Weber Spirit II E 310 Vs Genesis E 315 | Ultimate Comparison

Many people like no doubt grilling activity, and if you are one of them who is much likely inclined towards grilling adventure, you must be familiar with the name of Weber company.

Weber has launched many successful products in the grilling market with enormous customer satisfaction. Among those products are SPIRIT II E 310 AND GENESIS II E 315; consumers most like these two. As for their remarkable features, customers are sometimes confused about choosing between them. So here today, we will be telling you all about their differences, features, specifications, and all others. So let’s start the review.

Detailed Comparison Chart of Weber Spirit II E 310 Vs Genesis E 315

Detailed Comparisons of Weber Spirit II E 310 and Genesis E 315

Cooking Space

The area does matter here; if you are grilling for family and many friends, you must consider a grilling product that can offer you the most available space to cook. Here E 310 provides you with 529 square inches of the area, which is quite good; if you are cooking for a few people, it can grill around a dozen of burgers and two pairs of chickens, while if the whole family is around and many friends are there, then E 315 is best as it offers 669 square inches area best for preparing a whole batch of grilling meat.

So if we see here, E 315 wins over E 310

Design And Style

E 315 is no doubt a leader here in design and look. If we also take out cabinet doors and stainless steel handles yet, 315 will beat 310 in this comparison.

 E 315 consists of an enclosure all around the bottom. At the same time, the interior is also vast enough to hold and occupy a gas tank. Moreover, the lid with a height of 10 inches makes it possible to grill and barbecue a roast without any problem.

Moving to E 310, sadly saying it consists of smaller area size with the petite body; if compared to E 310, and with less height of lid which makes it shorter and one can find difficulty grilling a big thing. Its bottom is also not of any cool design; it is of a basic look.

So, here also 315 take the lead.


Here, this facility is available in both of the products. Weber provides you with Igrill 3 Bluetooth technology to monitor your cooking through a Smartphone, which is more satisfying.

It sends you a notification with the help of an app on your Smartphone once the cooking temperature level has reached your desired choice.

This feature is included in both of the versions of the Weber series.

Additional Accessories

Accessories are limited in both products. Weber provides just essential pieces of equipment and accessories, which comprises grates, side tables, stands, and a lid (this includes an integrated thermometer and also the grilling system GS4)

This GS4 grilling system is the overall unit of ignition, flavoring bars, burners, and managing grease.

If we talk about rotisserie, we will have to buy a separate system as Weber does not provide us with this facility in either of the series.


Here talking about pricing, the e 310 is a lot cheaper than the e 315, which is somehow much more costly if compared to the e 310 as it is big in size.

Griill Heat Process

As both product consist of ” e ” in their names, which stands for porcelain enameled grates, these cooking grates are non-sticky, and they also get heated up swiftly as the primary material used here is cast iron.

As you can see above, the chart says E 315 has 39000btu/hour, which is relatively higher than E 310, which stands at 30000btu/hour. It means E 315 does the cooking and heating up process quicker than it.

You should know that Weber provides all genesis and spirit products with flavored bars (removable). This helps to distribute heat evenly to grates for cooking.

So, here e 315 wins the comparison.

Methods Of Cooking

I hope that you don’t just need these products for grilling as these products can perform many tasks that are very much pleasant. The grates can handle a variety of dishes, from fish and chicken to hotdogs, and even pizza handling is no big deal here. Searing your favorite steak and other food with remaining grilled marks on them is very eye catchy and delicious; this machine can do this all.


Warranty is like; you can say, a plus point for Weber products as they both come with ten years of the warranty period. You can change the product and repair it change cables, and whatsoever till the time the product is not broken, and you must meet the policies and terms of the company listed on the warranty card. 


Like both come from the same parent company, there are countable similarities between them.

Below we have listed some of the noticeable similarities.

  • Both come with side tables which help them to keep extra grilling equipment.
  • A 10-year warranty is also the same in both.
  • Both have three stainless steel burners
  • To make the food aromatic, both occupy with them flavored bars.
  • Igrill3 system is available in both.
  • Energy saver.
  • Grease management. 

Detailed Review Of Weber Spirit II E 310 and Genesis E 315


This one here is a product best for less area consumption. If you are looking to have a grill in fewer yards, this machine is best for this purpose as its compact design makes it able for this work. Moreover, its table at the side is also foldable, which means it additionally saves your space occupation. Here are some pros and cons

  • The heating process is good as it heats up evenly
  • Design is durable
  • For hanging grilling tools, on the side has hooks for this purpose
  • Easy to control knobs
  • The lids height is less and is short for utilizing rotisserie
  • Outside it has a gas tank
  • The storage has no enclosure and also no door


In contrast to the above-mentioned machine, this one here is very good for vast cooking. If you want to cook and grill a large amount of food, say, for example, a batch of thirty burgers, this machine can perform this task easily at once. It has a vast area for this compared to e 310 and also has a 150sq.In The top rack on the lid and rotisseries can also be used here for grilling and roasting as the lid is tall. At the bottom, it has an enclosure in the bottom with a door to keep your gas tank or tongs and else.

  • The heating process is quick
  • To light it up and operate it is easy
  • Availability of fuel gauge is there to monitor gas level
  • Large area to grill food and cook your favorite cuisine
  • You can use rotisseries
  • There is no insulation facility in the handle of the grill lid
  • No foldable side tables
  • No rear burner for rotisseries

Final Comments

Webbers’ products are always pleasing and satisfying in their respective fields. But, when two grilling products are compared of this one company, then it becomes a problem. However, both products, Weber spirit ii e 310 and Weber genesis ii e 315, are very much efficient and classy in their work, but many of the consumers prefer e 315 because of its large area availability, which you don’t find in e 310. It is also more efficient in cooking for food than e 310, which means you can use it for big batches of food preparation. And if we talk about e 310, it is preferable for small area places as it has many features to save space occupation and also it is easily portable. Hope this article has helped you to know what you want to learn.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there availability of Igrill 3 feature in them?

Weber does not give products with Igrill 3 technology, but it can be used with the grills. For this work, you have to connect it separately.

How many burners are given with the grills?

Both of the grills come with 3 burners to evenly distribute heat in the grates, which can produce around 30000btu/hour for e 310 and 39000btu/hour for e 315.

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