneer shapes and veggies are additionally brushed with oil to stay away from them becoming dry.


Final Words

 In last, i would end this article with the words that paneer tikka is a very tasty food which one should try once in a while, and it has many advantages as we mentioned above that why people tend to like this cuisine. In this article, we have covered how to marinate it, how to cook it, and the ingredient and have given some extra tips which you can follow to make your paneer tikka much tastier.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can homemade paneer be used for this dish?

Yes, you can, but the reason for using the store-bought paneer is that it is firm in nature and texture and does not fall apart easily, which many of the time homemade paneer does.


Ways to store the leftover

You can use your fridge to store the leftover and cool it down.


Is it healthy for us to eat the paneer as grilled? 

This cuisine, or i would rather say paneer is full of protein and calcium, which are important components for making your bones and teeth strong. Many people who love to be fit are fans and lovers of this cottage cheese dish.


How can we make the skewers for paneer tikka?

Soak the bamboo sticks in water during the process when you are marinating the bell peppers and paneer. The moment you end up with your marinating process put the onions and paneer into the skewers, and you are all set to go.


A suggestion while organizing the sticks is to begin with, the pepper and onion, trailed by the paneer, and end it with pepper too. This will forestall paneer from streaming out while barbecuing.

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