Weber Genesis II S-435 and E-435 Grill | Reviews and Comparison

Do you feel confused when confronted with products of your favorite and popular Brand, ‘Weber’? Of course, you would be thinking, what product should I purchase so that It can fulfill my kitchen needs satisfactorily?

A detailed comparison is given below between Weber S-435 and E-435 of the Genesis II series so that you can make a rational decision before purchasing either of the product physically or online.

Detailed Comparison Chart of S-435 vs E-435:

Detailed Comparison and Review (Weber S-435 vs. E-435)

In a current innovative era, it has become difficult to choose products that can fulfill all needs of respective customers. Grills having beautiful designs and incredible features makes it harder for a naïve customer like you to choose the best among the top-of-the-line affordable Grills.

Weber Grills are discussed in good words among customers because of their guaranteed features and their promised fulfillment. S-435 and E-435 products of the Weber Genesis series is a practical proof of their popularity. They are intelligent, sharp, efficient, and multi-purpose grills. Down below, a detailed discussion has been given regarding these two products.


The S-435 has an awesome design. It is specially designed for modern homes. Its finish is stainless steel. It has Swivel caster-locked wheels in the front and two large wheels on the back. Overall, it has an attractive design.

Weber Genesis II E-435 has beautiful black color. Users rate it one of the modern designed Weber grills. It’s according to the trend, according to the fashion. However, It has a porcelain-enameled cast coating on the parts. It has painted steel doors. However, they are less durable as compared to stainless steel S-435.

Overall, both Grills are the best grills to fulfill users’ needs. You can choose among, according to your choice.

Grilling System:

Genesis S-435 comes with a next-level high-performance grilling system. It is robust and capable of delivering high temperatures.

Genesis E-435 also comes with the same top-of-the-line GS4 Grilling system. Its design is beautiful; it is easy to use while promising to provide high temperatures to all the corners of the cooking area.

Comparing these two products is the same in this variant; both have the same GS4 system.

Sear Station:

These beautiful Weber gas grills have a sear station that can generate sear marks on the meal. Thus, they promise to make guests praise the beautiful sear and grill marks on the meat.

The sear station is quite a hot zone; its high temperature creates beautiful grills and sear marks in a short period.


The quality of grates leads to the popularity of the grill. Weber Genesis S-435 has 7mm stainless steel strong grates, ensuring equal heat distribution during the grilling process.

On the other hand, the Weber propane grill E-435 has porcelain-enameled iron cast cooking grates. That coating protects the grates from rusting. Moreover, they are made of iron, which ensures their ability to be strong and last longer.

Fuel Source:

S-435 uses liquid propane gas. Being its user, you should have a supply of liquid propane, while E-435 requires natural gas. Thus, being its user, you should have a connection with natural gas to make it operational.

Grill Control Through Technology:

The Weber uses the IGrill 3 application, which is compatible with the S-435 and E-435 of the Genesis series. By installing that on the grill, you can control the operation from your smartphone or computer.

The best thing about this is it gives a notification when grill heat reaches a required temperature. Thus, it ensures quality, and you will not have low-quality dishes. However, you will have to purchase IGrill 3 app separately to install it on the grill.


Weber gas grills S-435 and E-435 offer four burners and a side burner. They are powerful, and their flames grill meat in a short period. Their 4800 BTU massive input is sufficient in the preparation of tasty meat.

Moreover, these Weber grills have a side burner, which makes easy the simmering of sauce. Thus, advantageous to the users to make this without taking their eyes off the meal.

Flavorizer Bars:

Weber Genesis II E-435 and S-435 have flavorizer bars used to catch any drippings from the grates and then evaporate them back upward towards the grates.

Moreover, S-435 has stainless steel bars, while E-435 has a porcelain-enameled coating on these bars, which protects it from rusting. Thus, it is durable.

Foldable Side Tables:

Weber S-435 and E-435 both have side tables. Thus, users can avail of this option while cooking to put other necessary tools and ingredients.


Both of these gills assure top-notch performance. Their design and the quality of parts installed are just out of praise. These best weber gas grills guarantee durability from physical outlook until their flavorizer bars. Everything is complete, perfect for the next level.

Moreover, Weber has focused primarily on its robust functionality. They bring ease into users’ life through their quality of working life.


These products offer ten years limited warranty. However, wear and tear are excluded because of regular use. Before claiming a deposit, users need to thoroughly read the terms and conditions.

Moreover, they also need to register themselves online on their official website to make warranty claiming easy.

Weber Genesis II S-435

  • It is durable and has a stainless steel finish
  • Ten years lengthy warranty
  • Use of IGrill 3 app technology
  • It is too huge in its size. Thus not recommended for congested spaces
  • Difficult to assemble

Weber Genesis II E-435

  • Compatible with IGrill 3 app technology
  • It has a porcelain-enameled finish
  • The sides of the cabinet have large openings; due to this, animals can easily enter it

Final Comments

Weber is one of the renowned brands that has made it through guaranteed performance. We reviewed and compared its two top-notch products from different angles like their dimensions, cooking area per grill, durability, and the list.

Overall, Weber Genesis II E-435 and S-435 are much better than the rest of the competing products on their level. Further, even being different products, most of their features are the same. However, both have a different finish. Weber S-435 is stainless steel, while Weber E-435’s finish is porcelain-enameled. They have a fantastic look; they perform their task according to their quality. These products offer a limited-time lengthy warranty, which is a good thing for the customer. They are durable; parts installed into these machines are of top-notch quality. Both of these products offer the use of technology. Thus, the user knows when the grill will reach its perfect temperature even away from the grill.

We recommend these products to the users. They should go, check them out and purchase the one which suits them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Weber Genesis II S-435 and E-435 use the same technology?

Both of them are compatible with IGrill 3 app technology. You just need to install the device on the machine and then start controlling it from your smartphone.

The significant difference between S-435 and E-435?

Almost both have the same features. The main difference between them is their finish. S-435 finish is stainless steel. While the E-435 finish is porcelain enameled.

For how long does Weber Genesis last?

It depends on the user how he maintains and uses the grill. If they use it regularly and do not maintain it, it will last for around three years. Its average life is between five to ten years. It all depends on you; if you maintain it, then it will last according to the manufacturer’s claim.

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