Veg grilled cheese sandwich

It only takes 15-20 minutes of yours to prepare this heavenly snack. Veg grilled sandwich is a simple, easy, quick, cheesy snack you can prepare for your family and friends. It has a very quick and simple recipe for being cooked, and no complex work or skills are required for it.

Moreover, if you have to prepare much of a number of sandwiches like in a family get-together, a sandwich maker can help perfectly.

The easy and general equipment for making veg grilled sandwiches are tawas or griddles for preparing them nicely.

However, you can also use a sandwich maker, which is also a very good option.

Making a veg sandwich for breakfast or brunch is very easy and straightforward, and it’s healthy too. You can make it without grilling it if you want to do so.

Veg grilled cheese sandwich

Cheesy, healthy, creamy, and mouth-watering, this sandwich comprises all of these traits. And benefit here is that when you are short of time in the morning for your job or late for your school, this sandwich adds fuel to your stomach without consuming any time as it is prepared in no time. Honestly speaking, just make the filling, spread it nicely on the toast or on bread, and grill it, and you are ready to go. It isn’t similar to eating simply a cut of onion, cucumber, or tomato when you eat this sandwich since everything of the veggies is finely slashed or ground. You can add ground or finely slashed veggies to the filling on the off chance that you have a particular eater. The vegetables give an unobtrusive mash to the dish.



  • Eight bread slices
  • ½ carrot shredded
  • A cup of cabbage shredded
  • ½ nicely chopped onion
  • 50 grams of paneer
  • Mayonnaise ( eggless ) 2 tablespoon
  • Half cup of mozzarella cheese ( shredded)
  • One tablespoon of black pepper
  • A single tbsp. Of salt
  • ½ tablespoon of sugar 
  • Ghee or butter a single spoon



Mesh and shredded carrot, cabbage, and paneer (curds). Finely cleave the onions. Put them in a vessel alongside ground mozzarella cheddar. You can utilize some other assortment of cheddar, assuming that you like. 

  • Do put the amount of ingredient as written above in the ingredient section.
  • Afterward, add black pepper, mayonnaise, mango powder (amchur), salt, and sugar. You should not have to add any sugar assuming the mayonnaise you are utilizing as of now contains sugar. You can likewise utilize chaat masala rather than the amchur powder.
  • Combine every substance of the mixings as one. Try not to leave out this blend for a long time after adding the flavors; generally,, the vegetables will begin to leave the water.
  • Equitably spread the filling on a cut of bread. Cover it with one more cut of bread and press delicately to tie the bread cuts together. You can likewise spread a layer of coriander chutney for some additional flavor in the event that you need it.
  • Put some amount of either ghee or butter on a pan or on a tawa by preheating them for 3 minutes. On a low intensity of heat, place the sandwich on the tawa for a minute. When you see the side as showing browny or crispy texture,, remove it; it means the sandwich is cooked perfectly crispy.
  • Turn the side of the sandwich after one side gets a good texture and repeat the same process on the second side.
  • And here is your veg grilled cheese sandwich ready for serving.


Suggestions to keep in mind

  • The best quality of bread to choose for your veg grilled sandwich must always be multigrain bread or brown bread. These two are the healthier and best choice for bread to be used for this making.
  • You can use a tawa or sandwich maker for your veg sandwich, and also you can use the grill for your sandwich making.
  • Vegetables can be added in a variety like a cucumber, corn, lettuce, tomato, and more.
  • After spooning, you can sprinkle some spice over the sandwich to make it spicy and delicious.


Suggestion for storing

Do prepare your sandwiches inside of home or in the kitchen to preserve them from outside heat, and do not leave them out for much of the time, not more than 3 hours after they have been prepared. They can stay longer and preserve for a longer time when it’s a cold-weather outside but not the same scenario for the summer season.


Final words

This sandwich is all in one very good to be consumed as it is very healthy and along with being healthy it is very easy to be prepared and very less time-consuming snack it is which can be prepared in no time. In last, i will suggest consuming this sandwich within an hour of making it as it loses its taste. The more it is outside, the more it becomes odd. I hope this article helped you in getting knowledge about veg healthy sandwich making and its recipe.


Frequently asked question

How many calories will i get after eating this sandwich?

This sandwich consists of around 315kcl, which is quite enough for and much for a quick, energetic recharge.

Which bread is best for sandwich making?

Multigrain and brown bread is the best one to be used for sandwich making.

Is it healthier for kids to have it as breakfast?

Yes, this food is full of nutrients. A kid is having veg breakfast with butter what else his/her health needs. It will be best to give your children this veg sandwich in the morning as breakfast.

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