Inkbird Wi-Fi Grill Meat Thermometer IBBQ-4T with 4 Colored Probes Review

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You might have seen that most of the grills have their thermometer on the dome of their lid but not on the top of the grill. The temperature on the top of the grill is different than the temperature on the top of the lid. So these build-in thermometers may mislead you while cooking and can affect the taste of your food. Furthermore, you have to be there physically every time to monitor BBQs.

For easy and accurate temperature monitoring, Inkbird WiFi Grill Meat Thermometer IBBQ-4T is one of the best grill thermometers devices with four colored grill probes. This device provides a WiFi connection for wireless control, an alarm system to alert you, and the temperature calibration and temperature record for your safety. This device is mostly used in the cooking context, i.e., grill, oven, and BBQ. You can control this grill thermometer on your iPhone or android mobile phone.

Features and specifications of Inkbird Wi-Fi Grill Meat Thermometer IBBQ-4T

Wi-Fi connection and App

IBBQ-4T is controlled via an Inkbird Pro app installed on either iPhone or Android phone with the support of a Wi-Fi connection. This device supports only 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi. The good thing about this food grill thermometer is that it has a Wi-Fi connection option which gives it a wide range of connections. Bluetooth devices have a very short range and very poor performance.

The Inkbird pro app helps you to control, manage and monitor the temperatures of each on your smartphone from anywhere at any time. 

More than one person can connect with the same IBBQ-4T, and similarly, you can connect one phone with more IBBQ-4t. 

If you have other Inkbird devices, you can connect them to this app.

Four colored grill probes 

Four grill probes with different colors are easy to identify on two ends. These probes are dipped into the barbecue to keep an eye on it on your mobile screen. Each probe has its own space on the thermometer screen showing the temperatures. 

Alarm Trigger 

Set high or low temperatures on your device. Once it reaches that temperature, your device triggers a notification to your connected mobile phone, and it alarms. This way, it is a safety for you as well.

Temperature Records 

If you want to download the temperature graphs, you can download them through the Inkbird APP, where data loss is threatened. 

Battery Power

This food grill thermometer device has a long-lasting, powerful 2000mAh lithium battery. It lasts almost 26 hours once it is fully charged. The battery is very powerful. You need not replace the battery anymore. There is a C-type USB port for charging the device. 

Magnetic Surface 

The magnetic design of this food grill thermometer is very user-friendly. We can place the device on the metal surface of appliances. For example, you can place it in one fridge, oven, and grill. Due to the magnetic field, it adsorbs on the metal surface. 

Backlight design

Backlight helps you to check the temperature at night time. It is how this device is a user-friendly device. 

  • It Connects with Wi-Fi
  • Have a long-lasting 2000mAh battery
  • Connected with mobile to monitor from anywhere
  • Free us for multitasking
  • Gives accurate measures
  • Wi-Fi connection gives wide rang
  • Delay in-unit connecting to the internet and app connecting to the app


Above all, this Inkbird food grill thermometer is the best device for busy, those who do multitasking, and busy mothers who have to look after their children while working in the kitchen. It helps monitor your barbecue from anywhere because it is connected to your mobile phone via a Wi-Fi connection. Long-lasting battery rid of your headache of battery dead.  

Inkbird Pro APP gives you space on your mobile phone to see, customize and adjust the temperature readings. It is a user-friendly app and provides different alarms, graphs, and customization facilities. Hope you will find it useful for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does this device come up with a user guide?

Yes, of course, as every device comes with a guide, this device does as well.


What is the Wi-Fi range?

You can monitor your grill from anywhere as long as you are connected with Wi-Fi. Device Wi-Fi function has a long-range as compared to Bluetooth. So don’t worry about the Wi-Fi range.


Are you facing the issue of not showing graphs in the Inkbird Pro App?

 Suppose you have a problem with graphs not showing. Don’t worry. Just install Inkbird plus APP, a new version of this APP from the same company. 


Does it stick on a hot surface of a cabinet smoker?

No, the magnet will not work on a very hot surface. You can stick it with any other metal surface nearby you.

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