The Top Traeger Accessories for your Grill

There are a plethora of smoking accessories available, it’s true. And you can make some pretty decent barbeque without the majority of them. However, certain extras, whether required or not, may greatly ease the procedure. They also make excellent presents for the person in your life who enjoys grilling.

If you’re fortunate enough to possess a Traeger grill, you may be thinking about what extras you can get to make operating the grill/smoker a little bit simpler. The fact that Traeger pellet grills come with a variety of accessories makes them one of the top options.

So I decided to compile a brief piece on the top Traeger grill accessories on the market. While some of these items could be considered necessary, others are only discretionary. Which is true will rely on how and how often you use the Traeger grill individually.

Full Detailed Review of The Top Traeger Accessories for your Grill   

Traeger Bucket Lid and Filter Kit

This is, in my opinion, one of the most admirable and crucial extras that every owner of a Traeger pellet barbecue needs. In the past, I’ve spoken about how wood pellets may spoil and what follows if you don’t keep them dry. I’ve also talked about how it’s crucial to get particles and grit off your wood chips before using them. Feed drill on burners and BBQs may have issues due to fines. They may also increase the amount of ash generated and decrease the effectiveness of the combustion process.

Wood pellets should not be left in an open bag, according to Traeger. They will take in moisture from the wind and eventually grow. To make most 5-gallon buckets appropriate for storing the Traeger BBQ wood pellets, you may adapt them using the Traeger container lid and filter kit. Just the right amount of pellets may be poured into the hopper using the lifting top and bucket lid.

  • Highest grade components
  • Lovely design
  • Regular 5-gallon buckets
  • Resists weather
  • The lack of a more robust top cover

The Traeger Stainless Steel Grill Basket

Large portions of vegetables and meat may be cooked here on Traeger or any stove without having to worry about the food falling through grill rails. However, it may get a little “dicey” when cooking little prawns, broccoli, or rissoles, for example. It is important to flip the dish over at a minimum once while it is cooking. Food like the items stated above may then readily fall between the grill slats at that moment. As a result, you may want to think about another Traeger attachment, their grill basket, to eliminate that problem.

Only a few tiny holes exist in the Traeger barbecue basket. Cooking little pieces of meat, fish, or vegetables is thus much superior. While the food is grilling on the grill pan, you may keep turning it without worrying that the drip basket liner will catch it. Now, if you never use your Traeger grill for cooking little bits of meat or veggies like asparagus, this attachment is not necessary.

  • Ideal for keeping vegetables
  • Strong stainless steel
  • Handy basket
  • It is difficult to clean

Traeger Custom Grill Covers

There are now several grill covers available; you no longer need to buy a cover specifically made for a Traeger barbecue. There are, in my opinion, a few reasons why you would want to. First off, although permeability is crucial, not all grill coverings are. When you use your grill/smoker again the next year, you’re going to have a terrible surprise if you wrap it with a plastic cover.

Mold will grow on the grill as a result of the humid surroundings. Every Traeger grill cover has ventilation to allow moisture out. A Traeger pellets grill/smoker requires a large financial commitment. Therefore, you shouldn’t cut corners by using a cheap, low-quality cover that promotes the growth of mold and hastens corrosion damage.

Another rationale you may want to think about is a Traeger shell because they make many covers that are tailored to suit various models. Why is that crucial? A fitting cover is less prone to rip and slide off the grill when it’s windy. Additionally, moving the grill will be much simpler with a fitted cover. A gigantic covering will be on the floor and get entangled with your feet or the tires. If you decide to go with a Trager grill cover, be sure you get the right size for your particular grill.

  • Prevent water ingress
  • Constructed of heavy-duty
  • All-weather components
  • It is thin

Traeger All Natural Grill Cleaner      

You really do need to take precautions to keep your Traeger grill neat and in tidy status. In the past, I’ve seen clips and postings where people suggested various grill cleaning products that were unsafe to use.

Yes, there are some extremely potent household cleaning products available that can remove grease and burned food from grill bars. Many of those cleansers, meanwhile, pose a threat to human health. Therefore, you should use a non-hazardous cleaner to wipe the inside of your grills and any surfaces that come into touch with your food.

Never use a cleaner on your Traeger that is too acerbic or will scratch the glossy coating. The grease on the exterior of your grill can be removed safely and without harming the paint finish by using an all-natural Traeger grill cleaning with a towel and some hot water.

  • Non-toxic remedy
  • Industrial sturdiness
  • Using a smoker indoors is challenging

The Traeger Front Folding Shelf

You could be asking yourself two main questions at this point. First, why isn’t this rack already added to the original Traeger grill? Second, should you even bother thinking about adding a shelf? Both inquiries are legitimate. If you’re wondering why the shelf isn’t included, you should know that specific versions already have this frontal folding shelf installed. For instance, the Traeger Pro Collection comes with a shelf. Some versions with lesser specifications, nevertheless, do not have a self. As a result, the ability to buy oneself is an optional extra.

Having a shelf directly beside the grill offers benefits while cooking a slab of steak or fish and adding sauce or rubs.

With the shelf immediately next to the grill, there is almost no possibility that the food will fall to the ground before you could even have it on the griddle after it has been prepped and is ready to go. The benefit of the shelf bending is that you can stay much nearer to the grill while you are watching the cooking process since the shelf is folded down. Additionally, the cover is clearly in its folded-down position when you store the grill on the shelf.

  • Heavy-duty steel for long-lasting sturdiness
  • A folding shelf enhances the free capacity
  • Lack of proper screws

The Traeger Power Inverter

The control panel, ignitor, wood-burning feed hopper, fan, and other components of a Traeger barbecue all need 110V electricity. A 400W 12V to 110V voltage regulator is now available from Traeger to give 110V electricity when grilling and traveling.

To power this power inverter, you could bring a completely separate 12V battery with you. However, you could simply connect this inverter to your car’s starter power supply, depending on the size and status of the battery pack in your car or truck as well as how long you decided to run the Traeger. However, you must exercise caution because the last thing you want is to run out of gas and become trapped in the center suddenly!

  • Two 3-prong plugs are included
  • Attaches to any Traeger model
  • Energy quick and Easy
  • Not has a long life

Traeger Pellet Sensor

You may still enjoy this functionality without purchasing a brand-new grill if you don’t already own a top-tier Traeger Alpine with a constructed pellet sensor.

The pellet sensor is simple to install here on Traeger Professional and Ironwood Series and interacts with WiFire. You can check how many pellets you have left and get a reminder when it’s time to restock.

Additionally, the hopper has an Illumination inside that illuminates it as you fill it.

  • Rarely go out of granules
  • Simple installation
  • Remote monitoring of pellet amounts
  • The best visibility is possible in any weather
  • It isn’t very accurate

Traeger Wooden Grill Grate Scrape

Stop damaging your new Traeger grills with wire grate skimmers! The Wood Grill Plate Scrape from Traeger is simple to use, quite efficient, and won’t leave tiny metal shards on the grills before your subsequent cook.

They really are a necessary addition for any grill owner. Additionally, Traeger’s is crafted of lovely rosewood hardwood, making it sturdy enough to endure for years and secure enough to use near surfaces used for food preparation.

In comparison to other non-branded solutions, the pricing is also not at all awful.

  • Solid wood construction
  • Traditional rosewood grip
  • Leather tying thread
  • Somehow pricey

Traeger X Oren Pink BBQ Butcher Paper Roll

If you want succeeding bark, aluminum foil is no longer sufficient. The FDA-approved Pink Butcher Wrap from Traeger, however, allows you to keep the fluids in a while yet be porous enough to prevent the bark from becoming wet.

Grab a strip of this material; it appears so real that you’ll quickly find yourself lining dishes, platters, or baskets with it as well.

Compared to other places, Traeger’s is a little more pricey. But since it’s long, sturdy, and FDA-approved, you may use it near food with confidence. If Traeger’s is too expensive for you, we still recommend this one.

  • Excellent for brisket covering
  • Protecting bark
  • Encasing meat
  • It dries out

Traeger Rib Rack

A rib rack allows you to cook a lot more ribs without having a larger barbeque if you like preparing ribs, particularly when you’re hosting. Even though there are many options, we choose Traeger’s since it is a close fit, contains a large amount, and is made with the same high Traeger standards.

You can put up to 8 pairs of ribs on this platform, which is designed to accommodate the majority of Traeger pellet smokers, excluding the Mini or PTG grills.

  • Up to 8 trusses of ribs may fit in there.
  • Sturdy stainless steel
  • It can create problems in lid fitness

Buying Guide:

Whether you use a gas grill, an electric grill, a charcoal grill, or a wood barbecue, the right grill accessory makes grilling and serving simpler. Find fresh, high-caliber enhancements for the cooking gear you already possess. Find the crucial grill components that are absent from your collection of outdoor cooking tools. It’s not only about feeling confident and having a nice appearance. The top grilling equipment really makes a difference. I intended to provide you with a purchase guide to aid in your investigation. This will make you more aware and curious to select best accessories for yourself.

Specific accessories for specific grills

All sorts of grills can be used with utensils such as tweezers, cutlery, and serving coils. No matter if you’re using propylene or wood pellets for cooking, a nice combination of grilling gloves will protect you. However, some grilling equipment is made for particular grills. A propane grill cannot use Weber grill equipment like a charcoal chimney. As Weber grill accessories, pellet-grill accessories like a pellet bucket are useless. Pick the ideal add-ons and accessories based on the type of grill you use.

Ensure it will accommodate your grill before purchasing any accessories, such as a roasting rack, grill pan, griddle edge, or smoker. Additionally, make sure you have enough place to house it when not being used. Check with the manufacturer of your grill for details on particular components, such as infrared-sear burners. There might be specialized equipment made for your kind of grill. Additionally, remember to read the directions at all times.

More than kitchen accessories

The equipment used for outside grilling has to be larger and more robust than the standard kitchen gear. A footlong presentation fork is not a good alternative for a lettuce fork.

An excellent approach to obtain all the stuff you need is to purchase the essentials as a cooking set or barbecue kit. Stainless steel forceps, a metal spoon, a skinning knife, a serving fork, and kabob hooks are often included in these sets. If you’re searching for a really specific tool, examine the stock of a barbecue set to make sure you receive what you want. You could discover sets with additional equipment, like poultry scissors.


Grilling utensils may be expensive. Does the price difference between an $80 BBQ knife and a $ten supermarket knife matter much? Yes. The butter knife will be more durable, feel nicer in your hand, and maintain its edge longer. But do you really require such a knife? Most likely not. Utilizing the fundamental tools and upgrading as necessary is the best method to construct a toolbox for barbecue accessories.

An expert BBQ cutlery can be well worth the money if you struggle with a cheap knife. However, if you’re only a casual griller on the weekends, there’s no need to invest big bucks on the equipment you’ll only use sometimes.

Final Thought:

Traeger manufactures a huge selection of other alternative accessories. But a lot of items, such as utensils, gloves, and sticky hooks, are the same kind of goods from every brand or provider.

The items I’ve mentioned above, in my opinion, do offer some unique advantages. For instance, there are coverings and heated covers that are custom-made to suit your particular Traeger grill, and the cleanser is a legitimate Traeger item. Therefore, using it and harming the grill’s paint surface will not void your guarantee.

Nevertheless, I am glad you liked reading and found this article beneficial. Traeger attachments are available for purchase.


What grilling accessories are the best?

The greatest grilling tools simplify outdoor cooking. For the majority of people, it refers to a set of premium, reliable grilling tools, such as forceps and a spatula. A wooden rake is an excellent tool for the task of safely cleaning the grill. Additionally, smokers are growing in popularity and enhancing the flavor of food prepared on any kind of barbecue. Don’t overlook storage, however. The greatest grilling tools need a secure location to store them while not in use. Grilling equipment is kept safe in a convenient waterproof toolkit or traveling case.


What additional equipment do I require for a charcoal grill?

You’ll need a productive approach to heat the charcoal for a barbecue. A nice charcoal chimney and lighter fluid begin the festivities. For even cooking, the electrical energy keeps the food circulating continuously. You may have extra space to work if you have a top-floor heating rack. Additionally, to determine the ideal meal temperature, use a thermometer.

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