How to fix Traeger error codes (LEr, HEr, ERR, ER1, ER2)?

Have you ever been puzzled by a sudden stoppage of your Traeger smoker grill? Such a scenario, of course, spoils your preparation for the upcoming party with your loved ones.

Thus, if you ever face problems when your Traeger pellet grill displays a warning on its display screen, we have you covered. In this post, you are going to learn what these error codes are and how to fix them without getting help from customer support in the first place.

After reading this article, you will be able to recognize those error codes and will be able to resolve those problems by yourself within minutes to let not these errors damage the preparations for the gatherings.

Read it until the end, and become a Traeger grill pro!

Traeger error codes:

Some standard error codes you may encounter if you are fond of grilling, roasting meat, vegetables, fish, and other things on your Traeger smoker grill are LEr, HEr, ERR, ER1, and ER2.

A detailed discussion is provided below related to these Traeger error codes.

Low-temperature error (LEr):

The first kind of issue that you may face is when the temperature of your Traeger pellet grill remains below 125 degrees Fahrenheit for ten minutes. You receive a message showing LEr on the Traeger grill’s display screen.

Causes of LEr:

  • The quality of the wood pellets may not be satisfactory; the pellets may contain moisture that can cause LEr.
  • Your Traeger hopper may have run out of pellets, which may cause the shutdown of the Traeger grill.
  • Your firepot may be dirty, and it may contain debris that is causing LEr.
  • You may have loaded more than sufficient food on the grill’s grates or racks, which may have caused an uneven distribution of heat throughout the food inside the grill, and the meat’s internal temperature is not increasing.
  • Bad weather conditions and freezing weather can cause LEr issues.
  • The Traeger pellet grill contains a fan responsible for transmitting heat throughout the grill. If your induction fan is not working, it can cause LEr.

Fixing LEr:

If you have any of the given scenarios, you must take the following measures.

  • Wood pellets are responsible for grilling and cooking the meat you wish to make. If the quality of the wood pellets is substandard, then you need to change—your shop from where you purchase wood pellets. Traeger itself provides high-quality wood pellets, and they are recommended to use.
  • You must ensure the availability of good wood pellets in reserve, and after every hour, check the hopper for the remaining quantity of wood pellets.
  • Before you grill or smoke your food, you must ensure that everything is clean; your firepot may be dirty, causing the flames not to be that effective. Thus, it would be best if you cleaned the debris from the firepot before you started smoking.
  • Look, you need to learn how many slices of food you will place on the racks inside the grill. Check the manual you get with the grill and stop overloading the shelves; it also causes the temperature to fall to low levels.
  • If you are using your Traeger pellet grill in cold weather, this causes a LEr issue. Because heat transmits, thus outside cold weather causes the internal temperature to go outside. This may also happen that you mistakenly left the lid of the pellet grill opened, which causes heat to move out. Therefore, you need a Traeger cover that provides insulation from harsh cold weather.
  • Pellet grills contain fat that transmits the heat; if your fan stops working, the meat is not receiving the heat. Thus, you need to switch the grill, pull out the ashtray and examine this issue. Here, try to move the fan yourself; if this does not work out, seek customer support help.

High-temperature error (HEr):

While using the Traeger pellet grill, you can also encounter a situation where the temperature of the Traeger smoker grill goes past 450 degrees Fahrenheit for more than 45 seconds. In this situation, the grill controller shuts the auger motor, which feeds the pellet from the hopper into the firepot. Moreover, the cooling fan inside the grill starts to cool down.

The auger runs for two minutes to consume the remaining wood pellets in the firepot when the grill temperature falls below 450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Causes of HEr:

There may be the following possible causes when you encounter such a situation.

  • The wrong way of shutting the grill down after using it
  • The controller and the meat probe may not be working correctly.
  • Grease, ash, and sawdust might have accumulated in the ashtray, which may cause HEr. Accumulated grease on the grease tray causes flare-ups that create heat.

Fixing HEr:

If you recognize the following causes, it’s time to act appropriately; otherwise, you may lose your meat inside the grill. Thus, you need to do the following things.

  • You need to learn this: if you cook at temperatures around 350 to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, you are not supposed to turn the grill off altogether because this causes the temperature to shoot up. First, lower the temperature to around 225 degrees Fahrenheit, then shut the grill down after 7 to 10 minutes.
  • Check the quality of your wood pellets; often, substandard wood pellets cause uneven heat distribution, resulting in HEr.
  • Clean the ashtray, check the firepot and remove any accumulated sawdust ash.
  • If the wood pellets are fine, everything is clean; the temperature detector is malfunctioning; you need to mend this issue by replacing the thermometer or calling Traeger customer service for further guidance.

Traeger ERR:

You can also have to read the message that your Traeger smoker grill displays on the control panel. It happens when the RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) probe fails to function. In simple terms, when your meat probe is responsible for detecting the temperature of the meat inside the grill.

Fixing ERR:

If you encounter this issue, first check the meat probe and its wiring to see if something is loose. Otherwise, get ready to order a new RTD probe to ensure Traeger grill recipes as soon as possible on your Traeger grill.

Traeger ER1:

You see this code on the display panel when the connection between the RTD probe and the controller breaks, possibly because the wiring is loose.

Thus, you first need to unplug the Traeger grill, then check out the two wires that go out from the control panel towards the RTD probe; if you find that the screws need to be tightened further, do otherwise seek Traeger customer service.

Traeger ER2:

Another scenario can also happen when the RTD probe stops functioning. This occurs when the connection between the controller and the RTD probe breaks. Thus, the controller cannot supply power to the RTD probe; you will receive such a message.

Fixing ER2:

In the first place, you need to call a technician from the Traeger team. If you believe you can do this independently, start by following the given steps.

  • Please turn off the Traeger grill, and let it cool down for some minutes.
  • Check the wire connection between the RTD probe and the controller.
  • Next, try to find any breakage in the wiring that goes from the probe toward the green housing box of the controller.
  • If you find fault, replace the Traeger temperature probe; if the problem still exists, replace the controller.
  • If nothing works out, call the technician.

I hope this post will help you to find all the errors and its fixation.

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