Traeger scout vs.Traeger Ranger Pellet grills: which one should you buy?

You love hanging out with your loved ones; you go out partying either with friends or with your beautiful wife; you always intend to make those hours memorable! How about this, if we say you can add a different taste to camping or partying with your loved ones.

Yes, I am talking about preparing delicious BBQ, roasting meat, baking food, and many other recipes, even when you are outside your home. Traeger, the famous brand this time, is offering the two top competing products Trager scout pellet grill and Traeger Ranger pellet grill.

Interestingly, these pellet grills are mini-sized, lightweight, and portable. Thus, you can take them with you while going out for a party, camping, or tailgating. In this article, we will explore the mini differences that are not apparent to most users regarding these two excellent products.

Being a traveler, you will not miss the opportunity of taking such precious material with you. Make delicious recipes while on the go and make your hours the most memorable event of your life.

We will be presenting a detailed review of these two Traeger pellet grills. Read them until the end so that you make a rational buying decision regarding which one you need to buy.

Comparison chart of Traeger scout vs. Traeger Ranger Pellet grill:


Traeger Scout

Traeger Ranger




Inner material

Stainless steel

Stainless steel


One color


Item weight

45 pounds

60 pounds

Dimensions ( L X W X H)

21 x 20 x 16 inches

20 x 21 x 13 inches




Fuel Source

Wood pellets

Wood Pellets

Cooking grate

Cast iron

Cast iron

Total Cooking area

184 sq. Inches

184 sq. Inches

Meat Probe






Digital Pro Controller



Keep warm settings



A Detailed Review of Traeger Scout vs. Traeger Ranger Pellet grills:


Despite being small, the Traeger scout pellet smoker has a sturdy construction. The powder-coated steel makes it durable. Inside, the porcelain-enamelled cooking grates, making it easy for the users to clean this smoking pellet grill. However, not as durable as stainless made is. The rest of the inner parts are made of stainless steel.

On the other hand, the Ranger pellet grill has almost the same construction, just like, the former one. However, it is a bit heavier than the Scout pellet smoker. Furthermore, Trager Ranger has a much-improved structure compared to the scout pellet grill. It too has a porcelain-enamelled cooking grate for easy cleaning of the grates.


The weight of a scout Traeger pellet smoker is 45 pounds, while its dimensions are L (13 inches) x w (21inches) x H (20 inches). It has two latches that have to keep the lid closed. On the front of this grill, you get a switch on/off switch button, while a digital controller is also there to inform you regarding the temperature of the meat and cooking grates. A circular designed button in the middle, surrounded by digits, shows the temperature range starting from the smoke option until the high temperature. Moreover, this pellet smoker also has a pickup handle so that you can carry it around like a suitcase.

In contrast, the Ranger Traeger pellet grill has 60 pounds weight and dimensions LxWxH (20 x 21 x 13 inches). Its design is much better than the scout pellet grill; it also has a digital controller that tells, and going down of this controller, you get four buttons for different purposes. On the back of the grill, you get a small bucket to collect the ashes of the pellet from the pellet grill. This pellet grill also has two latches in the front and a pickup handle, keeping the lid closed for easy grill pickup.


Cooking capacity:

Both of these pellet grills offer 184 sq.inches of cooking capacity. Hence, you can conveniently grill 4-6 steaks, six burgers or six chicken breasts, one complete chicken, and one rib rack. Having this cooking area is ideal for four to six people.

Hopper pellet capacity:

The hopper pellet capacity of the scout pellet grill is four pounds. Thus, you can use the pellets for four to eight hours while on low temperature and low smoking. However, at a high temperature, it burns the pellets quickly. Thus you need to add more shots between the operation.

On the other hand, the hopper pellet capacity of the ranger pellet grill is eight pounds, double the hopper capacity of the Scout pellet grill. Thus, you can use it for many hours while smoking and grilling at low temperatures.

Fuel Source:

The fuel source of these two grills is wood pellet. Thus, you do not need to worry about the propane gas or the need for electricity to heat the grill’s cooking grates. Use a natural way of heating the cooking grates and get delicious smoke-flavored recipes.

Digital Pro Controller:

This feature guarantees quality recipes. Since you precisely monitor the temperature of the grill and the grates. Moreover, the Traeger Scout Pellet grill has a maximum temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit, with +/- 25 degrees. You set the temperature, hone your cooking and get the excellent flavored food you have ever tasted in your life.

While you set the temperature with an increment of 25 degrees in the scout pellet grill, here in the Ranger pellet smoker grill, you set the temperature with an increment of 5 degrees. Thus, this pellet grill ensures temperature that is more precise controlling, and you get accurate results on what you want to grill or griddle.

Keep warm settings:

Another exciting feature of the Traeger ranger pellet grill is the keep warm settings. After you prepare the recipe, if you do not want to serve, you can use this feature to set the temperature at 165 degrees Fahrenheit to keep the food warm. Thus, even after hours, you can have that recipe warm and full of taste.

However, the Traeger scout pellet grill does not have this feature. Hence, if you want to purchase a scout pellet grill, you must serve or eat your food as soon as it is prepared.


Traeger Ranger pellet grill offers another feature that the Scout pellet grill lacks. That feature is a flat cooking surface without bars having holes in between, “the griddle.” Hence, apart from BBQ, baking, and roasting, you can also prepare burgers, eggs, or pancakes on the grill. You can make a complete breakfast while using the griddle portion of the Ranger pellet grill apart from grilling the food. Furthermore, its griddle is made up of cast iron; hence, the skillet evenly distributes the heat throughout the griddle and retains it for longer.

Meat Probe:

Another excellent feature, which is common in both grills, is the meat probe feature. While using this feature, your food temperature on the grill shows the food temperature on the digital screen of these pellet grills. Furthermore, you also get insights into your set temperature and required temperature for the food you grill.

Traeger is offering this fantastic feature in these grills. Hence, you will not have to worry about the food quality if you grill it at a higher or lower temperature than required.

Pros and Cons of Traeger Scout vs. Trager Ranger Pellet grill:

Traeger Scout Pellet grill

  • Digital pro controller
  • Meat probe
  • Portable
  • Easy to clean
  • Easy to use
  • Less hopper pellet storage capacity
  • Lacks PID controller

Traeger Ranger Pellet grill

  • Well designed
  • Enhanced pellet storage capacity than Scout pellet grill
  • PID controller
  • Meat probe along with griddle
  • Little a bit bulky

Final Words:

If you want to enjoy flavored restaurant recipes like BBQ, roast, baking, and some other recipes while camping, tailgating, or enjoying a fantastic summer evening with your loved ones, then we recommend the Traeger portable pellet grills.

Most consumers object regarding the heavyweight, and the huge cooking surface area is a problem moving the grills. However, the Traeger Scout and Ranger Pellet grills are fulfilling this gap. Their design is fantastic! They are compact, well designed, and not as bulky as the other pellet grills in the competition. Their suitcase-like cover structure makes them easy to pick them up and carry alongside.

Moreover, they have used advanced technology like digital pro controller and meat probe to bring precision to your grilled food. Both of these Traeger smoker grills give a fabulous performance. However, Ranger has a much-improved design, and it is well built. Despite being a bit bulky, you get some extra features in Ranger pellet smoker like Timer, Keep warm settings and PID controller, and additional hopper pellet capacity.

Thus, if you can manage the weight of the Ranger pellet grill, we recommend the Traeger Ranger pellet grill.


Do these grills require electrical power to run them?

Yes, it would help if you had power electricity to let the pellet burn so the pellet could warm the grates and the grill. Hence, if you are thinking of a picnic, you need to cater to the electricity source to make those hours precious.

Does Traeger scout pellet grill have a keep warm setting?

Unfortunately, the scout pellet grill does not offer this feature. Keep warm settings available in the Ranger pellet grill to maintain the food’s temperature and use it later.


Can we smoke the food Scout grill or Ranger grill on which Traeger pellet grill?

You can smoke the food on both of these grills; keep the temperature lower of the grates according to the instructions and get the best smoke-flavored food out of these Traeger pellet grills.

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