Should You Boil Ribs Before Grilling Them

Many chefs and experts have different opinions and points of view on whether to boil the ribs before you grill them or not. In their own perspective, they are entirely correct, and we can agree with their justification, but it always depends on your own choice of way. Boiling makes the grilling very easy and tenderize and also serves many other positive and helpful sides. In this article, we will let you know, what you should do, whether to boil the meat or not, before going to grill it. So without further ado, let’s jump into it.

Best Ribs Choice 

You can find a range of choices for your ribs meat grilling, from spareribs of pork to St Louis ribs. Meat on the ribs must be in good amount and should be the one that can be tenderized easily. Baby back pork ribs are the best choice for grilling and smoking purposes, as it is high-quality meat and rib, so it serves in the very best manner. Other than baby back pork rib ST Louise and spareribs are also available to be utilized, but these both have less amount of meat on them.

Then we come to the meat of lamb and beef. Beef steaks and ribs are delicious and loved other than bacon. Many people love to consume the meat of beef as it is widely available and serves a significant amount of meat over ribs.


Process Of Boiling The Ribs

Starting with the first step, pick a large and wide pot or equipment, pour water in it, and place the ribs into the water. After placing the meat in it, wait for a short time period, and make reach the temperature up to a light boiling condition, but bear in mind the water should not be over boiled; otherwise, the meat will lose its entire flavor as water sucks the flavor out of meat. Boiling for around half an hour or 20 minutes will make the meat meet the goal. During this whole process, don’t forget to start heating the grill and pre-heat it.

How Long To Boil 

When you ask a question of how long one should boil the ribs, then don’t think of an entire hour or two. The perfect and excellent time for parboiling your meat is from around 20-30 minutes; it softens your meat, makes it tenderized, and makes it cook quickly when placed on the griddle.

Pros Of Boiling The Meat Before Grilling

Starting from the point that ribs contain much of the fat around it and boiling it makes it tenderized and makes easiness for the consumer to remove the fat from its surface easily and smoothly. Boiling it will also remove the inner skin of the meat. Boiling the meat and the above process of eliminating the fat helps you achieve good and tasty grilled ribs in less time as fat is less and is also tenderized before its grilled. Apart from this, the more you boil it, the less time it consumes to be grilled on the grill.

Cons Side 

When you boil the ribs in the water, the flavor which is in the meat is sucked by water as the meat is continually in the water, so you may have seen the soup-making process where the chicken is in the boiling water and water absorbs the flavor of meat, and you then consume that water as a soup.


Other Strategies To Tenderize 


To keep them damp and delicate many experts suggest using the method of brining. This brining process includes the activity of making the salt and water solution and placing your ribs into it overnight in the refrigerator. How to make this solution, the answer is by mixing a cup of salt for each gallon of water used. Experts boil it and then place ribs in it, but you can also either boil the solution or place the salt into warm-hot water and then make a solution for the brining process.


The Steaming Process 

Other than the above-mentioned method and boiling method to tenderize the meat, this steaming method is also very good. You will need a roasting pan in a pre-heat oven of around 300-350f, and then place the ribs there and steam it for around 60 minutes. After completing this procedure, take out the ribs, place them on the griddle, and cook them nicely for around 25 minutes. Remember to flip them frequently so that each side can be cooked and grilled evenly.


Final Verdict 

In last, I would say every decision depends on your choice of taste. Boiling the ribs before the grill has its own benefits, and boiling it has its own drawbacks. But what experts and we suggest is that you should boil your meat and ribs before you go for grill it, as boiling it has many benefits than its cons side.  So, now, in this article, we have enlisted what type of ribs you should use, how to boil, how long you should boil, pros and cons, and other strategies to obtain the same task in a different manner. I hope you got the knowledge that you were seeking, and I hope this article was helpful for you to understand whether you should boil the ribs or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does boiling the ribs make them tenderize

Yes, boiling your ribs makes your meat tenderize as when You boil it, the fat layer and inner skin of meat are also removed, so yes, you Get a nice tenderized meat when you boil it. But bear in mind that you should Not over-boil it as it then sucks the whole flavor out of meat.


Should I boil the ribs and meat before grilling it

Boiling ribs before grilling have its advantages and also disadvantages. It makes the meat tenderize and brings your grilling time to lesser when you grill it after boiling. The fat is also removed, reduces the fat on the surface, and makes it tenderized. O the other hand, it makes the meat less flavorful, as the water in which it is boiled sucks the flavor out of the meat.


How long to boil the ribs and meat

Boiling ribs depends on the meat you are using. If the meat is hard and rough, it makes the time extended, and if the meat is soft, then the time is less. On average, the time to boil it is around 25-30 minutes.

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