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With regards to all-over flexibility and performance, you’d be unable to track down a grill as strong as the Weber Q1200 Propane Grill. With most tabletop and compact barbecues, To get the convenience of being able to take a grill on the move, most tabletop and portable grills need a trade-off.

That is not the situation with the Weber Q1200. Weber planned this barbecue for outdoor that could undoubtedly be taken in a hurry, however, without forfeiting quality or your capacity to barbecue extraordinarily tasty food varieties.

The grill doesn’t think twice about its performance; it’s always been excellent, so it will always be awesome no matter what happens; it does not take compromise into account. In spite of its small size, it performs that different gas barbecues with bigger sizes and up to six burners can merely fantasize about accomplishing. It rapidly arrives at 300 degrees Celsius regardless of having just a single burner. The barbecue satisfies the expression that size doesn’t make any difference. Portability that is not available in many of the grills is there in q1200 because of its compact size design.

Now, let’s move to the main discussion of its specifications and features that differentiate it from other grills.

Some Awesome Features Of Weber Q1200 Grill

Easiness of usage 

The q1200 is easy to use with an electrical ignition system that powers it to swiftly initiate. Moreover, the grill comprises a heating system that enables the grill to reach the temperature for operating in a few seconds. The grill has an instinctive activity that makes grilling unconstrained and easy, to the point that even individuals with no prior experience with grills may operate it without difficulty.

The easiness is up to the level that its usage is on the go. Its lightweight design makes an individual carry it wherever he/she likes to move it; you can say that is why most people like to use Weber q1200 for camping, fishing, or taking it along with them on trips thanks to its compact size.

Cooking area 

The barbecue has 189 square inches of all-out grill region, and if you want extra space for something, you can create it by dividing the grates into two parts which will help you have more space. The cooking region is enormous enough for day-to-day use, yet it can’t deal with a huge grill. A conservative and adaptable barbecue functions admirably with more modest get-togethers and outside service, such as setting up camp.

As it does not comes with any of the accessories that its standard model carried, you can have a trolley and a stand independently. These can assist with expanding the cooking surface region.


Natural gas or liquid propane are used to power the Weber Q1200. The burner, which generates 8500 BTU per hour, is powered by gas. The fuel provides enough power for it to run for hours on end while also ensuring that all meals in the cooking area receive an equal heat distribution. It incorporates an electronic start mechanism that simplifies the process of lighting the burner and eliminates false starts.

Use either cartridge of gas or a bottle of gas to power up the barbecue. The grill utilizes 200g of gas in an hour of operation, giving around 50-55 hours of grilling time for a standard bottle of gas, which carries approximately 11kg of gas fuel.

Grease management 

The oil and drippings are channeled down into a calculated oil plate, which sits a protected separation away from the burner tubes. This reduces the risk of dangerous flare-ups. The grease drips into a catch pan as it exits the tray.

You can remove the grease tray easily for cleaning purposes, and the catch pan is a one-time use item. Simply remove it when it’s full and replace it with a new one. While this isn’t an ecologically friendly solution, it is unquestionably practical.

Sa­fety measurement

The grill has excellent safety measurements, which help you to prepare your cuisine in a safe manner. You can adjust temperatures with the help of an adjustable burner valve which lets you have complete control over the temperature, so you don’t burn your food. On the lid, there is an integrated thermometer that reflects the grill temperature so you can increase or decrease the heat intensity.

You can light up your grill in two main ways. One is a traditional way of starting a kit with a matchbox, and another is a windproof ignition system that is electrical and is built into the grill. The same level of power over temperature is given to you through both methods

it comprises of a handle that helps you to have visibility over the food on the grill table, even if it is dark. This one feature is also primarily desirable for outdoor users who prefer light over dark when using the barbecue at night time.


With 20.5 x 40.9 x 24.6 inches dimension and small size make it the most portable grill in the whole market, with many unmatchable features.

This compact size allows it to be transported easily, and this grill provides excellent satisfaction to its grill users with that much small size. Taking it on vacations, trips, camps, and wherever you want, it easily fits to be taken there.

  • Grates are made of porcelain-coated cast iron
  • Resists wind
  • Side tables
  • Perfect for small spaces
  • Portability
  • Lightweight
  • Reaches the cooking temperature very fast
  • No stand
  • Gas cartridges empty very quickly
  • Catch pans which are disposable are not eco friendly


There is a very decent region of cooking for the tabletop unit, and the main thing here is that it is both durable and lightweight constructed. Grates offer excellent heat and retention distribution as they are undoubtedly built in a very clever and sound design. There are a lot more benefits of purchasing it, as written above. Nothing like this you can find in the market other than Q1200. We will absolutely recommend you to buy it. I hope this article helped you with the information.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Weber provide a warranty for a q1200 liquid propane grill?

Yes, Weber offers you a warranty on the product for around ten years, which other competitors’ products don’t have except the Weber series.

What are some of the best features of this grill?

We have written the best features and specifications of this product above. Powerful stainless steel burner, compact size, the material used to make lid and body are of high quality cast aluminum, it is lightweight and can be carried anywhere so very portable also.

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