Top 5 Best Blaze Grills

These days’ people prefer quality over the price of a product. But it does not mean that the price should touch the sky. Many grills customers out in the market choose Blaze grills as their first choice for outdoor grilling and other grilling experiences. Blaze grills have performed very well, which ultimately has created its reputation in the market. For different purposes, Blaze grill has diversified its options for the customers so that they can enjoy various options.

Blaze grills are very appreciated in terms of quality and affordability. Moreover, they provide outstanding customer service, which answers the quarries and problems of consumers frequently and effectively. They have a good design of the griddles and an excellent burner’s quality built-in.

In this article, we will review for you the best 5 Blaze grills which you should purchase. Furthermore, we will also include a buyer guide in this article so that you can know what you have to keep in mind when buying any new griddle. So without further ado, let’s jump into the article.



Our Top Picks





• Rotisserie burner
• 72000 grilling surface BTUs
• 4 burners
• 1050 sq in the cooking area
• Warranty

Blaze Grills 12,000 BTU Single Side Burner Grill

• 12,000 BTU brass burner
• Push and turn knob ignition system
• Warranty
• Stainless steel construction

Blaze 20-Inch Cast Aluminum Kamado Grill - BLZ-20-KAMADO


• Cooking surface capacity: 254 square inches
• Aluminum body material
• Optimal heat retention as the thick body

Blaze Professional LUX Portable Propane Gas Grill - BLZ-1PRO-PRT-LP

• Consist of a 20 lb tank
• Extended cooking area of 12 mm hex grids
• Propane/gas fuel

Blaze Premium LTE 40-Inch 5-Burner Propane Gas Grill

• 5 burners
• BTUs- 14000/5*burners
• Warranty
• Stainless steal

Detailed Review

Blaze Gas Grill – 4-Burner Professional Built-In Propane Gas Blz-4pro-Lp

Blaze’s professional griddles are unique. They give a good performance result, extract a great deal of heat, use comparatively less gas for the grilling, and maintain the heat for a more extended period of time. This grill consists of an overall 72000 BTU cooking ability with 18000 BTU ability distributed among four burners evenly. Moreover, it also includes a rotisserie and push-button ignition system, which is a fascinating point here. The body material is built of stainless steel material and is also very strong to be held for a more extended period of time.

The dimensions of the grills are 24 1/8″ h x 44 3/16″ w x 28 3/8″ d. If we talk about the warranty topic, then you will be amazed to hear that Blaze offers a lifetime warranty for the griddle.

  • Stainless steel body
  • 72000 BTUs cooking ability
  • 4 burners
  • Large cooking area
  • Rotisserie
  • Warranty
  • Life warranty is for certain parts of the grill only
  • Not that much classy in design

Blaze Grills 12,000 BTU Single Side Burner Grill

This product is an iconic grill of Blaze. Made of stainless steel material and it is built handmade, this griddle provides life long excellent experience of grilling outdoor. The grill is also very attractive in its design and look, which reflects that it is indeed a side burner. Moreover, this grill comes with a lifetime warranty on its parts and equipment, which motivates the potential customer to buy it. Moving on, it provides 12000 BTU heat, which is fantastic. There also exists the button ignition start process. 

  • Pros
  • Stainless steel body
  • Excellent heat retention and output of 12000 BTU
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Consists of only a single burner

Blaze 20-Inch Cast Aluminum Kamado Grill – Blz-20-Kamado

Whenever we hear kamado grill, Blaze 20-inch cast aluminum kamado grill is the first snap which we get in our mind. With its unique design and look, this griddle keeps heat retention for a longer period of time and gives you a great heat experience. The grill is also very easy to be moved from one place to another.
The grill is made of aluminum, giving it a great shiny look. The cooking area is 254 while it weighs around 160 pounds. Moreover, the grill’s body is somehow thick so that it can keep the heat for a longer period, so when you are cooking, try not to keep the lid open as it will lead to heat loss.
This grill is able to make food for 4 adults at a time as it is an indoor griddle. It also gives a great deal of smoking experience.

  • Thicker lid and body material for heat retention
  • A great design to fit in indoor usage
  • Lifetime warranty of parts
  • Easy to move
  • A great heat output
  • It weighs typically greater than its competitors

Blaze Professional Lux Portable Propane Gas Grill – Blz-1pro-Prt-Lp

This grill, when seen, gives a luxury look and fascinates everyone with its unique colour and design. The barbecue is not too heavy to be lifted and can be easily shifted from one place to another. It weighs around 50 pounds and is very much preferred for picnics and home usage back in your backyards. The grill is around 14.5 x 27.13 x 15.13 inches in dimensions and has an extended 12mm hex cooking grid. Consisting of a 20 lb tank, it runs on the propane/gas fuel method. Grill also consists of great functional and thermal specifications with a stainless steel body for durability. 

  • Suitable for picnics
  • Good design
  • Great heat retention as it consists of a very tight lid
  • Do not weigh much
  • It is made of stainless steel body material
  • The grill is made for a few pairs of people
  • Temperature sometimes is not consistent

Blaze Premium LTE 40-Inch 5-Burner Propane Gas Grill

Now here comes our last pick, which is the Blaze LTE 40 inches 5 burner grill. This grill is an updated version. The barbecue is very much eye catchy in its design and looks very attractive. The grill also has a patent issued on its design which gives the Blaze only the right to use this design as it retains heat very greatly. It consists of 5 separate burners with a total heat-providing ability of 70000 BTU divided evenly among the 5 burners. Moving on, the total cooking area is somehow around 910, which is impressive, and the built-in quality is stainless steel. The grill also comprises a lifetime warranty on its grates and some other parts. The product is worth investing in as the 5 burners will give an impressive result, but this barbecue is not preferred for personal use as there are 5 burners, and you will be in need of only a single burner. 

  • Consist of a great cooking area of 910
  • Warranty for life
  • It carries knobs which are illuminated at night for grilling
  • 5 burners
  • Great heat distribution of 14000 BTU
  • Made up of great body material of stainless steel
  • It is hard to be moved from one place to another
  • Heavy in weight
  • It can be costly for some people

Buyers Guide 

Apart from knowing the best grills, you got to have the knowledge of what to be seen when going to purchase a grill. There are many points and things to be kept in mind for buying the grill, from its material being used to its grates quality and easiness in cleaning and portability.

Here we have listed some important checkpoints that must not be ignored.

Heating Capability 

The heat output of a grill is a significant point to remember. The more heat provider a grill is, the better it is. Usually, every Blaze grill gives you an output of greater than 10000BTU per burner, which is quite impressive to be noted. Many of the infrared burners provide much better heat output and great BTUs. 


Purchase decisions are heavily influenced by durability. The built-in quality is crucial since the grill will be more durable and survive longer if higher-grade materials are used in its construction. It’s important to make a wise investment, and the stainless steel material is ideal for this because it keeps the griddle free from corrosion and stains. Additionally, flame offers barbecues that are made of aluminum, which is also highly durable.

The body should be thicker because doing so will let you retain heat for a longer amount of time. A thicker body allows you to have great heat and cooking at the same time also, and as it is thicker, the body will be heated up for too long, which means less fuel consumption also.


Now here we come to the look and design of the product. Sometimes the design is very attractive and worth spending on as Blaze kamado grill, which comes in a shape and design that if the lid is closed, the heat and smoke will be retained for longer with great quantity. I hope you will not like a product of very simple and unattractive look to purchase that whosoever sees it considers it as old. So making your investment worthy, you should spend on a product which has a design that is attractive and constructed in a way that helps you to achieve your goal of grilling at the same time.   


Buying a straightforward, high-quality grill is a wonderful idea, but it should also include modern features like ignition start, temperature check, display screen, and many others. This tip greatly improves your grilling experience because you won’t need to start it in the traditional manner or check the food constantly to see whether it’s ready to be served.

The grill that has rotisseries racks and a flame adjustment system in addition to side racks, a thermometer knob, a digital display, and these new current technology components are excellent and well worth the cost. And fortunately, many blazing grills’ barbecues address all of these issues.

Cooking Area 

The more cooking area you got, the more food items you can prepare simultaneously. Before buying the grill, you have to consider your kitchen or place area where you will place the grill so that of that size you should choose the griddle size. If the kitchen is big, then a big size barbecue is suitable for you to have, and if the area is less, a small cooking-size grill is the best fit for your choice. The rotisseries option is also available for restaurant usage.


Barbecues may quickly turn foul and unsanitary. Everything contacts the grates, which are frequently covered in raw meat and grease. There is grease, and it must not be disregarded. Therefore, the cleaning process is crucial. The grill will be more practical for use at home and by one person if cleaning it is simple. Many griddle models include a grease management system that makes it simple to clean up grease. A grill’s ashtrays and other components are likewise the main attraction. Most of these topics are covered by Blaze.

Easy Usage

The barbecue must be easy to understand and to be used. The complexity in usage depreciates the value of the product. But Blaze is very different and easy. You can cook several different types of food at different temperatures simultaneously using the Blaze grill’s heat zone dividers. You won’t need to cook the meat first and then wait for the barbeque to cool before adding the vegetables. Moreover, there are also other companies products which are proving to be significant and easily used.  


There is no free lunch. You must have heard of this line, but also, the product must of value that it deserves. You should check the technical functionalities and other provided things like cleaning ways and cooking area and all and then go for it if it is worthy of that price.


A grill must be comprised of a good period of warranty time. As Blaze mostly on every part of barbecue gives you a lifetime warranty which is fascinating.

So here comes our buyer guide end. These all are very important sides to be watched before going for any purchase. You must not ignore the importance of this section, as otherwise, you might end up with an unworthy product being purchased by you for a higher price tag.

Final Verdict 

In conclusion, we would say that Blaze grills are elegant and deserving of your money. Every point of the buyer’s guide given above is carried by them. A lifetime warranty on these grills encourages potential customers to purchase them. Blaze barbecues have a stunning and undeniable built-in quality. In their grills, new contemporary technological features like ignition start and flame adjustments have been incorporated. Additionally, they customized the appearance of many of their products so that heat is retained for a significantly longer period of time. Their burners also produce an impressive amount of heat, exceeding 10,000 BTU per burner.


Frequently Asked Question

Which is the best Blaze grill to buy

Blaze grills are good compared to others in the market. But it depends on your need if you have to choose between Blaze grills. If you want a large area grill, then a Blaze premium LTE 40-inch 5-burner propane gas grill is best for you, and if you want a small size versatile grill, then you have Blaze lux and kamado grill, which are quite good.


Can i protect my Blaze grill grates from rusting

Rusting can be a problem for your grill grates. You can protect it from rust through a straightforward way which is to clean the grease on the cooking grates frequently, which ultimately prevents rust from being there. And also, try to put an oil cover with a brush on the grates to prevent it from catching rust.


Do Blaze grill last for a longer period

The built-in quality of the Blaze grill is of excellent quality. They make the barbecue mostly from stainless steel material which extends the durability of the griddle for much extended period of time. Apart from their built-in quality, the grill must be cleaned and oiled on time so the barbecue life can be extended.


Does Blaze grill offer a warranty

Blaze grill offers a remarkable and fascinating warranty incentive. They offer you a lifetime warranty on the grills’ parts and give great customer service for their products that gives a pleasant feel to individuals buying the product.


How much heat can Blaze grill output

It varies from product to product, but mostly every Blaze grill provides you with more than 10000 BTU on each burner, which is a very impressive note. There are even Blaze grills which can give total output near to 80000 BTU. You can surely say that no one can beat Blaze in heat output.



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