How Can You Grill Wagyu Steak

You will find meat lovers everywhere. Some will be loving ribeye and some the new york strip, while from that circle, you will find a great number of people demanding Wagyu steaks. This steak is magnificent in taste, and you will find hardly any better-marbled steak than this. This Wagyu term is connected with the breeds of cows from japan from which these steaks are taken out. Consisting of the great amount of fat and meat, this texture adds a significant flavour and taste to the meat when it is consumed.


Here in this article, we will tell you about the Wagyu steak pre-grilling techniques, how you can grill it, the other procedures you have to follow, and our suggestions and extra tips. So without any further ado, let’s jump into the writing.


Pre-Grilling Seasoning 

Good seasoning is very important for a better-grilled steak as it delivers a great taste and flavour in it. You have to season it nicely three to four hours prior to grilling as it gradually penetrates the seasoning taste and flavour deep into the meat so that when you consume it, you feel the spice and flavour of the seasoning. Use salt, pepper, and natural oils; for this activity, use a bowl for it. Re-toast it after half an hour or an hour, and then place the seasoned meat into the fridge.

Take out the seasoned steaks you had put into the fridge an hour prior to grilling so that the meat can reach room temperature for better grilling. When the meat is directly taken out from the fridge and placed on the grates for grilling, the outer meat surface is cooked well then, but the inner meat does not reach the cooking temperature, and so the inner portion remains un-cooked throughout the time. So it is better and advised to just take the meat out of the fridge one hour before grilling it so that it can reach room temperature.


Grilling The Wagyu 

Now here comes the interesting part of the article. Grilling the Wagyu steak is fun, and you enjoy it doing the grilling. At first, the most important thing is hygiene, so you have to clean the grates of the griddle nicely so that the bacteria which might be sitting there can be killed, for that apply oil on onions one side like on the hemisphere of the onion and rub it nicely over the grates this will kill the germs and bacteria. Then apply a little oil over the grates with the help of a brush, and now the main thing is to preheat the grill up to 500 Fahrenheit.


Moving on, until the time grill is being heated up, check the meat you have seasoned, whether it is nicely seasoned or not; if you feel that the salt and pepper are less used, then add some of the quantity and season it again for a while. Place the steak over the grilling grates once the grill has reached the temperature of 500 Fahrenheit; close the lid of the barbecue and wait for 5-6 minutes to let the steak get cooked. During this process, go prepare your plates and table for the meat, which is going to melt in your mouth and will satisfy you with its great flavour and juice.


Moreover, after 5-6 minutes, go and flip the lid, let some smoke go outside and then again close it for again 5-6 minutes and let it cook. After cooking it for overall 10-12 minutes, open the lid and take out the steak from there and place it on the plates or on any dish you wish to. But remember to let it rest for about 8 minutes or 10 minutes so that you can enjoy its juicy flavour, which during the rest it extracts from inside when you cut it into a number of slices.


Suggestions And Tips

  • Season it 3 to 4 hours before grilling so that a great taste and flavour can be infused in it.
  • We will also recommend doing check the meat when you preheat the grill, as if the meat is seasoned nicely or whether salt is needed in it.
  • Clean the grates for hygiene purposes.
  • Use natural oil for grilling and seasoning.
  • When done with grilling, give it a rest for around 10 minutes so that the steak can show you its juice.
  • Cut the steak into small slices for consumption. The steak is full textured and rich in fat, so it will taste like consuming butter when you don’t slice it. After slicing, eat it nicely and enjoy the evening.

These all things are mentioned above but are very important to remember, for that do read them again carefully.


Final Verdict

Wagyu steak is like a heavenly juice-filled meat piece in your mouth when you eat it. You will not find any other steak like it in the whole world, which is full of fat in and out, well-marbled, and rich in flavour.

So in last, I would say one should consume this steak anyhow in their life, as if you have missed its taste then I don’t think you have eaten anything. I hope that this article was helpful for you and gave you what you wanted to know about the Wagyu steak. Thanks.


Frequently Asked Question

How to cook Wagyu steak nicely

At first season the Wagyu steak nicely 4 hours before cooking, and then put it in the fridge. After that, preheat the grill to 500 Fahrenheit and then place the steak on the grates ( remember to take the steak out of the fridge half an hour before grilling so that it can reach room temperature), and then close the lid and wait for 10 minutes so that it can cook nicely.


What is the best way to serve the Wagyu steak

When you are complete cooking it, give it a rest of around 5-8 minutes so that it can extract its juice. Moreover, cut the steak into slices to eat it nicely as the Wagyu is rich in fat, and so it will taste like you are eating butter, so slicing it will deliver a great taste and experience.


How long does it take to cook the Wagyu steak

It takes around 10-15 minutes to season it nicely 4 hours before you cook it. The cooking time is almost around 5-8 minutes overall. 

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