How to grill the perfect steak? Tips and tricks

Do you want to gain mastery of your grill by having a portfolio of making different kinds of recipes? In this post, you will learn how to master the grilling of a perfect steak. Moreover, you will have a chance to mesmerize your loved ones with your cooking skills.

Thus, read this post so that you know how to choose a cut of meat for grilling a steak and what steps you must follow to grill a delicious, mouth-watering steak.

Instructions for grilling a perfect steak:

You must follow the guidelines to make your dinners a pleasant experience by learning how to grill a steak.

Choosing an ideal cut of meat:

Whether you choose a rib-eye, a flank, sirloin, or T-bone steak, you have to apply the following steps for choosing a steak. When you go to a butcher shop, the first thing you need to check is the freshness of the meat; fresh meat helps you have a nice and juicy steak. Then, you must be clear in your mind whether you need a cut that cooks quickly and is not that expensive, like a flank steak; otherwise, you may also opt for a costly and luxurious meat cut like filet mignon. You can also opt for a boneless or one that contains bone. Whichever way you choose, you need to ensure that your meat is fresh, tender, and thick.

Adjust it to the room temperature:

You don’t need to be in a hurry after purchasing a steak. Wait for a while so that the cut of the meat attains room temperature. It is essential because seasoning won’t be that effective if you season the steak without letting it get to room temperature.


Before placing the steak on the grill, the next step is to season the meat with sea salt and fresh black pepper. You need to apply salt and pepper on both sides of the meat. Subsequently, after strengthening the grill, you are on your way to cooking steak on the grill.

Clean and preheat the grill:

You must clean your grill perfectly. It is at that stage where most people lack knowledge and lose a chance of grilling a perfect steak. Check the grease on the grates and in the grease tray.

Please take out the grease tray of your grill, and wash it neat and clean. Then, brush the grates to remove the sticky material and any oil that stuck to the grates while grilling the meat.

The next step is to preheat the grill and heat it to a high temperature, around 550 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, before placing the meat cut on the cooking grates.

Start grilling the steak:

After preheating the grates for a few minutes, apply some oil to the meat and a small amount of oil to the cooking grates before cooking the steak on the grill. Here, you must be limited while applying oil on the meat and grates since the meat cut also contains enough fat, which usually starts sticking on the grates after a few minutes. Usually, people use avocado or grapeseed oil. However, you can use any cooking oil; more specifically, it depends on which type of oil you need to apply to the steak.

After putting the steak on the grill, heat the bottom for around eleven minutes, and then both sides of the meat for the same eleven minutes.

The important thing you need to keep in mind here is that you need to apply a mid-temperature of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. You also need to ensure that since, while preheating, you use a high temperature to the grates, you lower the grill’s temperature after placing the steak on the grill.

Overall, you need to cook the steak for 22 minutes to ensure even grilling of all sides of the steak.

After that, do not hurry in cutting the meat into pieces; you can lose all the juice while doing that; hence, after putting the steak off the grill, you need to wait for around seven to eight minutes. It is essential because, this way, you will have a tender steak, which would have gotten hard like a bone. Then, slice off the bone and enjoy serving the steak.

Final remarks:

It’s a desire of every family, of a lovely couple, that when their loved ones have dinner with them, they must be served with the best recipes they can cook in their own home.

Thus, to impress your relatives and friends with your cooking skills, we have presented a detailed guideline on how you can grill the steak on your grill so that you can decorate your dining table with a wood-flavored, mouth-watering, tender steak!

We first discussed that you need a piece of meat about 1 to 1.5 inches thick. Then, you need to apply sea salt along with black pepper. Before putting the steak on the grill, apply a layer of oil; it depends on which kind of oil is ideal for you.

Next, you need to preheat the grill, brush the grates, and clean the grill. Further, adjust the temperature to a medium level of 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, grill the steak for 22 minutes. Let the steak cool down and decorate it on the serving platter. Enjoy a perfectly juicy steak!

Our sole purpose is to help you make your dinners lovely with a touch of perfectly grilled steaks. Follow the guidelines, and make your dinners memorable!

 Frequently asked questions:

 How to grill steaks on a gas grill?

Grilling steaks on a gas grill is easy. Follow the general guidelines like using a fresh cut of meat, seasoning the meat, cleaning the grill, and preheating the grill at high temperatures to brush the grease and other particles off the grates quickly. After that, put the steak on the grate, and cook all the sides evenly for 22 minutes. Your grilled steak is ready; enjoy the service!


How long  to grill steak?

Usually, you have to grill the steak for 22 minutes, examining all the sides of the cut. It is essential to remember that preheating the grill, which is around 15 minutes, is not included in these 22 minutes.

What is the ideal steak grill time?

Well! It depends on the consistency and quality of your grill. However, in most cases, for preheating, you have to give a high temperature, around 600 degrees Fahrenheit. At the same time, while grilling the steak, you need to lower the temperature to 120 to 150 degrees Fahrenheit.

What is the ideal way to season steak for grilling?

Seasoning of steak is simple. You must ensure the availability of salt and black pepper. After bringing the meat into your home, wait for a while unless the meat attains room temperature. Then apply salt and pepper to the whole meat cut. This is how you season the steak.

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