Smart Asmoke Portable Pellet Grill (AS300) Review

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We believe that being an extrovert person and having a lovely family, more often you would want to have a weekend spent at some beautiful picnic spot. However, you cancel your picnic by not affording to carry alongside all the items, especially a vast grill that is mandatory for a picnic.

Do not worry Asmoke Portable Pellet Grill is available to overcome your problem of taking alongside the grill. It is bright; its design is spectacular. It is made from parts having guaranteed quality, which ensures its durability. It can be easily placed in small places due to its compact size.

Apart from being a multipurpose grill, it has a temperature controller. Furthermore, it offers a cooking area that makes it an ideal match for small families. This portable pellet smoker is an excellent choice in portable grills—easy mobility, easy to use, and ease to assemble.

Some Best Features of Asmoke Portable Pellet Grill (AS300)


This Asmoke Portable Pellet grill has a beautiful design. It has catchy and attractive Tahoe blue color, and it is brilliant in performing its duty. It’s not that bulky. It is portable because of its compact size; you can take it anywhere with you outside your home to make tasty BBQ, sears, grills, etc.

This portable pellet smoker is made of stainless steel and steel. Its grate is made up of porcelain-coated cast iron. Resultantly it is durable and looks substantial. Asmoke has given different colors to its lid and leg. Tahoe Blue, Pine green, Cinder Black, and Apple Black. Moreover, it is not that large; you can quickly fix it on the tailgate or picnic table.


We believe that other customer reviews have proven that it is durable. The sole reason behind its durability is its steel and stainless finish. It can last longer. However, if it is not used accordingly, faults can arise during its use.

Control Dialer:

This smart pellet smoker grill has a control dialer on its front. This dialer is used to control the temperature. It has the lowest temperature with the name Smoky showing a temperature of 180 degrees Fahrenheit and the highest temperature of 500 degrees. The dial is used to turn on and off the grill.


Installation of this tailgate pellet grill is straightforward. You would require a few minutes to install and assemble everything. Join its legs and handles, install broiler plates, and attach a slider and a grease bucket to its sides. You are done with the installation.

However, it is recommended that users go through how to install and assemble tutorials to understand the overall assembly process better.


This best portable pellet grill also offers two extra optional items. They are handy and beneficial during the use of this portable grill. However, it depends on the user of this grill. First, Asmoke offers a carrying bag. It is quality stuff. It’s durable and doesn’t get damaged easily. Using this bag, users can carry this portable grill with them anywhere, from a picnic spot or another friend’s house.

Second, they offer a folding table. This table is smart and it is durable. Providing this table lets users quickly assemble a pellet grill on this table if they have gone outside. In addition, this table offers side portions where users can place other stuff.

Total Cooking Area:

This intelligent portable pellet grill offers an area of 256 square units, which is not bad for a small family or a group of few friends. With this available area being a user of this portable grill, you can fit some fine significant cuts of meat, eight burgers, spatchcock chicken, or half of a brisk. Offering this much area and portability makes it an excellent option to use it having a small group.


Asmoke portable pellet grill offers five years of limited warranty. It is relatively just fine. Because usually, competitors offer a warranty within this limit for portable grills. However, users need to go through warranty instructions on what kind of defects warranty is applicable. Thus, they should know how to use it and when to claim a warranty.

  • It is priced reasonably
  • This portable grill is easy to assemble
  • It delivers excellent smoke flavors
  • Offers digital control panel for controlling temperature
  • Includes waterproof cover for protection
  • Relatively offers long warranty in portable grills
  • It lacks Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • It has limited temperature settings
  • It lacks timers or ready alerts
  • It does not have a supporting stand
  • It do not have mobile application. Thus, everything is controlled manually


The portable smoker pellet is popular because of its guaranteed performance. It has grate material made of porcelain-enameled cast-iron and legs and handles made of stainless steel. Thus, it ensures durability. Furthermore, it has a control dialer used to predict the temperature; you can gauge the temperature according to your requirements. Thus, it is in good books in users’ eyes. Its pure wood pellets give delicious smoky food like BBQ, sear, or maybe grills.

Overall, it is worth its price by offering a relatively more extended warranty. Excellent design, average weight, delicate features, and guaranteed performance makes it one of the best portable pellet grills.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does it offer mobile connectivity option?

This portable pellet grill lacks Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity options. Thus, it does not offer mobile connectivity feature. User needs to operate it manually.

How much time does AS300 require to let itself cool down before using it again?

Usually it depends upon the operation. If it is operated for longer hours in the first place then it might require more time for it cooling. However, on average it requires one hour to use it again after first operation.

Is it a good match for large families or large group?

This Asmoke portable pellet grill offers 256 square inches of total cooking area. Thus, it is recommended for small families to have four members.

Is it recommended for BBQ making only?

This intelligent portable pellet grill prepares tasty BBQs, but it is also famous for making delicious smoky foods and sears.

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