Pit Boss Igniter problems: learn repair and replacement

Nowadays, one of the first problems that users like you and me face is how to know which pellet grill is ideal for us. After extensive research, we came to know. Finally, we got one of the grills that could hopefully make our gatherings and parties an unforgettable experience through the delicious recipes like grilling, searing, baking, roasting, and, of course, smoking the meat through our ideal pellet grill.
Many brands are out there that offer durability, quality, and a good warranty on their grills. Pit Boss has value in such a well-renowned brand by giving you the privilege to grill and smoke your meal through the wood pellets instead of using charcoal and gas fire.
By coming straight to the point, whether you use Pit Boss, Camp Chef, Traeger, or a pellet grill of any other brand, you will come across one of the common issues across all kinds of pellet grills is when the grill stops Igniting.
I believe how you feel when your pellet smoker stops igniting in between the process. It can spoil your valuable time with your loved ones. Do not worry; if you are reading this post, it means you are getting the proper knowledge regarding the possible causes that why your smoker is not igniting and regard the repair and replacement of such problems.
Explore the problems until the end, and learn how to get over such issues.

Causes behind Pit Boss Igniter Problem and its solution:

When your Pit Boss pellet grill stops working, it may be because of the following reasons:

  • Extension cord
  • Control board
  • Power outlet
  • Fuse on control boards

I am not an expert, and neither am I a technician. However, after extensive research and reading the customer reviews, I have mentioned some of the common reasons why your pit boss igniter does not ignite.

Below is a detailed analysis of these problems and how to resolve issues regarding when your Traeger pellet smoker does not ignite.

Extension Cord:

Your pellet smoker may not ignite because of the breakage in the extension cord you are using for your pellet grill. An extension cord may also not be working because the cord’s wire is lost; it may be a faulty cord because you are using an indoor one when you are supposed to use an outdoor one. Another hint when your grill igniter is not working is that it is too hot to touch when you touch the cord.

First, using an extension with your pit boss is good because the cord that comes with the pit boss pellet smoker is not that large; thus, it is better to use an extension cord to move it far from the outlet. Next, if there is a breakage in your cable or it is too old, it is better to replace it with a new cord.

Furthermore, replacing the cord, you should know whether the cable is for only indoor/outdoor purposes or both. By adding to it, you must know it is a three-pronged grounded cord, and it is used with a GCFI breaker.

Control Board:

When your pit boss igniter does not work, you first need to check the cord of your extension. If it is fine, the next step is to check the control board. Sometimes, you might have recently updated the control board by replacing the fuse, and you mistakenly connect the wires in the wrong spots.

This could also be one of the reasons behind when your pit boss igniter is not working.

Pit boss pellet grills use a color coding system. Usually, they use white and purple wires on the control board. Thus, one has to connect the purple wire at the purple spot and white at the white spot accordingly.

Thus, if your pit boss igniter does not work, this could be because you have mistakenly connected the wires at the wrong spots. If this were the problem, your pellet smoker would surely start igniting.

Power outlet:

The problem with your power outlet is the third reason your pit boss igniter does not work. You check the extension cord and control board everything is fine. Now you need to test the third possibility.

Usually, pit boss pellet grills happen to be compatible with the GCFI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlet. Hence, you make sure that your electrical outlet is used with GFCI. Next, connect the pellet smoker with the power outlet instead of joining the pellet smoker with the power outlet through the extension cord.

If the pit boss igniter still does not ignite, there is some problem with the electric outlet. If you can repair it yourself, go for it; otherwise, you need to call the electrician.

Fuse on control board:

Another possible cause of the pit boss igniter not igniting when the fuse on the control board might have blown. To inspect the fuse, remove the control panel from the grill. Pit boss pellet grill uses a five amp, 120-volt fuse on their pellet grill.

If you find out that the fuse has blown you, you need to replace it by purchasing a new fuse.

Replace the Igniter:

Finally, after inspecting the extension cord, control board, power outlet, and fuse on the control board, if all of these things are fine, it is time to replace the pit boss hot rod igniter.

Moreover, if your pellet grill is under warranty, you can ask for a new igniter and take customer support by contacting the company. Hence, you can easily replace the igniter by taking a few steps.

Final comments:

We all strive to purchase an ideal pellet grill that can make our events and gatherings memorable! Having a perfect grill is a privilege, but you may encounter a situation that may damage your precious hours.

Therefore, this post covered one of the primary and common problems that most grills usually face. I am talking about the ignition problem. Therefore, if you ever happen to come across such a scenario that your grill stops igniting in between the grilling or smoking of meat, you can take the following steps to determine the actual cause behind this blockade.

You need to check the extension cord, control board, control panel, and fuse on the control panel. In most cases, you spot the fault. However, if everything is fine, you need to replace the whole igniter by claiming the warranty or purchasing a new igniter.

Frequently asked questions:

What to do when the pit boss igniter stops working?

When the igniter of the pit boss igniter stops working, inspect the extension cord, control board, power outlet, and fuse on the control panel. If all of these parts have no fault, you must completely replace the pit boss ignitor.

How to replace that pit boss igniter?

Replacing the pit boss igniter is easy. Having a Philips head screwdriver and a little relative knowledge would be best. Moreover, you need to remove the ash built up in the burn pot. Remove the grill lid, empty the pellet hopper from the pellets, and start replacing the igniter.

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