Weber Q2000 vs Q2200: which one is better

Whether you are a camper or a party boy outside, you always want to have those things that make your experience memorable. You like to have cheaper and portable products that give a top-of-the-line performance. However, you are often baffled by the multiple views of your friends or maybe your home members regarding the rational purchasing of any product. Moreover, this confusion deepens in specific products like Weber Q2000 and Weber Q2200 grills.

This article will resolve all of your confusion regarding which product to purchase, either Weber Q2000 or Q2200. These products are well renowned, and customers consistently rate them.

Whether it’s Weber Q2000 or Q2200, they have a simple and compact design. Its performance has always been in the excellent book of its users. They are worth their money. We will be exploring their features in detail like performance, design, durability, warranty, price tag, etc. You will have a clear idea of which product can easily fulfill your needs. 

Comparison chart Q2000 vs. Q2200:


Weber Q2000

Weber Q2200

Image and price










Item weight

16.4 ounces

42.5 pounds

Dimensions ( L X W X H)

24.3 x 51.4 x 26 inches

25.1 x 51.4 x 26 inches


Electric ignition

Push button spark ignition

Fuel Source

Liquid propane

Liquid Propane

Number of Burners



BTUs (Total)/hour

12000 BTU/hr.

12000 BTU/hr.

Cooking grate

Porcelain-enameled cast-iron

Porcelain-enameled cast-iron

Warranty on ignition assembly

2 years

5 years

Warranty on all other parts

2 years

5 years

Total Cooking area

280 square inches

280 square inches




Detailed comparison and review (Weber Q2000 vs. Weber Q2200):


Suppose we examine the design of these grills. Weber Q2000 has a simple and compact design, and it is suitable for those users who do not have ample space available for placing the grills. This beautiful grill has a white color, which enhances its design. Further, this Weber q grill has a grating material made of porcelain-enameled cast-iron aluminum, and the grill body of this material is made of metal that ensures durability.

On the other hand, Weber Q2200 also looks similar to Weber Q2000 in design. However, gray is one feature that makes the Weber Q2200 different from the Q2000. We would say this is the color that users prefer. It looks sober and soft. The same material is used in the grate and grill body used in Weber Q2000.


2000 of weber of Q grill gives good performance in evenly cooking food. The top of this grill is closed; thus, food is cooked of high quality. Furthermore, the weber q 2000 grill can cook two to three meals on a pound bottle of propane liquid gas. For a beautiful cooking experience, follow the cooking guidelines on the weber official website or read the cooking manual that comes with Q2000.

The Weber Q2200, on the other hand, also gives a top-of-the-line performance given that if the proper cooking procedure is followed. Further, its porcelain-enameled cast-iron grates are an excellent addition to this precious material to cook meat on. Preheat the grates to experience the superb sear of hamburgers and steaks by searing sealing in the flavor of the juice.

The stainless steel burner of this outstanding Weber q 2200 is positioned at a right angle! Moreover, with its hundreds of ports produces an even heating system.


Both Weber Q2000 and Weber Q2200 grills are an ideal match for taking alongside if you intend to go camping or tailgating. They are not that large. However, Q2200 is a little bulky compared to Q2000 but managed efficiently.


Both of these products have one burner made of stainless steel material. These burners produce heat of 12000 BTU/hr. Thus, you can experience perfect sears of hamburgers and steaks with their intense flames with such a tiny size.

Moreover, with 280 square inches of cooking area, you can easily make your meals by evenly heating their cooking grates with 12000 BTU/hr.


Weber Q2000 does not have this facility as compared to Weber 2200 grill. Thus, Q2200 has an advantage in terms of monitoring the temperature. Therefore, you can provide a precise temperature for your meal on a Weber Q2200 grill. The meal cooked on the weber 2200 grill will have higher quality than Weber Q2000.

Ignition system:

Weber 2000 grill uses a push-button system, while Weber Q2200 uses an electric ignition system. We can say that Weber Q2200 is more modern in using features that are not available in the Weber Q2000 grill.

Furthermore, Weber Q2000 has a built-in control burner valve setting. You can cook your food at any temperature by controlling the burner’s flames through the valve.

Use of Technology:

Weber Q2200 grill is compatible with a BILT app. This app helps assemble and control this machine compared to Weber Q2000, which does not offer such compatibility.


These products offer a two-year warranty on ignition assembly and five years of contract on all of their other parts. Offering a warranty for such years is an excellent offer from the brand Weber. Because providing a lengthy warranty ensures the quality of the product. Hence, if you face faults while using either Q2000 or Q2200 grills, you will have ample time to check the performance and quality of these products.

In case of faults or breakages, read the warranty policy, and call for a claim on the warranty.

Pros and Cons of Weber Q2000 vs. Weber Q2200 Grills:

Weber Q2000 Grill

  • Push button system
  • Built-in settings with which the valve can control the temperature of the flames.
  • Lacks thermometer
  • Not compatible with the use of the app

Weber Q2200 Grill

  • Electric ignition system
  • Offers thermometer for temperature measurement
  • Compatible with the BILT app
  • Little heavier
  • The catch pan do not fit accordingly

Final Words:

We discussed both of Weber Q2000 and Weber Q2200 grills in detail. These products are a perfect match for campers and tailgaters because of their compact size and flexible folding legs.

 However, in terms of performance, Weber 2200 grill outperforms Weber 2000 a since it has a thermometer and uses a BILT application. Thus, using the Weber Q2200 grill, you can experience a perfect BBQ, searing hamburgers and steaks, etc. Unfortunately, Weber Q2000 does not offer such features.

The Weber Q grill has a large grease catcher that catches any liquid dripping down from the grates when cleaning the grates. Put these parts into the hot soapy water, clean them and use your grill again.

In conclusion, we would recommend weber Q 2200. Because, despite being similar in many of their features, there are certain features in weber Q2200 that Q2000 lacks. Thus, while using Weber Q2200, you will experience quality in your meals. Use it; enjoy your camping and tailgating!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which one is heavier Weber Q2000 or Weber Q2200?

Despite having an equal size, Weber Q2200 is slightly heavier than the Q2000. The Weber Q2000 is 16.4 ounces, while the weight of the Weber Q2200 is 42.5 pounds.

For how long does Weber Q2200 lasts?

First thing first, if you any product according to the guidelines you can increase its durability and lifetime. When it comes to Weber Q2200, it lasts for many years, 10 to 15 fifteen years. However, this range is subjective; it may vary from user to user. It depends on how often you use the grill for making meals.

Which one is better, Weber Q2000 or Weber Q2200 grill?

We cannot claim that you should purchase that product because it has this particular feature. Thus, if you want to compare whether Weber Q2000 or Q2200 is best, go through their detailed review. Measure them from different angles; you will have enough information regarding which product is best.


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