Traeger vs. Z grills: which one is better

Are you looking for a grill that should conveniently fulfill your needs? Look! There is severe competition out their in the market. Brands are coming up with new products now and then. Such unique offerings confuse you about which pellet grill you should purchase.

 When it comes to wood pellet grills, the two top competing brands Traeger and z grills, pop up in your mind. The former has been leading the market for decades, and the latter is a new competitor but budget-friendly!

Hence, this article will give you a detailed overview of these two famous pellet smokers’ grills. We will be providing insights regarding their features like their design, construction, temperature range, cooking surface area, use of technology, etc.

After reading this article, you will have a clear idea of which brand’s product you need to purchase and why it is suitable for you. Thus, read it until the end so that you make a wise purchasing decision.

Detailed overview of Traeger vs. Z grills:


Most of the Traeger pellet grills have powder-coated steel designs. They are sturdy and durable. Moreover, from the inside, the cooking grated are porcelain-enameled coated; thus, they are easy to clean, do not stick and rust resistant. At the same time, its other components have a stain steel design.

Unique features like fuel insulation from the bad weather are a significant concern. Such features depend upon the price of the grill. If you are looking for a low-budgeted grill, which falls into the category of entry-level grills, you do not get insulation. Similarly, in the mid-range, moderated price grills have sidewall insulation with moderate fuel consumption. In the high-range, grills with high prices offer complete insulation from different weather, and your fuel consumption of wood pellet is much lower. Such high-price grills have stainless steel grates.

On the other hand, most of the z pellet grills have powder-coated steel designs. In contrast, some other models have a stainless lid with extra cost.

Inside the grill, you get porcelain-enameled cooking grates, which is a good thing for users because you will easily clean them; such grates do not stick to food and show resistance. Z pellet smokers do not offer insulation from harsh weather conditions; thus, you must buy an insulation blanket to save fuel consumption. Most of the z grills pellet grills have wheels that are not that huge, and you might find it difficult moving them on rough surfaces.

Regarding construction, Traeger grills have the edge over z pellet grills. However, you need to look into the z grills if you have a limited budget.

Total cooking surface:

The cooking surface depends upon the number of people you want to serve. If you have a small family of three to four people, then a pellet grill with a small cooking surface would be sufficient, while for a more prominent family larger cooking surface is an ideal choice.

Traeger pellet grills offer grills having different cooking surfaces. These portable pellet smokers offer relatively small cooking surfaces because of their compact design and to ensure easy mobility. However, if you want to serve a large number of people, your grills would have a larger cooking area but minimal mobility.

Similarly, Z pellet grills offer grills starting with a cooking surface of 450 sq. Inches until 1000 sq. Inches. Furthermore, z pellet smokers offer warming racks and some additional space in its other grills.

It is hard to determine which brand should be on top in terms of their products’ cooking surface. However, we would recommend z pellet grills for larger families, while if you are fond of partying and more often go out for 

Camping, then we recommend portable Traeger pellet grills for easy mobility.

Hopper capacity:

Hopper capacity depends upon the size of the grill. Large grills have larger hopper capacity and vice versa. Generally, one hour of grilling consumes one or around two pounds of pellets per hour. Furthermore, if you want to high temperature, then it will consume wood pellets faster than if you are going to smoke your food at a low temperature.

Traeger pellet smokers offer Hopper capacity in a variety of sizes. Small portable Traeger pellet grills offer a hopper capacity of around eight pounds, while bigger grills have a pellet hopper capacity of approximately twenty to twenty-two pounds.

Z grills also offer different hopper capacities starting from around eight pounds to twenty pounds. Thus, the hopper capacity of Z grills pellet smokers depends upon the grill size.

Both of them offer variations in the hopper capacities in their grills. Thus, hopper capacity does not make any significant difference in selecting one of the brands.

Use of Wi-Fi:

Remotely controlling the grills adds extra taste while using the grills. You do not need to stand beside the grill to handle things manually.

Fortunately, Traeger grills offer Wi-Fi connectivity features in most of their pellet grills. You need to download the Traeger app, connect the grill with the App on your mobile phone, and enjoy controlling the temperature, checking the remaining wood pellets in the hopper while playing video games, or having a sweet talk with your loved ones.

On the other hand, Z grills currently do not offer remote control of its pellet smokers. Thus, you must always ensure your presence with the grill while grilling the food.

Regarding remote control, Traeger has a competitive advantage over the Z grills.

Temperature control:

Another vital feature of grills is their precision in controlling the temperature. The more precise a grill is, the easier it will give the users to cook the food with accurate quality. Another important thing is the material from which the grill’s body has been made for heat retention and insulation.

Traeger pellet grills have two layers of stainless construction covering their body. It offers excellent heat retention, and you control the temperature of the Traeger pellet smoker with great precision. Most Traeger pellet grills offer temperature control with an increment of +/- 15 degrees Fahrenheit.

On the other hand, Z grills have a single-layer stainless construction, which offers too heat retention; however, you will have to make special arrangements for insulation. Most of the z grill pellet grills offer temperature control with an increment of +/- 25 degrees Fahrenheit.

Thus, in controlling temperature, we go with the Traeger grills since they offer narrower precision than Z pellet grills.

Temperature range:

If you want to cook different recipes on the grill like BBQ, searing, baking, roasting, etc., you want a grill that offers a wide range of temperatures. Most grills’ the ideal temperature is around 200-400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Traeger grills offer a temperature range of 150-450 degrees Fahrenheit. on the other hand, it provides a maximum of 500 degrees of temperature in some of its new models.

Z grills also offer a temperature range between around 150-450 degrees Fahrenheit.

Resultantly, both of these grills are ideal for versatile cooking methods; you can smoke food at low temperatures, in contrast to roasting or baking the food at around 400 degrees. Both are a good fit for you—however, cost matters in purchasing the grill.


Most of the users frequently ask about the price of the grill before going to explore other features of the grill.

Traeger grills, a well-established brand, offers expensive products in the market; its lowest-priced model comes at around $900, up to $2000, equipped with full features. Undoubtedly, Traeger grills are the most expensive products in the market; however, the quality and features they offer are also of the next level.

Z pellet grills are the most recent brand; however, they are booming these days with the tag of the most affordable grills present in the market. Their lowest-priced models cost you $400, up to $900, and insulation cover.

Thus, if you want modern features like Wi-Fi in your grill, then Traeger grills are an ideal option. On the other hand, if you are on a budget, we recommend having affordable Z pellet grills.


How much warranty a grill offers is a fundamental question that pops up in the customers’ minds. A grill having a more extended warranty shows a sign of durability and quality.

Both Traeger and Z pellet grills offer three years of warranty, which is sufficient for checking the quality of the grill and call for a warranty claim if you have to repair any fault in the grill.


Wood pellet grills are booming nowadays in the market. People are fond of having a wood-smoked flavor in their food. Thus, Traeger and Z pellet grills compete. 

Both of these grills are well rated by their users.

Traeger has been ruling for decades, while the most recent Z grills are giving tuff time to the Traeger grills with affordable prices of its grills.

Most of the features are common in the grills of these two brands. However, in terms of technology, Traeger pellet grills outperform Z pellet smokers. On the hand, in terms of pricing, Z pellet grills are ruling by offering the most affordable wood pellet grills.

As a rule of thumb, with added features comes extra cost. Thus, if you are not budget limited, we recommend the Traeger grills; otherwise, we recommend the most affordable Z pellet grills if you have a limited budget.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the significant difference between Z grills and Traeger grills?

The significant difference between Z grills and Traeger Pellet grills is the price and use of technology, specifically Wi-Fi. Traeger grills are expensive; however, they offer modern features like remotely controlling the grill through the Traeger App while using Wi-Fi. Z grills are affordable but lack Wi-Fi.

Do Z grills offer insulation from bad weather conditions like cold weather?

Z grills primarily do not offer insulation from cold weather. For this purpose, you must buy a separate insulation cover to retain the temperature.

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