Perfectly Suited Weber BBQ Covers in 2022

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Barbeque is something which cannot be denied when friends and family are around. Specially those who love to have grilled meat and food on table and enjoys captivating grill aroma. And if you are one of those people who like grilling and barbeque, then you must be having a weber grill in your backyard. Weber Spirit barbecues have 2 or 3 hardened steel burners with 32,000 BTU per-hour inputs, an electronic start framework, and a primary cooking region of up to 424 square inches.

 No matter what, this product can’t be beaten up in the market due to its features to consumers. As it provides consumer satisfaction at that level, then you will not like to leave it uncovered and open to dust so that it can be dirty. So for that, the first and foremost equipment which you will need to protect it will be WEBER GRILL COVER.

You might be shocked after comparing the price, but it is not that much costly. Moreover, it is expensive because it possesses more qualities in its fabric and material than any other product. Many of the people who bought additional covers than WEBER COVERS regretted it later as their quality was not of that level to satisfy them; much of the complaints were that the covers easily are torn down, which in WEBER COVER case is not like that.

Why Purchase A Weber Grill Cover?

Weber Spirit cover is a full-length, climate-safe cover produced using rock-solid vinyl that doesn’t break in freezing temperatures. The people who purchase a Weber Spirit BBQ cover will be shocked by the way well it fits on their barbecue, yet it isn’t similar to a glove. It doesn’t adhere to the barbecue, and it very well may be placed on and taken off effortlessly, even on wet days.

Customer reviews have always been positive about the cover. It’s either windstorm or hard speedy rain; this cover will not come off.Furthermore, the material from which the cover is made is of a quality which will give your cover a look of newness all time.

And the amazing thing is, if you use it for years say 5 years it will be same as like when you bought it.

Which Weber Cover To Purchase For My Weber Grill?

There are a few spirit models around, so in some cases, it isn’t clear which model you ought to get. There are Weber series spirit and spirit II, Series 200, and Series 300 gas barbecues.

A portion of the barbecue covers are viable with both Spirit models, yet it can get precarious quickly. In the sections beneath, I will make sense of how similarity functions.

The principal focus point is to twofold check which Spirit model you have.

 Every cover is 26-27 inches down and 42 inches tall; however, the width fluctuates from 30 inches to 52 inches. That is the justification for why it is vital to get the right cover for your Weber Spirit model.

Weber Cover For Spirit E210

There is a distinction in aspects between Spirit E-210 and Spirit II E-210 barbecues. The old Spirit E210 barbecue is smaller.

To that end, covers intended for the original Spirit barbecue won’t fit the ongoing new Spirit II.

Weber Spirit E210

In the event that you have the INITIAL version of Weber Spirit 210 barbecue with foldable side tables, the Weber 7105 is the best-fit cover for it.

It won’t fit the new Spirit II E210.

Dimensions: 29.5″ L x 25.8″ W x 42.8″ H

Weber Spirit II E210

This version which comes with front-mounted handles and with a pair of burners can be covered nicely with the weber 7138 cover.

This cover is in reverse viable. As such, it will likewise fit the old Spirit E-210 with foldable tables.

Dimensions: 48″ L x 27″ W x 42″ H

Prior Weber 220 And 300

For the proper table Spirit 220 and 300, you really want the bigger Weber 7106 cover. Again, figure out which age Spirit barbecue you have because the cover for the old model won’t fit the new Spirit II E-310 (the new barbecue is more extensive).

This cover will likewise fit the original Spirit S-315 and Spirit E-330.

Cover aspects: 52″ L x 25.8″ W x 42.8″ H

Weber Spirit II E310

Weber 7139 cover fits perfectly the ongoing Spirit E-310 model (and the most recent Spirit SX-315 and EX-315 Smart Grills) with front-mounted handles and old Spirit 200 Series models with side-mounted handles.

Dimensions: 51″ L x 27″ W x 42″ H

Final Words

Weber covers are made very strong and are very effective in protecting your grill from outside dirt and impurities. This cover will last new in shape and shine for many years to count. Furthermore, the cover provides the best quality material that is not available in the market for usage. Hence, some make weber cover expensive to buy, but remember, if it charges more, it provides quality service more. In last, this cover overall is best for users to cover their grill.

Frequently Asked Questions

If there is a windstorm or heavy rain, will the cover damage?

No, there had been many cases like this one, and every time the response had been the same that whatsoever came rain or speedy winds, the cover did not get damaged or got off the grill.

Can I use the old weber spirit cover on the new version of weber spirit?

No, as the new addition has handles and is different in structure and wider in dimensions than the older version, you can cover your older version with the new version cover as it is big enough to occupy it.

Is it important to have the weber cover for your grill?

Yes, protecting your asset must be your optimal and the most important task to perform. Your grill is your asset which helps you achieve your tasteful, delicious barbeque food on the go. If you don’t protect it from outside dirt and germs, it can cause a severe effect on the grill at later times.

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