Temperature & Timing Grilling Tips For Cooking Steak | Detailed Guide

How to organize a perfect grilling steak in your backyard? Through this passage, you will learn the grill skills, tricks, and techniques to make your food very tasty. Having the given information, we are confident that what you are looking for in steak-grilling is fulfilled by the tips we are recommending.

Before starting the grill, take the meat from the refrigerator and let the meat go again at room temperature for at least 25 to 30 minutes. This grill allows the meat to cook perfectly. The fined quality of your product depends upon starting ingredients, i.e., dry meat, true sea salt, etc.

After letting the meat gain room temperature, marinade the meat before putting on the heat. The following are needed to have perfect marinade meat.

  • Soy sauce: if you are gluten-free, use tamari or use amino. If you are not gluten-free
  • Balsamic vinegar: this adds some acidity to the meat without being over-bearing
  • Garlic: good for taste as well as for health
  • Oil: this helps to loosen the marinade and becomes easy for grilling
  • Spices: use basil leaves and thyme to give this marinade a spicy also a mix of oregano

Is marinating the meat necessary meat?

Marinating is required for a tasty and flavorful meat pie, but you can cook without it. Lots of people add only salt and pepper. That is okay too.

Is it necessary to make a small hole in the meat before marinating?

Making a small tiny hole will help you have marinade quickly, but it is completely fine with making a hole. You can get good marinade meat. As we know that the gas grill is very fast and hot cooking; therefore, keeping the temperature control is important to have unburned steak.

Burned steak is usually associated with most people’s mistakes while relying on the steak cooking time alone without considering the temperature.

Here are some guides regarding temperature settings.

Favorable temperature for steak

Estimating the cooking time after putting the steak on the grills is a common mistake. The heat required depends upon the steak’s size, thickness, and shape of the cut. Generally, the thicker the steak lower the temperature you need. Here are some important temperatures concerning steak thickness to ensure a perfect steak.

Gas Grill vs. Charcoal Grill

The flavor enriched by the wood-fired grill gives the steaks an additional taste. If you have a charcoal grill, you must burn different kinds of wood on the fire, giving your meat some smokiness. Therefore, a charcoal grill is best compared to a gas grill. A gas grill’s positive thing is that it can give you the exact timing for cooking the meat, but due to the lack of consistent heat in a charcoal grill, the timing for cooking steak may vary.

For gas grill

For a steak of ½ inch

For a steak of ½ inch on the gas grill, the best temperature is 425 F to 450 F

For a steak of ¾ inch

Temperature between 360 F to 400 F is the best one.

For a steak of 1 inch

325 F to 350 F is the best one for steak thickness of 1 inch.

For steak of 1.5 inch

For steak of inch 1.5, the best temperature is between 110 F to 120 F, and it’s necessary to cook both sides for 3 minutes each.

Size of steak

Perfect temperature

½ inch

425 to 450 F

¾ inch

360 to 400 F

1 inch

325 to 350 F

1.5 inch

110 to 12o F

One important thing is that you need to preheat your gas grill regardless of the size of the steak. The preheat temperature must be between 450 to 500 F, allowing the grill to warm up for 20 to 25 minutes.

Grilling Steak On A Charcoal

Grilling steak on charcoal is usually arranged out of the room. You can add many pieces of meat rad depending on the grill’s length. First, for grilling on the charcoal, we need to burn the charcoal until it stops emitting the black smoke. After that, let the coal uncover with the ashes with the help of air pumping. The surface temperature of meat will be around 425 to 450 °F.

Different starting temperatures for different types of steak

Not every steak requires the same temperature. Some are easy to cook and need less time and heat, while some are time-consuming. It is worth mentioning. Nevertheless, the steak will burn.


It is a thicker piece of meat and takes a longer time to cook; its size is about inches. An internal temperature of 140 F and eight minutes per side is required for medium-rare and 155 F and 10 minutes for a medium-cooked steak to perfectly cook this type.

Filet mignon

Filet mignon required 130 to 140 F for 4 minutes per side for medium-rare and 155 F for 10 minutes per side for medium-cooked steak as its size is 1 inch thick.


It is also a thicker part of meat like ribeye. Its thickness is about one ¼ inches. An internal temperature of 140 F and 8 minutes preside is required for medium-rare, while a medium-cooked steak must be 155 F AND 10 minutes per side.


Generally, for T-bone type, a temperature of 140 F for medium-rare and 155 F is required for medium steaks.

Examining the steak doneness based on the internal temperature

To have a five-to-ten-minute rest after cooking the meat is the best one as it allows the juice of the meat to redistribute. The larger the size of the steak greater will it take time to redistribute the meat’s juice. Temping the steaks by hand can be tricky and require mastering steak cooking. Therefore, for a commoner, a meat thermometer is required to check the internal temperature of the meat. Recommending below some internal temperature, you need to have for steaks.


Cook the steak at an internal temperature of 125 F for rare steak.

Medium rare

Cook the steak at an internal temperature between 130 to 140 F for medium-rare


Steak should gain the temperature of 145 F for medium

Medium well

Maintain the internal temperature at 150 for medium-well.

Well done

You have to 160 F for a well-done steak


To have a perfect steak, we have to allow the steak to gain room temperature. Attaining the room temperature is important for two reasons: for the marinating and the second is to avoid the loss of meat juice, which leads to loss of taste. Ranging the internal temperature depends on the size and type of meat. For different sizes and types, the temperature is also different, as discussed above. You can either use the charcoal grill or the gas grill. The taste of a charcoal grill will be more flavorful if you add different wood to burn. The burning coal gives its splendid looks and taste. To check the doneness of the steak, a meat thermometer is required. Read the required temperature for the selected piece of steak on the thermometer. Following the tips given above, you will have a perfect mouthwatering steak.

Frequently asked questions

Which is timing consuming, grilling on charcoal or gas grill?

Grilling steak on charcoal is more time-consuming as you have to burn the coal until it stops emitting black smoke. While grilling steak on gas is more portable and less time-consuming. It is ready to work as we have to switch the gas grill.

What should the temperature of the steak be before grilling?

If the steak is frozen, let the state gain room temperature before cooking. A cold steak will get more time. It is also difficult to marinate. Cold steaked push out more juice which loses the meat taste.

What is the perfect internal temperature of steak?

145 F is best for the medium, while 160 F is best for well-done steaks. Internal temperature must keep between 130 to 135 F For medium-rare steaks and 150 F to 155 F for medium-well steaks.

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