How Long Do You Cook Deer Sausage On The Grill? Detailed Guide

If you are looking for how to cook a perfect deer sausage, you are on the right page. Cooking deer sausage is simple. Often, in our gatherings with family or friends, we try to make our gatherings memorable. Without the tastiest food cooked by ourselves, the magnitude of satisfying pleasure is unnoticeable. To have a wonderful and splendid memory, we are here to guide you in the best possible way.

Of all the sausages, deer sausage is the healthiest and tastiest. Savory deer meat sausage or venison sausage is only available if you know a hunter or live in an area that sells deer meat. Most people like it due to its unique way of cooking. It is very energetic. You must have a deer sausage for at least a week to fulfill your daily energy requirement. We are guiding a different deer sausage cooking method and recommending it for different occasions. You will be satisfied after reading this passage about cooking sausages.

Grilling On Barbecue Grills

Grilling a deer sausage is very easy. It would help you decide whether you use an oven or charcoal for grilling. Suppose you are grilling on a barbecue grill. Collect some charcoal, and burn the charcoal. Often, it isn’t easy to burn easily. So, it would help if you had some combustible things like petrol, etc., but the explosive on the charcoal would start burning. Wait until the charcoal stops emitting a cloud of black smoke. Black smoke is unhealthy. Put the deer sausage after the charcoal and stop emitting black smoke. Grilling sausage on a barbecue grill takes 10 to 20 minutes, depending on the heat waves. The required temp is 340 to 350F for your grill.

Due to the uncontrolled heat waves of charcoal, you need to turn the sausage frequently every 2 to 3 minutes; if not, it will burn the sausage. It would help if you had a meat thermometer to check the cooking time. Read the cooking temperature on the thermometer to check the doneness. If you are expert enough, while looking at the sausage, you can correctly guess whether the sausage is not.

Before grilling, make sure that your grills are washed or not. Put some olive oil on it to make the grill unstick for sausage; if not, it will stick to the grill.

Cooking Deer Sausage In The Oven

It is the most common and time-saving as compared to a barbecue setup. Preheat the sausage to 325 to 330 F. Then, put the sausage tray in the oven. Please place it in the oven for at least 15 minutes. Check for doneness after 15 to 20 minutes. Use a meat thermometer, and if the internal temperature reads 160 F, your sausage is ready to eat. It is best to have a routine deer sausage cooking plan inside your home.

Cooking in the Frying Pan

Heat the pan until it gets to a medium temperature. Put some daily used oil in the pan and shake the pan to spread the oil. Add one onion for every two sausages and stir well for 10 minutes to prevent the onion sticking to the pan. Cover the pan and let the sausage cook for more than 15 minutes for the right doneness. Check the doneness temperature after that. If the internal temperature is 160 F, it is ready for eating.

 If you don’t have a meat thermometer to check the doneness of the sausage, then by looking at the sausage (which will appear dark or golden brown), you can easily guess if it is cooked or not. For this, you have to be expert enough at cooking deer sausage. If the sausage’s required temperature and cooking timing are not fulfilled, then guessing only on the sausage’s color misguides you.

The thickness of the sausage required different cooking times and heating too. Heat can be compensated for, but time can’t be. Therefore, having a meat thermometer is necessary. You only need to check the internal temperature for doneness.


Cooking deer sausage is easy, as we have discussed above. What you need is an oven, frying pan, or barbecue grill. Cooking sausage in an oven and frying pan is very easy and time-consuming. While cooking in the oven, preheat until 300 to 325 F, then put the deer sausage in it and cook for up to 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the thickness of the sausage.

Now check the doneness with a meat thermometer. In the case of cooking in a frying pan, you need to heat the pan with oil, add some onion, stir well for 10 minutes, and then add the sausage. Cook for 15 to 20 minutes, depending on the thickness, and check the doneness with a thermometer.

Cooking on a barbecue grill is time-consuming as we first need to burn the charcoal, and then continuously pumping air to maintain the heat is exhausting. But the benefits are that it is full of fun, and due to the smoke of coal, the sausage is tastier than cooking in a frying pan or oven. It would help roll the sausage repeatedly due to the one-sided heat supply.

Your slight negligence may have led to the burning of the sausage. Again, make sure to use a meat thermometer to check the doneness. Following our tips, we are sure that you will have tasty and healthier food.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is undercooked sausage bad for your health?

Undercooking any type of food is bad for your health. Especially when you are cooking a slice of meat, there is a parasite named Trichinella which may cause abdominal pain, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and fever.

Is it necessary to cook venison sausage?

It is already cooked sausage. You do need to cook it again.

What are the benefits of cooking sausage on a barbecue grill?

Cooking sausage on a barbecue grill is time-consuming, but you have lots of fun. If you are on an outing with your friends or family, you can participate in cooking the sausage. Moreover, coal smoke and a robust heatwave make cooking on a barbecue grill more energetic and tastier than cooking in an oven or frying pan.

What demonstrates the little pink color of sausage?

The clear-cut answer is yes. There is no issue with the pink-colored sausage, and it is fine to eat. This is because most sausages are made up of minced meat, which results in the pink color.

What is the best way to check the doneness of your meat thermometer?

The doneness of the sausage can be checked while looking at the color of the sausage, which will appear black or dark brown. Relying only on the color may misguide you if you have not followed other steps properly: cooking time and temperature. After following all these steps, if the sausage appears dark brown or black, it is ready to eat.

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