How To Cut Tri Tip Steak | Detailed Guide

Tri-Tip is a triangular part of beef meat. “Tri” is named because of the piece’s tapered shape, which makes it a triangular. Tri-Tip is the unique cut that you have ever experienced. This article will explain how to cut tri-tip steak into slices with the grain direction.

If you cut the meat in the right way, it will increase the tenderness of every bite of the person who eats it. Unlike another cut of beef, tri-tip steak has a different procedure to cut it. Some cuts are needed to break them into small pieces; some need to be fat trimmed.

You can get the Tri-Tip already trimmed and sliced from the butcher. It is good to slice it by the butcher, but as it becomes expensive to purchase it, you can do this job yourself. 

You must correctly slice the meat with the grain direction as you have paid a decent amount of money to have that meat. Grain direction is the lines of fiber moving in the same path, looking at it in a focused way. When you start cutting the meat with a knife, you need to follow those fiber lines—this method of splicing results in chewier and tender. 

How to Mark Grain?

To make the grain more visible, start rubbing salt or pepper on the piece. When you are done cooking, you can still see the grain lines and start cutting them following those lines. We will not recommend you a dark rub or anything which fades the grains, and it will be difficult to cut with the grain.   

Use toothpicks to indicate the grain lines, and they will help you invisibility of direction. Be careful not to pull toothpicks off before serving them with the food.

When you look at the grains after cooking, some lines become invisible. To avoid this, use your mobile camera and capture the image of the piece from top to bottom. It helps you remind yourself of where the piece should be sliced.

How to slice Tri Tip? – Step by Step

Before starting to cut, you must understand the grain and how the grain is moving through the muscles. If you look at the meat, the shorter side of the piece often has vertical lines. In the same way, you need to identify the grain direction of both sides. Once you understand the grain directions, start following the steps below

  1. First of all, carefully trim the fat cap off if there is any. 
  2. Find the point where two grains meet. 
  3. Cut the roast in half vertically.
  4. Take the long half and rotate it around 30 degrees. 
  5. Start slicing by following the grains from the uncut side. 
  6. Keep cutting the thin slices till you are done with the piece. 
  7. Take the other piece and put it so that the lines follow the knife. 
  8. Repeat the sixth point. 

It would help if you analyzed the piece with the grain before you started cutting. For example, how thin or how thick you need the slices. For example, you often need thin slices of meat for sandwich meat.    

Characteristics of the Tri-Tip

  • A Triangular shaped cut of beef
  • It weighs from 1.2 lbs. to 2.5 lbs.
  • Two grain directions in a single cut
  • It is served by the specialized butchers
  • When compared to other cuts, they are lower in fat
  • They are very chewy and tender with a tasty flavor

Should the Tri Tip sliced before or after the cook?

People often get confused about whether it is sliced before or after the cooking. They can do it in both ways. Most people recommend it to slice after cooking it because it becomes easy to cut with a knife. Right after the meat is cooked, put it to rest for fifteen to twenty minutes so that the fiber directions get joined naturally. Start cutting them, as they will become easy to cut because of the cooking, resulting in softness.

What tools are required to cut Tri Tip?

  • A sharp knife and a fork
  • Cutting board
  • A Platter to serve

Final Thoughts

Cut Tri-Tip by following the procedure will enhance the attractiveness of the recipe. For this unique cut of tri-tip, it is important to understand the directions of the grain. Proper cuts will design natural pieces of the meat that will be delicious and easy to eat. 

Like Tri-Tip, there are other cuts, which are cut by following the grains. There are benefits of cutting the meat by following the fiber directions. By following the above procedure in the pieces of meat following the fiber lines, you can make delicious recipes by learning how to cut the meat with grain. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is Tri Tip good to grill?

Yes, you can also grill the Tri-Tip. It can be grilled; it doesn’t need any special procedures. After grilling it, you can easily cut the meat by fork or knife because of its softness.

What is the difference between brisket and Tri-Tip?

Cut of brisket is taken from the front of the animal, and the back sirloin of the animal takes Tri Tip. Because of different placements don’t do not taste same. They have different textures and tastes; they also have different prices. 

Is the Tri-Tip cut recipe healthy?

Tri-Tip cut recipe lies in the healthy food. Tri-Tip provides Protein, Zinc, Iron, choline, and phosphorus. Together with this, it provides a good amount of B6 and B12 vitamins. Moreover, Tri-Tip cut lies in the lean diet categories. 

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