Weber Genesis II E-325 vs. E-310- What is the difference?

You are a loyal customer of Weber genesis, and you have been using Weber Genesis grills for decades. This time, too, you want to purchase a new Weber grill so that you make some delicious recipes to make parties in your home memorable.

If you find it difficult which product, should you buy either Weber Genesis E-325s or E-310? Then you are on the right page because this post will present a detailed analysis of these two beautiful products, the Weber e-325 and e-310.

Both of these products are love! Their design is spectacular, their performance has always been top-rated by its users, and other added features like ease of use, easy cleaning, and durability of the grill are some of the main highlights of these excellent products.

However, we will also be exploring some of the features that make Weber Genesis E-325s and E-310 different from one another. Hence, if you want to make a rational decision, read this post until the end to make a rational buying decision according to your needs and affordability.

Comparison chart: E-325 vs. E-310:








Alloy steel

Porcelain, Cast Iron


Black, Copper, Stainless steel

Black, stainless steel

Item weight

188 pounds

132 pounds

Dimensions ( L X W X H)

35.5 x 30.75 x 31 inches

59 x 29 x 47 inches

Fuel Source

Liquid propane gas

Liquid Propane gas,

Main Burners



 Main Burners BTUs (Total)/hour

39000 BTUs/hr.

39000 BTU/hr.

Grate Material

Porcelain enameled cast iron

Porcelain enameled, cast iron


Ten years

Ten years

Total Cooking area

787 sq. Inches

669 sq. Inches




GS4 grilling system



A detailed comparison between Weber Genesis II E-325 vs. E-310:


Both of these grills are well constructed. Their design is fabulous, and it is according to the flavor of the current generation. The one common thing in both of them is the side tables. You can use them in many different ways, like preparing ingredients for the meal or using these side tables as serving trays.

As far as Weber ii 325 is concerned, its body is constructed of either alloy steel or copper, depending on the grill’s color. Moreover, it is straightforward to operate because of its excellent design. You get four dialers in the front of the grill, which can be used for different purposes; on the top of the lid, you get a meter reader that shows the grill’s temperature and tells you about the required fuel level in the grill.

Furthermore, inside, you get porcelain-enameled, cast-iron cooking grates; your food does not stick with them, and these grates are easy to clean. You also can utilize the option of customizing the grates. In addition, this excellent weber genesis e 325 has two wheels on either side of the grill. You either can lock them or can use them for easy mobility.

On the other hand, Weber Genesis ii E-310 body is made of stainless steel; thus, you get a sturdy and durable grill. You get porcelain enameled cast iron grates from inside, and you experience similar advantages as if you use weber e-325. Furthermore, you get two big on one side of the Weber e-310 and locking wheels on the other side of this genesis ii 310.

GS4 Grilling System:

Fortunately, Weber Genesis E-325 and E-310 both have this excellent system. In previous Weber models, users could not get the privilege of using this feature. However, Weber Genesis ii grills offer this feature. Hence, you can experience infinity ignition, a quality grease management, and impressive flavorizer bars.

IGrill 3:

Interestingly, Weber Genesis ii E-325 and E-310 both have this badge on their grills so that you can use this feature. You must install this device on these grills and connect it with its mobile application through Bluetooth. Here, you get a thermometer to check the temperature of the food inside the grill and notify you when the food attains the perfect temperature so that you serve it.

Moreover, it has a sensor that tells you the tank’s required fuel level. The best feature is that you get pre-set temperature for different recipes like Brisket, Salmon, Pork Chops, and Chicken Breasts; you can also customize the temperature according to the recipe you want.

Total Cooking Area:

Weber genesis ii e-325 offers a large cooking area of 787 sq. Inches; hence, you can efficiently serve many people at once.

In contrast, the Weber genesis e-310 offers a cooking area of 669 sq. Inches. It is, in comparison, not that large as compared to e-325. However, still, you can serve a small party and a gathering of your friends. Expandable Top cooking grates:

Weber Genesis ii E-325 contains this feature of expanding the cooking grates. It means you can increase the grilling capacity of your grill. Hence, you execute the entire meal at once.

On the other hand, Weber Genesis ii E-310 does not contain this feature. Here, you will have to do two than one serving in the weber genesis ii e-325.

Custom-fit grill ware:

Custom-fit grill ware is another feature that makes Weber genesis ii 325 from E-310. Here, you can replace a cooking grate in the grill with various other grills, according to your needs. Thus, you can roast, steam, bake, and sear through this customized grates option; these recipes are in operation.

In contrast, Weber E-310 does offer this feature. Hence, you can cook only one recipe at one time.

Fuel Source:

Both of them uses liquid propane and natural gas as a fuel source. In the grill, you get a fuel tank; thus, it is mandatory to have one of these fuel sources available to flame the burners. However, we are reviewing the grills when you use liquid propane as a fuel source.

Grease Management System:

By using the GS4 high-performance grilling system, you also experience efficient grease management in both of these grills. No mess, no other causalities, because you get a tray kind of plate beneath the grates; whatever falls from the grates is accumulated in that tray. Take out that tray, clean the waste and place it inside the grill. Thus, it makes the genesis ii e-325 grill so easy to clean.


These weber genesis ii grills offer a more extended warranty of ten years. Hence, you have ample time to mend any faults that arise while using them through a warranty claim. Furthermore, by offering such an enormous warranty, you can imagine these grills’ durability and quality.


  • Side tables can be used as prep and serving trays
  • Expandable top cooking grate
  • Use of high performance GS4 grilling system
  • Unfold able side tables
  • Little expensive


  • Easy to clean
  • Use of GS4 grilling system
  • IGrill 3
  • Expensive
  • Takes time for efficiently using it

Final Verdict:

Weber has always catered to the demands of the customers. It offers new models according to the changing preferences of the users. Customers consistently rate its product high because of the ensured performance and durability that it offers in its grills.

This post analyzes two top competing products, Weber Genesis II E-325s and E-310. Both of these grills present next-level performance. Their design, construction, and the parts weber has used in these grills offer durability on these grills. Thus, you can conveniently use them for years to come.

However, weber genesis ii E-325 offers specific features, while E-310 lacks such features. Like, E-325 offers expandable top cooking grates and a large cooking area. The rest of the features are identical, like the use of the GS4 grilling system, IGrill 3, and efficient grease management confirms the quality of these weber genesis grills.

We compare these grills in detail so that you have a clear idea of which grill you should purchase based on your affordability and needs.

After reading this comparison, we are sure that you must have made a purchase decision regarding one of these excellent Weber genesis ii grills.


How long does Weber Genesis II E-325 last?

Weber Genesis II E-325 offers an extended warranty of ten years. It means you can easily use it beyond ten years if you use it correctly and maintain the grill periodically.

What makes Weber Genesis II E-325 different from E-310?

Expandable top cooking grates make, E-325 different from E-310. By utilizing this feature, you expand the grilling capacity of genesis ii e-325 and can serve the whole meal in one serving.

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