How To Smoke Your Beef Brisket On A Pit Boss Pellet Grill. (Flat Brisket)

Everyone loves grilled meat. Some like to have a ribeye, while many love to consume the flat brisket. Grilling and smoking brisket is no quick job. You have to be patient enough to face the preparation duration that it takes. It is normally cooked and finished smoking after a long hour procedure, but believe me, in the end, it is worth waiting; you will love to have it. This article will discuss how we can smoke and cook brisket on a pit boss pellet grill. So let’s start with the topic.


First: What Is Flat Brisket 

The brisket cut is taken from the pictorial muscles of the cow. It comprises two kinds of cuts. One is point brisket which contains a high-fat level and is fattier, and point cut is rich in marbling which ultimately gives it a flavorful taste. Moreover, the second cut is known as flat brisket cut, which does not contain high-fat volume and is lean cut in a much rectangular shape. It takes hours to prepare it because flat brisket is a full muscle part meat cut. Here in this article, we will be talking about this flat cut.


Second: Preparation Of The Brisket 

The preparation mostly comprises trimming the meat, coating it with salt, and seasoning it with other flavorful spices. This process is carried out on both flat and point brisket.


The trimming process consists of eliminating the extra fat on the meat surface. Elevating the extra fat from the meat surface makes the cut less thick and allows the smoke to go in and penetrate well into your flat cut, which will create a dark brownish texture and smoky flavour in your meal.

Salt Coating 

You should know that flat brisket is a muscular part of the meat and is very hard. You have to tenderize it well. For this, do the overnight process of coating your brisket with salt nicely, put it in a paper bag or something and let it rest for a night in a refrigerator so that it can be ready for consumption.

Other Spices

Other than the above seasoning it with salt, you can also season it with any kind of spices but do insert kosher salt, which is preferred. Furthermore, the amount of spices depends on the size of the meat cut you are having.


Third: Smoking The Meat

This section will cover some of the points or different requirements which you will be going through.

Pit Boss Pellet Grill

A Pellet grill is preferably best suited for cooking and smoking the brisket, and in the pellet grill category: the pit boss pellet grill is what we will recommend to you. Pit boss comes with its fascinating p setting, which helps you to just sit and wait rest of all work is done by the grill itself.

Other Things Required 

  • A meat thermometer is suggested to you for having it so that you can check the internal temperature nicely.
  • Aluminum foil
  • Gloves
  • Mesquites; hardwood pellets


Smoking The Brisket On The Pit Boss Pellet Grill

After equipping yourself with all of this, cook your meat at around 250 F. Keep in mind to heat your grill consistently at around 250 F throughout the process; thanks to the Wi-Fi system in pit boss, it helps you to manage the temperature through your smartphone.

Importantly, set your pit boss setting to its factory default setting of p4, which is very efficient in giving you a smoky flavour. You can also set it to your desire; the less grill is being heated and given rest, the more smoke will be penetrating into the meat.

The whole preparation process takes around 10-15 hours, where you cook and smoke it for 9-10 hours straight so that the meat can catch the smoke flavour nicely.

Moreover, you must be having meat thermometer; it will help you very much by letting you know the internal temperature that whether or not your meal is ready, so carry a good quality meat thermometer.

At last, keep checking the internal temperature with the help of a thermometer, and when you see the internal temperature has reached 205 or 210, then just simply remove the brisket from the grill and give it a rest for some time for around 60 minutes, it will help the meat to be cooked perfectly. And here you have your perfectly cooked and smoked.

You can serve it by slicing the brisket nicely. This will reflect a great brownish look and will create a crazy hunger in you for the meat.


Final Verdict

In last, cooking and smoking brisket cut is not complex even if you search for some of the information or know a little bit about cooking it, you can prepare it nicely. Furthermore, using the pit boss pellet grill makes it even simple to cook and smoke it through your mobile phone and just set the grill on its smoking setting. However, it takes a lot of time, we can say. But still, it is worth waiting and cooking; you will enjoy the taste. With that, we hope you got the knowledge which you were seeking. Thanks, and do tell us your suggestions in the comment sections.


Frequently Asked Questions

If I don’t have a pellet grill, can I smoke and cook

Yes, if you are not having a pellet grill for cooking and smoking your brisket cut, then you can use a charcoal grill. A charcoal grill is also very effective in smoking the meat well.

Which pellet grill should I use 

There are a number of firms and companies that offer different types of pellet grills in a very attractive look. But we will suggest and recommend the pit boss pellet grill because of its p setting and different technological offerings. It is also very reliable and durable. Moreover, the pit boss pellet grill offers a great smoking experience which we don’t think you can find in any other barbecue.

How can I cook and smoke my brisket well

Well, cooking and smoking a brisket is very easy but time-consuming. Trim the meat a night before preparation and cover the brisket with salt, or season it well with any spices you like and put it in a refrigerator. Take it out the next day and give it a rest to reach room temperature, and place it over the grilling greats at around 2500f temperature. Set the pit boss grill setting to the factory default of p4; when the internal temperature reaches 205 F, remove it from the grill, and you have your well-cooked and smoked brisket ready.

Should I cook it fat side up or down

You should be cooking it fat side down

In what pit boss setting should I be cooking and smoking my brisket

Put your pit boss pellet grill on its factory default setting of p4; it will give you a great taste of smoke, and the meat will also be cooked well and juicy.

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