Traeger vs Camp Chef Pellet Grills: The Fatal Fight Brand Comparison In 2022

Are you ready to start using a pellet grill? If so, you must know that there are many different brands currently on the market. If you don’t search them and pick the one that will work best for you, you may regret your decision. We will help you review two brands, Traeger and chef, and compare them based on their features.


The Camp Chef brand started with a need to make high–quality, easy-to-use outdoor pellet grills. It didn’t take long for their innovative designs and quality to catch on, so they began to expand the product line by introducing more unique, durable, and affordable pellet grills. Over recent years Traeger has stuck with an inexpensive product range and offering quality and reliability, which puts them head and shoulders above other similar brands in terms of value for money.

Traeger vs. Camp Chef Pellet Grills Comparison

Let see the comprehensive comparison between the both brands in order to give you a clear idea that what to go for.

PID Controller Based Technology:

Comparing the Camp Chef Pursuit to the Traeger Tailgater, only the Camp Chef has modern PID control panel technology, which is vital for maintaining a consistent and accurate temperature.

Price tag:

Based on the price tag, the camp chef brand has an affordable range of buying, which is within the scope of every individual to buy it quickly, but if we look at the price of the Traeger compared to the camp chef, it is costly. 


Most Camp Chef’s products feature a powder-coated steel body with porcelain-coated grates that can resist rusting. Traeger produces gas grills and smokers with porcelain-coated steel grates throughout their line. 

Pellet Hopper Size:

When it comes to grill sizes and capacity, Traeger has three of their models ranging from 18-24 pounds, depending on the specific model and what size its hopper is. Meanwhile, Camp Chef’s grills have either a 20- or 22-pound hopper depending on the size of their grill, with each one requiring about 18-24 hours of unassisted smoking time. Thus, both brands provide the same hopper size capacity.

Cooking Surface Area:

Both brands have various grills in their lineups, and you can find a grill that meets how much cooking surface area you want. But if we compare them based on the cooking area capacity, both provide ample space for cooking, so both are perfect for this feature.

Heat Retention:

Heat storing is one of the best features of a pellet grill that must cook meat from every corner and deep down correctly. Thus, both these brands have heat storing and retention capability because both are solid-built brands, and their leaking of heat is rare. So, both brands have a high-quality build that helps them heat up quickly and hold onto that heat for longer. 

Comprehensive Comparison Chart of Traeger and camp chef Pellet Grills

Full Detailed Review of Top three Camp Chef Pellet Grills

1. Camp Chef Flat Top Grill FTG600

Camp Chef has done an impressive job with their Flat Top grill, making it one of the premier grills on the market. However, this grill is limited to Camp Chef stoves, so keep that in mind if you don’t have one. It is a must-have for your camping gear collection with an existing Camp Chef stove.
This Top grill comes with two griddling capabilities: a cast-iron top and the option of buying a separate griddle surface to place above it. This versatility allows those interested in searing over direct heat or need more room for cooking than what’s offered by regular flat top surfaces. It essentially gives users the option of having their cake and eating it.

  • Large cooking area
  • Easy to install
  • Top griddle and grill grate combination
  • Matchless ignition system
  • Paint is not warranted

2. Camp Chef SmokePro DLX Pellet Grill PG24B

Pellet grills are one of the fastest-growing segments in grilling. They are easy to use, clean up quickly, and allow you to smoke and grill your food to perfection. One of the best on the market is the SmokePro DLX grills which are unique models of the camp chef brand.
Moreover, this new DLX PG24B model has a new controller that makes the grill even more accessible. In addition, it has a Smoke Control and a PID system that lets you adjust the amount of smoke your food gets by giving you a Smoke Number to tailor the amount of smoke to your taste.

  • PID temperature controller
  • Durable Pellet Hopper
  • Easy to Install
  • Controllable Smoke Delivery System
  • Slow cooking

3. Camp Chef 24 in. WIFI Woodwind Pellet Grill & Smoker PG24CLSK

Tired of needing to open the BBQ grill because you’re having trouble determining when your meat is done? Frustrated by constantly keeping a close eye on what you’re cooking because you want it to be perfect? If so, then camp new revolutionary PID WIFI-enabled controller is just the thing for you. It lets you change the temperature and set timers right from your smartphone.

The pellet smoker comes with an advanced temperature regulator plus an intelligent programmable meat probe, ensuring that users have complete control over their cooking experience. It has a Pellet Hopper Cleanout system for effortless cleaning. There is an ash cleaning system that can be used for easy maintenance. This allows convenient and easy access to the grill to cook your desired meat perfectly.

  • Automatic ignition system
  • Temperature controller
  • Easy cleaning system
  • Slide and grill technology
  • 1st time app connection is little bit difficult

Full Detailed Review of Top three Traeger Pellet Grills

Traeger Grills Pro Series 34 Electric Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker 10251

When you cook something on a wood fire, it tests better; whether you’re smoking a brisket or slow-cooked pork chops, cooking with wood tastes better. Thus, Traeger created the original wood-pellet grill brand, which helps you achieve a wood-fired taste. The Traeger Pro Series 34 is another excellent tool for achieving wood-fired taste. It takes the guesswork out of grilling, and it allows you to concentrate on the food you love to eat.

However, the stainless-steel exterior shell of this pellet grill gives it a sleek and durable appearance that lets you smoke for hours on end without touching a thing. And the powder-coated casing ensures it lasts even longer, providing exceptional durability from start to finish. It has 18 pounds Hopper capacity. The built-in digital Pro Controller regulates heat output, so you have total control over grilling temperatures throughout your time cooking.

  • Temperature and digital control system
  • 6-in-1 functioning grill
  • Powder-coated finish
  • LED indicator for temperature
  • Does not equipped with WIFI control system

Traeger Grills Ironwood 650 Wood Pellet Grill and Smoke

Traeger Grills recently came out with a new line of pellet grills – Traeger Ironwood, which is their flagship model and is designed to cook various foods from full meals to dessert. The grill looks like a large gas grill, but a hopper and digital programming to control the temperature make it the perfect grill for everyone.

This Ironwood grill is a solidly built smoker with two shelves inside it, meaning you’ll be able to fit a lot of food. It has a temperature range from 165 to 500 degrees which means it serves dual purposes, much like an oven would serve as a heating device and food prep area.

  • Two cooking area
  • 20 lbs. hopper capacity
  • 3-years warranty
  • Variable speed fan
  • Cannot be assemble by one man/woman

Traeger Grills Pro Series 575 Wood Pellet Grill and Smoker

Are you wondering in the market to find out one of the best models of Traeger brand to have WiFIRE technology where you can control your grill with just a smartphone? As, the tech control devices make life easier and reduces time of working too. Thus, there is 575 wood pellet grills with D2 feature which can save time by staring quickly and heating up speedily and cook with very error-free temperature setting.

Moreover, the updated D2 Direct Drive controller is designed to be more durable and reliable. It has a drum-shaped cooking chamber for meat, which offers hours of smokey goodness. In addition, the grill has a box-style hopper on the left-hand side that is great for storing pellets, spices, and rubs. Overall, the design is simple but pleasant.

  • Smart wiFIRE technology
  • Super Smoke mode
  • Huge Cooking Space
  • Easy to Disassemble
  • Porcelain-coated steel can rust with passage time

Final Thoughts:

If you are thinking of purchasing a pellet grill, you probably have doubts about which brand to choose. We reviewed this article to help you choose the best grill for you. We did a detailed discussion on two of the top brands: Camp Chef and Traeger. What’s unique about these brands is that they each have distinct features and use different types of wood pellets or wood chips to fuel their product.

The two most popular grill manufacturers, Camp Chef and Traeger, are known for making top-quality grills, and each claim to make the best pellet grills. But which is the best? Both brands offer several models of pellet grills, so it is hard to tell which one you should choose. Thus, we reviewed these brands’ models to let you select your gadget wisely.


Is there an easy way to empty the pellet hopper?

There’s a fresh new cleanout door that lets you remove food residue from the hopper by simply removing it from the machine.

Can I grill and sear on the Camp Chef Woodwind?

Yes, you can. As the Woodwind comes with Slide and Grill technology that lets you open the heat deflector and expose the heat source, fire comes right through the grill, which helps you to grill your meat over direct, high heat

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