Hanger Steak Vs Skirt Steak

Many of the people out there enjoy beef steaks and different parts of beef like new york strip and chuck eye. Hanger and skirt are also the steaks and part of the beef portion, which are mostly leftover cuts and are commonly consumed by butchers. Many people don’t prefer to buy them, but when they are seared and cooked well, they are unbeatable in taste. Both can be very tenderized and tasty to use. As a matter of fact, both steaks are cut from the same portion of beef and are very much similar in nature. So here in this article, we will try to know the difference between these two steaks, which are the same but actually different.

Hanger Steaks

The hanger steak got its name from the fact that it hangs from the diaphragm part of the cow, which is alongside to belly lower section. This part of the meat just hangs by the kidney all time, having no work to do, which makes it so much tender part of the beef.


This portion of meat is of lean cut but has a rich beefy taste and flavor as it is a lean cut, which makes it not that tasty and full of flavors like ribeyes and chuck eye but still consist of many flavors. It is very tender in nature.


Hanger steak is very nice when cooked well. The procedure of cooking it is somehow like a quick way. The appreciable way is to swiftly place the steak over a high heat temperature or over the high heated grill or fry pan. This process gives you the best result among all other ways.

You can also prepare the hanger steak by cooking it slowly, but this method is not widely used, marinade the meat with salt to have a good tender experience. Sometimes the steak becomes very chewier: it is because you may have overcooked it, which had made it that much chewie. Give the steak a rest of 15 minutes when you are done cooking it. This rest will allow the juice to reach every part of the meat.

Skirt Steak

This steak is extracted from the plate portion of beef and is obtained in two pieces. The area of cuts is around 24-28 inches long and is flat on the surface. One is known as an outside skirt, and another one is known as an inside skirt steak. One of the cuts, the outside one, consists of the membrane, which must be eliminated before using it. This steak is very good and tasty and very similar to hanger steak.


If we talk about the taste of skirt steak so no doubt it is very beefy in flavor and chewier and also consists of great flavor when consumed. The steak is less marbled and is also a lean cut like hanger steak, which makes it also less flavorful compared to other steaks like rib eye and New York steak.


Like any other steak, the best way to cook and prepare this steak is by placing it over the hot and heated grilling grates or on a frying pan. It is not recommended to cook it on medium-rare. Bear in mind that the taste of the steak is fully dependent on its inner temperature. We will also suggest you for using a thermometer to frequently check the temperature of the steak. Steak must be juicy and tender, just like hanger steak. Give this steak also rest for around 10 minutes after it is cooked.

Differences In Them 

Shape Of The Steak

The difference between them can be far seen by their shapes and size. The hanger steak can be seen as thinner than the skirt steak, but it consists of much more girth than the skirt steak. The skirt steak can go up to 24-28 inches in length, while the hanger steak measures around 8-9 inches in length but got a considerable girth the skirt.

Size Of The Steak

Hanger and skirt steaks come in a different number of cuts from the cow. Skirt steak comes in two parts, as mentioned above, while the hanger comes as a single-cut piece. Skirt steaks are also somehow heavier and larger in size than a hanger, and skirt steak weighs around 2-2.5 pounds, while the hanger weighs only around 1 pound and is smaller in size compared to skirt steak.

Preparation And Cooking

Hanger muscle is less tough than skirt as skirt muscle gets some extra work in cows’ life than hanger muscle which just hangs all the time.

Skirt steak requires a different way of marinating; you have to marinate it for around 2 hours before you start to cook it. And if we talk about hanger steak, it will also be very helpful if we marinate it or else just use salt and pepper and start to season it well, and then just cook it on a high heated grilling grate.

Final Words

So coming to a conclusion, i would say both of the cuts have their own capabilities and bright sides to being chosen and are not that much different from each other in taste or size, but then people prefer, and what our experts say is skirt steak is somehow better than hanger because of the large fat amount and the fact that it is much tender than the hanger.

I hope this article helped and guided you well to getting the knowledge you were seeking to have.

Frequently Asked Question

Is hanger steak better than skirt steak or not

Hanger steak is a very good choice for consumption instead of skirt steak, but the skirt steak is much preferable to utilize as it contains much fat than the hanger, so this thing makes the skirt steak tenderer and is also much more flavorful than the hanger and also makes it juicy.

Which is a tenderer cut?

The skirt cut is tenderer than the hanger cut as it contains more fat than the hanger.

From where hanger steak is taken out

The hanger steak is taken out from the belly portion near the stomach. This part is all-time hanging which ultimately gave it the name of hanger steak.

What is the difference between the hanger and skirt steak

The main difference between the hanger and skirt steak is in size, cooking, and shape. The hanger is small in size, around 6 inches in length but consists of much girth, while the skirt steak is 24 inches long and is thinner than the hanger; the hanger comes in a single piece of cut while the skirt steak comes in two pieces. 

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